Paul Soliai donates $250,000 to Utah football program


Dolphins defensive lineman Paul Soliai has made a lot of money in the NFL.  He’s now carving off a big chunk of it to help the college program that helped him succeed at the next level.

The University of Utah has announced that Soliai has pledged $250,000 to the school’s new football center.  In recognition of the gift, the facility will include the Paul and LeTasha Soliai Player Lounge.

“I’m thankful I can donate and help out the University of Utah football team and give back to the school,” Soliai said in a statement issued by Utah.  “They gave me the opportunity to play, and as a kid from Samoa, it’s something I’m thankful for every day.  Without the University giving me a scholarship to play the sport I love, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Soliai was drafted by the Dolphins in the fourth round of the 2007 draft.  The Dolphins used the franchise tag on Soliai in 2011, paying him $12.381 million for one season.  In 2012, he signed a two-year deal that runs through 2013.

15 responses to “Paul Soliai donates $250,000 to Utah football program

  1. Nice – and very generous. The players constantly “show up” some of the owners.

    If this were billionaire Jim Irsay it would be a $10,000 donation – and Irsay’s professional PR team would have been the one to issue the release to herald the donation- not the beneficiary out of their own thankfulness.

  2. Great guy, met him at pro bowl, nice man, great player …..

    Sad I see 3 comments but the the most commented are murderer posts not about great NFL role models who help build better futures for the young ones.

  3. How about a charity … or some cause that really needs it. Football programs are money machines.

  4. Im sure that child that is dying of cancer sure appreciates that gift.

    Pretty positive that hard working dad that is deteriorating away with ALS is very humbled.

  5. Unbelievable that people only find negative things to say.. What on earth does him giving back to the community that made him have anything to do with other charities? Who said he hasn’t donated to high need charities? Some of you have mentioned your unaware of who he even is and your assuming you know what he does with all his money and where it would be best directed? He is an incredible player and role model off the field and has two other foundations he founded. Not to mention he signed a team friendly two year deal and just donated a quarter mill! That’s huge. Half of these guys are up to their neck in debt after 3 years and can’t make a mortgage payment or survive through the off season debt free. Btw there are tons of charities that are always in need and every dollar counts so before telling others where their money should go ask yourself how much money YOU are donating to them. I’m sure you have blown plenty of money that somebody else could point to and tell you where they would have donated it. Way to go Paul, keep it up brother we need more like you

  6. Iknoweverything says: Im sure that child that is dying of cancer sure appreciates that gift.

    Pretty positive that hard working dad that is deteriorating away with ALS is very humbled.


    Man, I hate when wealthy people don’t do the right kind of good deed. He might as well have bought a second Bentley.

    By the way, have you donated 2% of your 2013 salary to the American Cancer Society or ALS research? That’d be about $200 for every $10k.

  7. he gave morre than most pro athletes give. The guy has only made big money once, last year when he was tagged. He was then signed to a team friendly contract

  8. More athletes should give back to their schools. Yes, they received an education in exchange for trying to help the school’s program succeed, but if it helps you get a lucrative income later on, why not give back? Especially if someone leaves school early for the professional leagues.

    This was a nice gesture. Putting it in perspective, he gave about 2% of his gross income for one season. Well done young man!

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