Raiders check in at No. 32 in PFT’s preseason power rankings


Starting today, PFT unveils its preseason power rankings, revealing two teams per day over the next 16 days. We will count the teams down in reverse order, with an accompanying analysis of each club entering training camp.

We begin with the team voted No. 32 entering 2013 by PFT’s editorial staff, and it falls to me to unveil said team. Here goes.

Sorry, Oakland.


That said, in studying the Raiders’ depth chart for PFT’s preseason preview, I came away wondering if Oakland perhaps had a little more upside than I previously thought. As I noted in the preview, the Raiders’ roster has quietly gotten better as the offseason progressed.

Do the Raiders belong at No. 32, or do they merit more respect entering 2013? Cast your vote below. And no, ranking the Raiders No. 33 or lower is not an option.

59 responses to “Raiders check in at No. 32 in PFT’s preseason power rankings

  1. The Radiers have hope at the QB position, which is more than you can say for the Jaguars. Jacksonville should be 32.

  2. Yeah, real shocking from PFT…and BSPN…and NFL Network…they all have the Raiders dead last. These rankings are meaningless before the games are even played. Guess we shall see at the end of the season who gets the first pick in 2014.

  3. I’d say these are obviously comepletely fluid and we are in the bottom 6-7 of league on paper wise….it’s just not pretty but alot of hope exists. I don’t know that we’re as bad as a team with Blaine Gabbert starting but that’s up for debate.

    I think if you look at our DB’s it’s surprisingly strong…our LB’s aren’t deep but the starters and first guys off the bench aren’t as bad as people want to believe…we have a franchise LT and C…Matt Flynn has done some decent things when given the chance….

    A healthy McFadden (smashing my hand into wood in between words!) and an offense that is about ball control and quick hits to our wideouts might get us to 7 wins.

    Today might be dim but the future is finally bright.

  4. If there were 100 teams the Raiders would be 101, right Trollonto? Where’s Lil Joey at?

  5. Que the “Raider Nation” fans who will complain about this ranking like they do every year and follow it up with the proverbial “we may have had a rough year but our team is finally headed in the right direction and the future is bright”. The same song and dance we have heard for the better part of a decade.

  6. I’d probably put the Jaguars behind them. The Jets compete for it, too. The issue is that when you’re unquestionably in the bottom 4 teams, it doesn’t really matter.

  7. Hard to argue with it, but I think Jacksonville is actually worse. The Jets are terrible as well. All 3 are probably relatively interchangeable as of now.

  8. nowhere to go but up…

    i don’t agree that they are number 32 (sorry big spender teams…sexy sounding FA pickups doesn’t equate to future success; see raiders in al davis 2000’s era) but they are definitely in the bottom 5.

  9. You guys prove over and over how obsolete and unworthy your “opinions” are! Who agrees these guys are idiots??? Take a poll for them…..

  10. I believe the Raiders are finally headed in the right direction and that their fans can look forward to an improving team the next couple of years. However , as a Dolphins fan , I can tell you that an improved team and a playoff team are not quite the same thing ; if there are two teams better than yours in your division , you start bumping up against that glass ceiling trying to make the playoffs. Good luck to the Silver & Black , they deserve some.

  11. Mark Davis is probably the most incompetent owner in the NFL. No, he’s definitely the most incompetent owner. Amy Trask couldn’t wait to get out of the Raiders’ organization. This team will continue to be a doormat for the rest of the league. It’s Karma for ruining the Oakland-Alameda stadium when they built Mount Davis.

  12. The raiders have $49 million in dead money this season. I think it’s safe to say they belong at the bottom of this list.

    And why are people even mentioning the Jets as the worst team? 6-10 isn’t great but it’s light years ahead of 2-14 or 4-12.

  13. I totally disagree with this ranking. The Jets have no QB, no RB, no receivers, no TE, and a suspect (at best) OL. Add in to that they traded their best defensive player and they are, BY FAR, the least talented team in the NFL.

    I mean, it isn’t even close. They will be lucky, and I mean damn lucky, to win 4 games this year.

  14. Well ….

    1)$50 million in dead cap space
    2)QB that was clearly beaten out of the starting spot by a third round rookie
    3) RB that can not stay healthy
    4) A gaggle of starting slot receivers
    5) Not one player that will be drafted in the first round of a 15 team fantasy football league

    This year will be no rougher then the past decade.

