Seahawks fans hope to break Guinness record for loudest crowd

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When the 49ers come to town on September 15, fans of the Seahawks don’t just want to be loud. They want to be the loudest crowd in the history of sports.

A Seahawks fan organization known as Volume 12 has applied with Guinness to have the noise level monitored at the home opener. If successful, the Seahawks would knock off fans of a Turkish soccer team, whose roar achieved a decibel level of 131.76 in 2011.

The Seahawks have claimed that the crowd’s roar at CenturyLink Field can reach a decibel level of 112, which makes their stadium the loudest stadium in the NFL, though still far off from that Turkish soccer team’s record. Maybe the home opener against the 49ers will be enough to put the 12th Man over the top.

127 responses to “Seahawks fans hope to break Guinness record for loudest crowd

  1. There certainly wont be much cheering going on in Seattle when the Niners jump out to a big lead and the crowd starts sitting on their hands.the loudest person in the stadium will be the vendor yelling Starbucks,or cold beer here.

  2. I hope they don’t break any records, I hope they don’t even make the playoffs. I’m already sick of hearing about this team

  3. I have no scientific proof, but Ive been to Eagles, Ravens, and a Browns game. Eagles and Ravens have gotta be the loudest. Especially when Baltimore gets the “7 nation army chant” going. Oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh!

  4. It would be fitting if they win that title, since their CB has the world’s loudest mouth.

    There should be a drug test at the gate for PED’s.

  5. (Crowd chanting wildly)

    “When I say ‘STER,’ you say ‘ROIDS.’ Say STER-ROIDS, STER-ROIDS!!!”

  6. Good luck with that!

    Every 3 decibels represents TWICE as loud as 3 less decibels. That means 115 is 2x 112, 118 is 4x 112, 121 is 8x, 124 = 16x, 127 = 32x, 130 = 64x…. That means that the Turkish soccer team’s record of 131.7 is OVER 64 times as loud as Seattle CLAIMS to be at 112 db.

  7. Please, what happens when you watch a Broncos game on TV? You can hardly tell what is going on because all the cameras are shaking because of how loud it is. Never seen that from Seahawks fans and I dont think its possible with their stadium layout. I will finally get to be a part of this on October 27th when PFM stomps all over Shanahan one more time in his career. As far as Arrowhead, yeah us Broncos fans made that stadium rock last season.

  8. I don’t get why Seattle fans get so much credit for being loud when it’s a known fact that their stadium is designed to amplify sound.

  9. id be more concerned about winning… But that’s just me

    Dumbest comment I’ve ever seen here.

  10. Seahawks already have the record for largest women fans. If you ever make to Seattle, you will see more large women than anywhere on earth.

  11. They could also try for “Most Annoying Fans” as well, although Steeler fans are still tough to beat.
    They have a little success (very little mind you) and they’re fan base thinks they’re the next dynasty!!!! Seahag fans, your team is good, and you are great fans @ home, but lets be realistic…..your team is 3rd maybe 4th best in the conference! Your not even gonna win the NFC West! So stop beating your chests & trolling!
    Stay Classy !

  12. We will absolutely destroy the team from suburban san jose for our home opener. We wrecked em last year 42-13, right in the heart of downtown Seattle. That crushing defeat layed the ground work for their ultimate humiliation in the Super Bowl.
    We got better through free agency and the draft while Suburban san joses defense is wilting away on the vine. We added one of the most dangerous playmakers in the nfl, they lost their only serviceable wr. It will be absolutely glorious to achieve the three peat that eluded you on your own turf. Hawkstradamus has for told it! It’s already happened whiner fans so you can just tune out the nfl for the next twenty or so years, you know how to do that.

  13. i remember they said LSU’s crowd at a football game cheered so loud it actually registered as an earthquake across campus at their seismology department. i forget who LSU was playing though.

    the seahawks might end up cheering louder than turkish club galatasaray’s fans did, but i don’t think it would be anywhere as close to as intimidating as galatasaray’s stadium due to the lack of smoke, flares, signs stating “welcome to hell”, and the tendency for it to start raining chairs when the fans are upset.

  14. The Vikings like to make it seen loud by using electronic amplification which is the equivalent of penile enlargement pills, a delusional intervention that attempts to compensate for an inferior product.

