Michael Johnson on contract: There’s no ill will, it’s a business


On Monday, we shared a report that it is unlikely that the Bengals would reach agreement on a contract extension with defensive end Michael Johnson before the July 15 deadline for teams to sign players with franchise tags to multi-year contracts.

Johnson was a guest on Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday and nothing he said to Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon contradicted that report. Johnson didn’t have much to say about any current talks about a deal and said that he planned to play out this year before worrying about his contract “when the dust settles.”

The lack of a deal hasn’t soured Johnson on the Bengals, however. He said he still feels the team wants him to stay around and that he’d like to remain in Cincinnati, although he knows that the business side of things can trump such desires.

“There is no ill will on either side, it’s a business,” Johnson said. “I’ve known from day one they have to make these moves much like players have to do the same thing. Whatever happens, happens. I feel confident I can play in this league for a long time. Whether that’s Cincinnati or wherever, it is what it is.”

If Johnson, who is set to make $11.175 million after signing his franchise tag, doesn’t sign a new deal with the team, he’ll join defensive tackle Geno Atkins and defensive end Carlos Dunlap as impending free agents. With extensions looming for quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green looming in the not too distant future, it’s unlikely the Bengals will be able to keep all three.

6 responses to “Michael Johnson on contract: There’s no ill will, it’s a business

  1. Why can’t they keep all 3? They have over $25 million in cap space right now. I’m sure they could free up some more cap space rather easily if they wanted. Its weird to say this, but Cincinnati is building their team the right way and its paying off!

  2. this is a tough situation. the bengals for years had trouble drafting good talent.and now duke tobin ,the front office and marvin lewis has drafted so well, there will be a lot of good players that wont make this years roster, and they now have the problem of keeping the pro bowl caliber talent they have..its a good day in BENGAL land(sorta)…now, how to blame all of this on MIKE BROWN????

  3. Playing him under the tag is the best thing they can do. MJ93 wants BIG money after only one big year and with all of the other extensions he may be the one guy that doesn’t get re-signed. If he proves it for another year he gets the big money contract, either with the Bengals or elsewhere.

  4. Having too many good players is a good thing. Dunlap will get the contract next year. He’s younger and more talented. That’s why Margus Hunt was drafted. He’s got major potential with his size

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