  15. What’s funny, is that for all the years the Raiders have been the butt of jokes, excluding 2010 when all 4 teams were miserable and Kansas City only played 2 winning teams all year that year, KC has actually finished tied at 4-12 or worse than the Raiders for the past 7 years…. and yet, every year, I hear how great the Chiefs are going to be, but no one ever gives the Raiders any credit. I’m not going to say they are world beaters, and in truth, if they win more than 5 games I’ll be surprised…. not a whole lot of depth anywhere on the team anymore.. but… I can think of at least 4 or 5 franchises that will be hoping for 4 or 5 wins this year as well as them, including in my humble opinion, the Chiefs… Every year I hear from Chiefs fans and the media how much “talent” the Chiefs have, and every year it’s the same story… it’s all Cassell’s fault, it’s all the Coaching staff’s fault, it’s all Pioli’s fault… we all know what excuses are like.. until you truly start winning a meaningful game against a team with a winning record, and you continually finish worst or tied for worst in your division, DO NOT brag to me about how talented you are… Andy Reid may work wonders… Alex Smith may be the next coming of Steve Young… but until either of those things happen… get off the Chief’s jock and and quit bashing the Raiders so unabashedly.

  16. You guys prove over and over how obsolete and unworthy your “opinions” are! Who agrees these guys are idiots??? Take a poll for them…..
    Agreed…the “experts” don’t have any insight the rest of us don’t have, however, even a broken clock is right 2 times a day.
    the real expert is joetornto but for some reason he is hiding his wisdom.

  17. Won’t finish last. This franchise has been making the right moves in order to get themselves back to respectability after years of mistakes. The way they gave away draft picks was just as dumb as you can be. Raider fans will start to see their patience with McKenzie pay off, he knows what he is doing. I don’t think Flynn is more than a stop gap until they get their man but they won’t be the worse player in the league.

  18. The Raiders will stink, and undoubtedly struggle to win 4 games or so but I think the Jaguars are worse.

    Honestly you can lump the Jags, Raiders, Jets…..and honestly I think the Eagles will have a rough year.

  19. 32….THIRTY-TWO??? This must be a joke because you have got the Raiders ranked far too HIGH!

  20. JoeToronto is going to be so mad about this ranking. He may have to blow off steam by commenting on more Bengals stories.

  21. I like the ranking. As a Raiders fan I don’t want the spotlight or unrealistic expectations. I fully expect Denver to win the division and then lose in their first playoff game. I expect Oakland to be vastly improved over last year, winning at least 6 games. Tyler Wilson is the future at QB. If Oakland is 32, we know who they’ll get n the draft, and that’s okay by me.

  22. Diehard Raiders fan, and normally a cynic so I’m on the record as penciling us in for a 5-11 year, but here are the caveats that could get us to the playoffs:

    – Nobody believes in us. We are the consensus #32 on every prediction, and that has NEVER happened before.

    – What if McFadden stays healthy? During the lockout year, Run DMC led the league in rushing, by a mile, until he got hurt. I even remember PFT posting after the Raiders/Jets game that McFadden was in the conversation for league MVP.

    – What if Flynn is decent? I’ve seen the tape and he scares me, but I’m just an armchair QB. What if the system fits him? We honestly haven’t had that since Jason Campbell got hurt, again during the lockout year, when we were riding high atop the AFC west looking towards the playoffs.

    – What if our defense makes the leap? The last four games of last year, coincidentally when we benched Rolando, the Raiders were sabremetrically a top five defense. That same defense has been upgraded dramatically from a depth and personnel perspective. What if the Raiders D is top five all season?

    So yes, there is hope even when every site in America ranks us #32. Keep it up, PFT Planet. Don’t believe in us. The autumn wind is all we need for motivation.

  23. As a Raider fan, I think all the over the top negativity this off-season has been hilarious. The tone of the coverage of this team is different than anything else in the NFL.

    There is no arguing the fact that the Raiders are in transition, but to compare this roster to an expansion team is laughable. Worse than that, its just plain LAZY.