  15. Ive been to every NFL stadium. The seahawks fans are nothing. I mean theres not that much of them. The only reason it sounds loud on TV is because they are closer to the field .
    They also do pump crowed noise through speakers as do colts and Vikings. Vikings do have a decent loud crowed though.
    As far as the realest crowed noise and generally pumped up RAIDERS win hands down. The Chiefs also are up there as well as the Patriots. You would think the Bears would but they don’t really nor does Green Bay. I was impressed by NY JETS crowed

  16. The news in the future. After battling concussion issues for many years, the NFL is now fighting lawsuits from former players contending that they suffered permanent hearing loss due to stadiums designed to focus crowd noise to the field of play.

  17. Who in the heck cares! They really push for that 12th man gimmick… Who wants the loudest fans anyway? I mean do you really want to be compared to Eagles fans!

  18. I was in Seattle. They have microphones and speakers everywhere and a low baseline fake noise. Been to 10 NFL stadiums and I was disappointed to see that.

  19. I would have thought the environmentally conscious Northwest has noise pollution regulations prohibiting this.

  20. I think opposing teams should file a complaint with OSHA. Clearly they are at risk of hearing loss. Maybe hearing impaired former players can sue.

  21. the seacheaters can’t win without a gimmick get ready for your week 2 ass kicking. you better make sure you roid up that week.

  22. Anyone else feel they picked this game to attempt breaking a record for noise because they are scared they can’t do it under normal circumstances?

  23. greyhawk9 says:
    Jul 9, 2013 8:11 AM
    its fun to hear from all the haters and their child like comments.
    “Haters” are for teams that are relevant, not the ringless Seahawks.

    You guys are right there with the Bungals.

  24. I hope you all are watching Week 2 when Kaepernick gets that panicked, scared little boy, look on his face like he did last year before he and the rest of the niners quit in Seattle.

  25. faithful209er says:

    Good luck with that!

    Every 3 decibels represents TWICE as loud as 3 less decibels.

    Wrong, its actually every 6 dbs doubles the level.

    That said I’ve been in the concert business for many years, and volumes in the low 120s are deafening. I’ve been in a handful of crowds and situations that were probably louder than 131.76 but they were quite painful even to someone used to high volumes.

    It was all indoor venues where things got to that level or close, so I doubt they’ll be able to do it outdoors.

  26. @faithful209r

    “Every 3 decibels represents TWICE as loud as 3 less decibels. That means 115 is 2x 112, 118 is 4x 112, 121 is 8x, 124 = 16x, 127 = 32x, 130 = 64x…. That means that the Turkish soccer team’s record of 131.7 is OVER 64 times as loud as Seattle CLAIMS to be at 112 db.”

    You’re in a Seattle thread. You might want to stay away from numbers and any word longer then 6-7 letters. They had 1 decent season and already drowned themselves in kool aid.

  27. “Haters” are for teams that are relevant, not the ringless Seahawks.

    And yet, look at all the people in here spewing hate towards Seattle.

    You’re one of them, joetoronto.

    u mad, bro?

  28. please, this stadium is built like an symphony hall and the place gets loud. every stadium in the NFL is loud. the seahawks’ fans aren’t even the best fans in the NFL. I would take 3 of the 4 NFC North fan bases over the Seahawks.

  29. Whiner fans might as well stay home. This place will be epic. Everyone hating on the Hawks are jealous. We are the #1 fan base. Our loud mouth CB is the best in the league. And our stadium makes every other venue look weak. 12th man! GO HAWKS!!!

  30. So let me get this straight. Fans should only cheer for a team after they get rings and trophies….. That sounds like bandwagon bs to me. I suppose if my team sucks for ten or twenty years I should just stop paying attention all together. and if they get back to respectability ill just omit the years they underperformed from the records and cling to decades old memories. Sorry whiners but you blew the Super Bowl and before that you blew a shot at the Super Bowl on your home field like so many times before(6-8 nfc championship record/most chokes ever) and before that you just plain blew. Mike Singeltary, Mike Nolan, Dennis Erickson, Steve Marriuci all are part of your more recent history. The only connection to good Ol days is Ken Norton jr, and he’s ours. KAW !!!

  31. I think the record Seattle fans have a more realistic chance of beating is the record for the most annoying fans in the NFL.

  32. Lol so many ignorant statements here. Guaranteed 98% of you have not attended a game in Seattle. That place gets ridiculously loud – especially for a big game.

