Prosecutors still won’t say whether Hernandez was the shooter


Prosecutors have continued to dance around the question of whether they believe Aaron Hernandez pulled the trigger on the gun that fired bullets that killed Odin Lloyd.  Again on Monday, the chief law enforcement officer in Bristol County declined to specify whether Hernandez was the shooter.

According to Kevin Manahan of USA Today, District Attorney Samuel Sutter avoided the issue.

“All we’ve done is charge Aaron Hernandez with murder,” Sutter said after Ernest Wallace (pictured) was arraigned on charges of being an accessory after the fact.  “As far as the specifics about who was the shooter and who might have been a joint venturer, it’s too early to say.  The investigation is ongoing.  There’s a probable cause hearing [for Hernandez] scheduled for two weeks, and our case continues to grow.”

When Hernandez was arraigned 12 days ago, prosecutor Bill McCauley said only that Hernandez “orchestrated” the murder of Lloyd.  Hernandez could still be guilty of murder without actually killing Lloyd, if Hernandez ordered one of the other two men who were with him — Wallace and Carlos Ortiz — to open fire.

It’s believed that Ortiz has “flipped” on Hernandez.  If so, the prosecutors know who killed Lloyd.  Or, more accurately, they know who Ortiz claims killed Lloyd.

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  1. What ever comes out of this the mom of oldin will b happy..but i think 81 did order to kill him or he did it him self why would need so many guns in your hoMe for..but in all he is paying for there lawyers..

  2. Carlos can point his finger. But there will be two pointing back at him.

    Feds compromised their case by dragging the Florida incident and the Mass. incident into it, I believe. If one or both of those situations proves unfounded, or it is too difficult to connect Hernandez to them, a jury is going to be skeptical about what they say in regards to Lloyd as well.

  3. Also, I heard the Pacers were looking for a shooter. He might get another shot.

  4. As long as one of them shot and killed Lloyd and they went there together and formed the common intent to shoot him, legally they are all just as guilty of murder. That said, the prosecution still has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one of them intentionally shot and killed Lloyd and that there was the requisite intent of the parties involved, whether they pulled the trigger or not (depending on exactly what each person gets charged with, different elements may have to be proven for each person).

  5. DA aint got no case. When he is more concerned about who is defending the suspects then oh I dont know finding facts out about the crime. DA wishes he was facing a public defender. Then he could just show up and not have to work. #curruptsystem #curruptgovernment

  6. And the plea bargain is what ? New identity , no jail time, new life in Cleveland. ? This court just hands Aaron over to the next court of double murder and then that court does the same for the face shooting.Look for Aaron to be in courts for 3-5 years. He’ll get enough years to equal Bernie Madoof

  7. sc49ers:

    What ever comes out of this the mom of oldin will b happy..


    No doubt Oldin’s mom is just giddy….

  8. I think at this point I would be shocked if he wasn’t the shooter. I mean if he isn’t guilty there is still no way he can come back from this mess in football or everyday life.

  9. Now the trick for the prosecution is to flip Wallace as well. If he can separately corroborate Ortiz’ story, then it’s a done deal. Combine that with all of the circumstantial evidence, and Hernandez is history.

  10. I can’t help but think the prosecutors are well aware of the fumbles in OJ and other trials. They are playing close to the vest for good reason.

  11. A-Hern and his crew are total dbags. Still, even though I firmly believe they’re guilty, I expect Hernandez to walk. His multi-million dollar defense team will unearth a racist cop or a sloppy detective or find some BS loophole and that will be that. They’ll get a mistrial or hung jury and the dbags will go free. State employees can’t compete with the ultra rich and their lawyer dream teams. Hell, they let OJ walk…….right to Vegas to commit armed robbery. If they couldn’t convict scum like OJ, I don’t see them getting A-Hern either.

  12. Good move by the prosecution. Why show your hand and limit your charges? The defense could delay this case a year which thins the jury pool’s memory. The authorities have enough to hold Hernandez. As the defense delays, Ortiz or Wallace could break down and ask for a deal.

  13. They might not know who pulled the trigger. Each one is likely blaming the other two until a better plea is presented. If they find the gun, the location of it may point in the direction of the shooter. Such a shame the family has to be reminded of their loss every day.

  14. “It’s believed that Ortiz has “flipped” on Hernandez. ”

    If AH was the reported leader of his gang, he wasn’t very good at it. If this was Tony Soprano’s gang, Someone with No Name would have been sent by No One to pay a visit to Ortiz and told to shut his pie-hole – message received. Just sayin.

  15. sc49ers says:
    Jul 9, 2013 12:10 AM
    What ever comes out of this the mom of oldin will b happy..but i think 81 did order to kill him or he did it him self why would need so many guns in your hoMe for..but in all he is paying for there lawyers..
    Not sure how you can say the mother of a murdered man will be happy “What ever comes of this”

  16. Theoretically I read the more I’m convinced AH will not be convicted of the murder. I do not know all the facts but as a bystander I hope they have a lot of evidence as reasonable doubt does not seem so unreasonable now

  17. I don’t know if it is on the books in Massachusetts, but in many states there’s a statute called “Party To the Crime of 1st Degree Intentional Homicide”. It has the same penalties as the actual act.
    In short, if you’re there helping with the crime it’s the same as if you pulled the trigger.

    “This makes sense. Why give the slimy defense lawyers any ammunition ”

    Defense lawyers are always slimy…until you need one.

  18. Ernest Wallace, who was the child depicted in the movie “Junior”, which was loosely based on a true story starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, was raised poorly by his actual fathers – Carl Winslow and Gary Coleman.

  19. granadafan says: Jul 9, 2013 12:13 AM
    This makes sense. Why give the slimy defense lawyers any ammunition (so to speak)?

    I hope that you never will need the services of “slimy defense lawyers”!!

  20. From a legal standpoint I don’t think it really matters if he shot him or not. As long as they prove he’s an accomplice and not an accessory to the murder he can be charged and convicted of murder even if they had evidence that he wasn’t the shooter.

  21. Headline fail. Should say, “Prosecutors still won’t say whether THEY BELIEVE Hernandez was the shooter”.

    They don’t decide that. The jury does. Innocent until proven guilty…

  22. Why does it feel like the trial has already started? Wasn’t there a gag order? Not that I do not like staying informed…

  23. Remember this all he needs is ONE juror. Given the idiots who were outside the courtroom chanting innocent you don’t think there’s one of the 12 who will shout GIVE US BARABBAS!

  24. As stupid as Hernandez has been, and as much of a trail as he has left, I can’t believe he would have called in two witnesses from out of state to come and be witnesses to his murdering Lloyd.

    Makes zero sense.

    If he were going to pull the trigger, he wouldn’t want to have these two around to point the finger at him.

    No, he called them in so one of them could do the dirty work

  25. I stand corrected, I didn’t know that an accomplice in Mass is charged with 2nd degree murder and not 1st. I guess whether he shot or not will have a much larger impact on his sentencing than I thought.

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