    Matt Flynn is certainly unproven, but just one year ago he was a hot commodity coming out of Green Bay. Russell Wilson has a chance to be an absolute superstar, I’m so tired of people throwing around the “got beat out by a 4th round pick” BS. Flynn can be a quality quarterback in this league.

    This is just everyones last chance to pile on, and they know it. Enjoy it while you can haters!

  24. The Jets can make an argument for being ranked 32 with all the pressure on Ryan, the QB position being a mess, and still no firepower on the offense.

    The Jaguars could make an argument for being ranked 32 with Blaine Gabbert making no real progress his first tow seasons, MJD coming off surgery as question mark, Blackmon starting off the season with a suspension and a defense that I don’t think I can name a single starter on.

    The Chiefs can make an argument for being ranked 32 because until they do anything this season, they are the worst team from last year.

    The Cardinals have a chance at being the worst, seeing as how the only real bright spot from last season was their defense and Horton left. As good as Fitzgerald is, Carson Palmer is washed up and Mendenhall is a bust. And they get to play Seattle, San Fran, and a better than expected St Louis team, which puts them in an 0-6 hole.

    The Raiders actually look like there is a little glimmer of hope on their roster. They managed to get in some hard nosed character guys and might be able to gut out some decent wins. I’d put them a little higher. Maybe in the 28-30 range.

  25. Seriously as a Raiders fan … I don’t know how anyone can disagree with this ranking. Reggie has totally dismantled the team and is starting from scratch. He threw in the towel trading Palmer.
    A good GM would at least try to field a team but hey everyone believes in Reggie … I don’t know why. What has he done? Cut dead weight … anyone can do that.
    If the Raiders were in the NFC they would be lucky to win one game but in the weak AFC they should be able to win 2 games.
    Reggie has a plan … we all know who he picking in next years draft. There’s no where to go but up.

  26. @ bwisnasky,

    Interesting that you would use seven years to support your argument, I mean most people would use five or ten but you chose seven, is it because that was the only number that would fit your ill-concieved notion?
    Also interesting that you would so unabashedly bash the Chiefs while chastizing others for bashing your Raiders. Hypocritical? Or what?

  27. These polls don’t mean jack diddly. Most likely Oakland will be one of the worst 5 teams, but at least we’ll have a shot at the top pick next year.

    With some big time picks, if you can trade down, you can build something very special. Franchise QB and franchise players are all in the top 10 next year.

  28. the raiders have, what is it, 40-50 mil in dead money. I’m a raider fan, but I know with the financial situation…it is hard to compete.

  29. I don’t really worry about power ranking before training camp, before the season or at any time actually. Let them play some games before they get panned.

  30. So the defense got rid of Foolondo and was a top 5 D the rest of the season and now they just improved the LB’ers and Secondary by light years adding, Roach, Burnett, Maiava, Porter, Jenkins, Woodson and Young and drafting Moore and Hayden and for some reason you all think they will suck. lol.

    Dont forget they also added Sims, Walker, McGee, Bass and Hunter to the Defensive line as well.

    Wow! There are a lot of people in for a huge surprise. Raiders Defense is gonna be very, very good.

  31. As a Raiders fan, I’m actually quite optimistic about this season. For the first time in forever, no players on scholarship. The team was paying busts like they were Hall-of-Famers. All players, including McFadden will have to produce or they’ll go away. The team will be $70M under the cap entering the offseason so they can sign the players they want to keep.
    Depth is an issue. If the Raiders get a top pick in 2014, look for them to trade down and draft more players. By 2015, they’ll have turned almost the entire roster over from 2010. They’ll be playoff material by then.
    Reggie McKenzie finally has the team going in the right direction, and despite how bad they’ll be this year, Raiders fan has to be excited.

  32. The raiders won 4 games last year they beat KC twice and the Jags once and Barley lost to the falcons thanks to Palmers pick 6 late in the game..KC was 2-14 and 3 other teams were 4-12 just like the cant tell me there number 32 but thats ok because PFT will realize how wrong they were once season starts and see Raiders way better than they think….look at tape when played tell me the refs didnt take 14 points swing against the raiders..latley for last decade NFL bias against the raiders but i see REGGIE MCKenzie handeling this really good and will show on the field…you heard it from me first MARIO from bayarea..

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