  33. How can you guys (in seatle) claim to be the loudest when you play crowd noise on the loud speakers? Come to Arrowhead and see what real crowd noise sounds like…thats the loudest stadium in the NFL. Period.

  34. They just better try it early in the game, because their spirits are going to be broken by the 4th quarter..

  35. hawkstradamus says: Jul 9, 2013 9:59 AM

    So let me get this straight. Fans should only cheer for a team after they get rings and trophies?

    Nope but teams that have not won much should be humble and know their place in the grand scheme of things.
    Franchise that shoot off their mouths before winning will get this treatment, see the jets.

    The Seachucks are in the same boat.

  36. Pretty sure Guinness is going to make sure the speakers don’t make the crowd sound. So at least that can be settled.

  37. This is what sorry teams do when they know they are LOSERS and don’t have anything to really root for.!!!!! PATHETIC.!!!!!!!!! What an embarrassment.!!!!!

  38. The pumping in noise people who claim to have been to seattle have probably never been to the clink. I go to 6 games a year atleast, and 6 weeks out of the year my voice is shot to hell from me and 60000 people screaming for four quarters at the top of our lungs spilling beer on eachother. And why is it I damn near hear crickets when san fran plays at home?

  39. Haha, all these 49er fans saying the crowd will be so quiet after they score a touchdown right away. Last year in Seattle the 49ers got down 21-0 after 16 minutes and they only scored 2 touchdowns total in the two meetings and the last one came with 1:40 left in the game.

  40. Shouldn’t be a problem. The Seahawks should be good this year, so that means there fans will show up in droves. All the while pretending they were there all along during the lean years.

  41. So much venom directed at the Seahawks and fans when we’ve done nothing but support our team like you do yours. I saw nothing in these comments from Hawks fans claiming they are going 19-0 and beating everyone 50-3 while doing so, so why all the hate? We aren’t writing the articles and putting ourselves #1 in ridiculous “power rankings” in July. We know that we haven’t proven anything until we go out and win the games, which is what we’re all hanging out on PFT and forums all summer long waiting for.

  42. oldirtyman says:

    Seahawks already have the record for largest women fans. If you ever make to Seattle, you will see more large women than anywhere on earth.


    no sir that’s Detroit BUT you gotta give it to the Seahawks. there really isn’t nothing to cheer for out there it’s pretty much like a wasteland with nothing there…except for the Seattle Su…per….son…i…. nevermind!

  43. hawkstradamus says: Jul 9, 2013 8:09 AM

    We will absolutely destroy the team from suburban san jose for our home opener. We wrecked em last year 42-13, right in the heart of downtown Seattle. That crushing defeat layed the ground work for their ultimate humiliation in the Super Bowl.
    We got better through free agency and the draft while Suburban san joses defense is wilting away on the vine. We added one of the most dangerous playmakers in the nfl, they lost their only serviceable wr. It will be absolutely glorious to achieve the three peat that eluded you on your own turf. Hawkstradamus has for told it! It’s already happened whiner fans so you can just tune out the nfl for the next twenty or so years, you know how to do that.
    Gotta love the single-minded focus of this team and it’s fanbase. While you guys are busy putting all your efforts into beating the division champion 49ers in the regular season (week 2, mind you), the rest of the 31 other teams are focused on the ultimate goal of winning the SuperBowl. By the way, have you noticed that only 3-4 comments are from 9ers fans, and the rest of the so-called “hate” is coming from every other teams’ fans who are growing annoyed with all the ridiculous and unfounded loud-mouthing? Maybe you guys should take the approach of maybe the only true professional on your team, Russell Wilson, and give humbleness-until-you-actually-win-something a try…

  44. Never seen so much hate toward the Seahawks. Interesting. Must mean they’re good. And you people that are complaining about Seahawk fans being annoying, have you stopped to think about how annoying your whining is about other teams fans? Talk about pathetic. Oh and btw, it’s not the fans writing all the pieces on how good the Seahawks look, it’s the media and analysts. Don’t blame the fans for being excited about their team – especially a team that looks pretty good going into the season. If your team is without annoying and stupid fans, cast the first stone.

  45. At least Seattle will have a Championship somewhere…..the “Guinness Book of World Records”. Good for you!

  46. 49er fans are the skid mark in the tighty-whiteys of the NFL. All non 9er fans know this. So, can you please keep your greedy little mouths off of Seattle’s nuts? You spend more time on our threads than we do.

  47. Hate is for teams that have rings, not teams like the Seahawks.

    You have to be a complete moron not to be able to understand that.

  48. How long until the stadium naming rights are bought by some one like Cerwin-Vega! ? LOL

  49. Just go and see/hear it for yourself. If you had actually been there, you’d know that the crowd noise far exceeds the capability of the audio system in the stadium.

    But I’m guessing the commenters on this forum probably aren’t scientists, so I suppose the ignorance is to be expected.

    Playing the “pumped in” card means you believe that an audio system for the stadium is capable of producing on-field sound waves at the level of a NASCAR engine running at 13k RPMs… of course this is not possible.

    Not that I expect logic / facts to prevail in a forum like this, full of fire breathing idiots.

    I’ve been sitting 10 rows from the field for the last 8 years. It’s very loud. Louder than the 100k+ Ohio Stadium, louder than the big house, louder than Neyland stadium… with 30-35k fewer people.

  50. Seattle’s stadium might as well be a dome with the roof cover over the seats and angled towards the field. I really don’t like the Hawks or their douchy fans, but as a former architect I can appreciate the design and construction of the stadium. I helped on the design of several basketball areans, and our firm specifically designed them for sound amplification from screaming fans.

  51. During the Saints vs. Patriots MNF game in 2009 the db level was recorded as 119 db with 4:12 left in the 3rd quarter when the Pats were stopped on 4th down.

    This topped the previous mark in the Superdome of 113 db.

  52. Does anyone that’s not a Hawks fan realize that the CLink is already rated as the loudest stadium in the NFL. The fans did cause a small earthquake in the 2010 wildcard game against the Saints.

    Also, hate all you want. Bring up the PED issues. Go ahead. But do any of you realize that the Giants have had the same amount of PED violations as the Seahawks have. Also keep in mind 2 of the 5 guys the Hawks have had that served suspensions are no longer with the team, and haven’t been for a while. Browner, Irvin and Moffit are the only Hawks that are currently on the roster.

    And complain about the Hawks fans being annoying or homerish. It’s your right, but you know what?! If your team had the hype/potential that the Hawks have this year, you and your fellow fans would be the same darned way.

    And go ahead and complain about the Hawks being highlighted on all the NFL tv shows you can think of. This is the first time in my 27 years of life I have seen this much Hawks stuff actually being talked about (In a positive notion). So suck it up and deal with it.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!

  53. sethandfalon says

    “I saw nothing in these comments from Hawks fans claiming they are going 19-0 and beating everyone 50-3”

    you must not read all the comments or read all the posts before this one. if you did you would see those type comments as well as all the dynasty talk for the next decade.

  54. It’s OK for an outdoor stadium. I’ve been to 3 games there and the last one was the Monday Night game against the Packers last year (9 rows from the field). It wasn’t that loud, but maybe it’s because the house was half-full of Packer fans. Packer fans took over the city – downtown, Belltown, Pioneer Square – we were everywhere. It’s probably hard to be loud rooting for the hometeam when there’s such a sizeable group of the visting team’s fans.

  55. All you complaining about the Hawks are just plain intimidated. I cannot wait until Russell Wilson lets lose this year and shuts all of these haters up.

  56. I was about to leave a big long comment about how dumb most of the comments are on this story but shurtsusmc just did a fantastic job. If you have to complain about the Seahawks this hard, it’s just showing that you aren’t as confident in your own team as we are of ours. I’m sorry that your teams fans aren’t as loud as ours and that your team isn’t built as well as ours but we’ve waited a long time for a good team and now it’s our turn. GO HAWKS!

    P.S. Your PED comments aren’t clever or witty, just overplayed. If you’re here just to talk trash, at least TRY and be original. But again, GO HAWKS!

  57. Ps. I’m glad Crabtree is done makes it that much easier to azz pound you pukes like ur dads tought you. Poor flames go cure your butt transfared stds and go hate elsewhere. And ya 40 whiners been around 20 yrs b4 the hawks so you flames have a little edge. We will see who has rings in this decade beaches GO HAWKS

  58. @fortypansie
    It takes little to no effort for us twelves to hate you whiners and even less effort for the hawks to curb stomp your withering Superbowl loosers. Or did you forget the 42-13 beating we gave you for harbaughs b day? I know how you guys like to forget things, like every year since 1980 something.
    Now as per your request, time for some informed ranting. Pumped in crowd noise happens in Washington DC not Washington state.
    We have arguably the best QB in the league, the absolute best secondary ever, without question we have the best young 4-3 lb crew the best all around offensive weapon in Percy Harvin ,four DE that have the ability to register 10+ sacks and something called beast mode plus we can’t loose at home and the games we did loose weren’t by much >8pts so I think we’ll be better this year and have little to “worry” about. How’s Crab?

  59. oldirtyman says:

    Seahawks already have the record for largest women fans. If you ever make to Seattle, you will see more large women than anywhere on earth.

    Lol funny comment but I can’t imagine Seattle women have those of Baltimore or especially Pittsburgh beat for size.

  60. LOL. I love the hate. I love the fact that haters don’t even understand the 12 phenom up here. They’ve never experienced anything like it.

    One of my favorites is when people say the crowd will be quiet once the team is down. Go back and watch the Patriots@Seahawks game from last season. Seahawks were down most of that game and the crowd never stopped. You haters don’t understand that because you all are bandwagon fans, and you only make noise when your team is winning.

    #12 runs on pride. We make noise no matter what. We don’t even care what happens on the field. We just want to make your coach’s eardrums explode. We want to watch your QB cry like a little schoolgirl. We feed on your false starts and delays of game. We feed on your fear. We ARE part of the game. And we came to bring the pain.

    You weak ankle-biting haters accuse us of pumping in crowd noise because you have never experienced anything like this, you have no idea how it is even possible. How is it possible to cause an earthquake with only 70,000 fans? Well, because we pumped that in as well, with oil drilling rigs or something like that. Keep making excuses why your fanbase is inferior to us. Keep crying and hating on us.

    And we’ll just keep doing exactly what we did when the NFL instituted the noise rule back in the 1980’s to try to shut us down: WE KEEP MAKING NOISE. #12 STAND UP AND MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! GOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWKS!!

  61. Ya loving my hawk fans representing and like I said come find me if any of you non hawk loving punks want some and ill be on peds and beer and please ask me to show you a northwest azz beating ped style !!

  62. If you haven’t been to a Seattle Seahawk game at Century Link you have no clue how loud it gets and the energy that you feel being there. People always try knock it because its designed with dome elements (brilliant design). Listen to QB’s like Kurt Warner who have played there talk about how loud it is…12th man, they hate our team and fans because we are good now. I actually love it and am excited for this season and the next 10 years with this young team. Go Hawks!

  63. Who the hell cares about decibels? The real test is measured in LOMBARDIS! At last look, the PEDhawks had zero!!!
    And, by the way, when is the last time anyone you know even bought a Guiness Book of World Records?

  64. hawkstradamus hows that trophy cabinet looking the past 40 years? Keep celebrating regular season home wins and division titles us niner fans know what a champion looks like and its never made on paper.

  65. MasMacho says…Playing the “pumped in” card means you believe that an audio system for the stadium is capable of producing on-field sound waves at the level of a NASCAR engine running at 13k RPMs… of course this is not possible.
    Dude, Motor Sports Talk is about 6 or 7 tabs to the right. P.S. Sprint Cup cars run no where near 13K rpm, and an Indy Car tops out at barely 12K. Try Formula 1….and leave the gear head comparisons to rednecks like myself…

  66. The 12th man has ALWAYS been loud it isn’t specifically the clink that brings the noise! In the 80’s the NFL implemented the Kingdome rule because the fans were so damned loud.

    The NFL has surprised inspected the stadium 3 times for piped in noise and every time the results came up negative. Even analysts who are at the game say it’s amazing how it’s pure crowd noise. The 12th man cause an earthquake for gods sake! We are loud, passionate, intelligent fans give credit where it’s due.

    Btw Seattle only had one more ped violation than the broncos and the Texans the several jokes are knew slappers at this point. The Niners had three PED violations I believe, a qb who disrespected his team and fans and then patronized them for being upset… Couple that with Ahmad Brooks beating teammates with beer bottles and it makes for great team chemistry.

    None the less it will be a great season and as a Seahawks fan I am very optimistic for what the season beholds. GO HAWKS

  67. Cuz of us you got Montana ya your last player with class and Steve young was a ped player he knows all about roids sun don’t shine u pounder takers

  68. Tsizzlesucks niner wang so don’t listen to him his butt hurts from all the hawk poundings he has gotten 42- 13 last one whats next 58-0 can’t wait flamers

  69. Trolls need to give up the speaker angle– it’s stadium design. Both CenturyLink and Husky Stadium have covered sidelines which– by happy accident– reflect noise down toward the field just like a dome. Combine the design with a fan culture that believes they can make a difference, and you get a loud stadium.

    I’ve been to Lambeau Field and Century Link Field multiple times. The CLINK is louder by far… not because Packers fans don’t cheer… those cheeseheads cheer hard. It’s the design of the stadium.

  70. Wow…. You sure are original aren’t you?

    What’s wrong with a stadium that is designed to reflect the noise onto the field.

    The Seahawks have a great fan base. 90% of us follow our Mighty Birds of Prey in both good times and bad. I bet you’re a homer bandwagon fan who jumps on the D of any team close to you that is successful.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!

  71. Anybody that says its piped in noise has clearly never been to The Clink…
    Come to Seattle just once and watch a game…you’ll change your mind.

    PS: just don’t wear the wrong colors!


  72. @49erlifer your team lost the Super Bowl last year and the NFC championship for a record 8th time the year before. Let that sink in for a Minuit, back to back years of utter disapointment stings huh

    Good, now you know frank gore isn’t what he used to be. Sure he will tell you hes got plenty left, but what does he know he got a six on his wonderlic, the mans an idiot. And kaep isn’t a true quarterback he’s showed us as much with his actions and defiant nature this week. He locks onto a guy whomis on the ir and wont come back the same plus he can’t work his progressions to find Vernon Davis or throw a fade route, he’s just a running thrower. All arm and no touch or precision I know you know this because you’ve been watching Montana to Rice on VHS for the last 20 years instead of following your team.

  73. I can’t wait for the season to begin. Not only so MY team, the Seahawks, can shut all of you up. The beginning of the football season also means the start of school and that means most of you will be back in classes and we can actually have intelligent football discussions here.


  74. The whi9er fans are so lame.

    You just came off an 8 year stretch, 8 years, of playing .500 (1year) or below .500(7yrs) and you’ve had 2 good seasons and suddenly you act like it’s 1994.

    It’s almost been 20 years since your SB, before most of you were born or were old enough to actually watch the game… omg…

    You are the ONLY organization that drafted QB’s before both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. In the 3rd round of the 2000 draft, the whi9ers select dud, Giovanni “Toasted Ravioli” Carmazzi…. ha ha…

    With the 1st pick in the 2005 draft, the whi9ers select Alex “small hands game manager” Smith… ha ha….

    The only team to draft QB ‘s ahead of Brady and Rodgers and BOTH Qb’s idolized the whi9ers growing up.

    What could have been! Now you’re about to play 2nd fiddle to the Hawks. Your DL is weak, you have no NT for a 3-4, lack a secondary and your WR’s are below avg… And you think you’re going to play with the Hawks?

    Hilarious whi9er fans, hilarious.

  75. From The Onion, circa 2006:

    “Following multiple complaints from teams who have had to endure both the much-touted, 100-decibel “12th Man” fan noise and the artificially amplified, 135-decibel shrieks of tortured women in pain while playing at Seattle’s Qwest Field, the NFL has asked the Seahawks front office to refrain from piping in the sound effects during future home games.

    “It is unfair not only to the visiting team and their fans, both of whom have a right to expect hospitality and consideration of the Seattle football club, but to the women who must endure such physically insulting treatment in order to make these disturbing recordings,” the statement from the NFL’s Competition Committee read in part. “Furthermore, if the screams of these women turn out not to be recordings, there may be the matter of fines to consider.”

    NFL officials and Seattle law-enforcement personnel have detained Qwest Field audio engineer Fred Miscera for questioning concerning the recent disappearance of several Seahawks cheerleaders.”

  76. @moezilla F1 runs at around 19-20k RPM, NASCAR peaks at 9000 and runs up to 11k. And nobody cares about indy car because it is a talent-less series destroyed in the late 90’s by greed.

    But who cares, right? Loud is loud, and a speaker it isn’t. Go there if you need to know for yourself.

  77. It also amazes me the amount of trash talk from Seattle fans towards SF fans…. I think that Seattle is the team to beat in the NFCW this year and maybe even the NFC but you all are acting like you’ve won 3 SBs in a row…..

    Someone even belittled the Niners for losing a record 8 NFC title games…. How many have they won… at least 6…. that’s at least 14 trips to the Conference title game…. How many times have the Seahawks made it that far….

    I know my Texans have never been there, yet. But I’m not over here saying the Pittsburg Steelers suck and laughing at them for losing 2 superbowls…..

  78. Heres a fun factoid for all of you
    Nfl red zone QB rating
    1 drew brees
    2 Aaron Rodgers
    3 Russell Wilson
    4 Tom Brady

    Not last but #29 Colin K
    And that was with Crab, guess ill be signing san frans kicker to my fantasy team.

  79. The piping sound argument is so old. For one, the crowd noise is so loud the speakers can’t even be heard over it, so it would be pointless. Yes the stadium is designed for it, so what? They were undefeated at home including the SF game last year with a rookie who has the mind set and physical skills only to improve upon his season from last year. And we did cause an earthquake if you recall. Yes we still need a ring. But that won’t come till the end of this season.

  80. Wait, so people are poking fun at Seahawks fans for being true fans and cheering on their team? I don’t understand that at all.

    Why do people keep bring up no rings? What does rings and super bowl wins from the past have to do with a team being good in the present? The Jets have a ring, does that mean they are a better team than Seattle right now? Think before you speak people.

  81. Wow. No mention of the Superdome while every person at the Saints homecoming game said that was the loudest game they ever heard.

  82. Blah blah blah !!! Go hate on ur small packages you trolls don’t see us awesome hawk fans going to your b pirate news I lamos get about lamernap sportn dolphin gear he hates his own team and I didn’t go on your lame boring need to bash how dumb and metro you all are!! Diff doing good when whole nation is hating on our boys in blue!! Go hawks

  83. Love the hawks whole team is good people and all haters love it keep it coming see you week 2 when we pumping noise to kamperpuke and he can’t handle his self and another blow out and we can forget about 42-13 one we still going to rub in tell you prove us wrong haterniners!!!’ Go hawks

  84. slugbaitspace says:
    Jul 9, 2013 2:46 PM
    From The Onion, circa 2006:

    • • • • • • • • • • • •

    You do realize that the onion is not a real news source. Trying to make a point by quoting from the onion is like quoting from the enquirer, the sun, or Saturday Night Live. It is satire. It is strictly entertainment.

    Wow! When does school start again?

  85. Just for the record to everyone on here who say the Seahawks weren’t the first people to use the 12th man.

    They may not have been the first team to have ever used it, but it was the first team in history to retire the number 12 in dedication of the fans.

    The Seattle Seahawks retired the number on December 15, 1984.

    I was born and raised a 12th man.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!

  86. Take my post off cuz, I offerd to back hand a few trolls that need to mind there own biz and that winerniner dude fans are used to getting there bottoms handled without a care. Lol

    Ps. Go hawks and can’t wait till game 2 reg season it’s going to be a doozy!!!!!!!’

  87. I’m sick of hearing about the Hawks, the have the most annoying fans in the league = I’m jealous and wish my team got that much attention…

  88. They picked the right game to attempt this – home opener, Sunday Night nat’l TV, against 49ers. Might not break that Turkish record, but gonna be fun trying……..

  89. I love the success Seattle is having, new fans or not, you have to love what they have created over there. They cannot be the loudest stadium until they prove it though. The Vikings may suck, but the dome is super loud for seating only 65k. In their better days, I was at a game where the network broadcasting it, brought a decibel reader and recorded 113, louder than a commercial airplane. Even in the playoffs vs. Dallas recently, (where MN destroyed them and the crowd was livid) they did the same reading on FOX. It would be difficult to knock off MN, NO, or ATL for noise levels given the dome atmosphere. (I personally think NO is just being overrated for the city life, doesn’t equal a louder fan base, while Seattle just wants bragging rights, hence why they are doing something like this) I want to attend a KC game, they seem to be the true outdoor competition for loudest stadium next to Seattle. Good luck with those readings on week 1!

  90. Please,
    The KC Chiefs have the loudest stadium, at 116 db in 2010. measured, confirmed….
    And they two are going for the record.

    Best of luck to the Hawks,,,,

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