Stafford gets $27.5 million to sign under his new deal

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The deal isn’t done yet.  When it is, and barring a dramatic, last-minute change, Stafford will earn $27.5 million with the stroke of a pen.

That’s the signing bonus he’ll receive on his three-year extension, per a source with knowledge of the terms.

Stafford also will receive a base salary of $4 million this year, pushing his total payout for 2013 to $31.5 million.

The cap savings for the next two years (total) will be in the range of $7 million.  That’s money that can be used to re-sign tight end Brandon Pettigrew or defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Stafford’s $15.3 million average puts him well below the top of the market for quarterbacks.  But with the money he’s already earned and $43 million in guarantees, he’ll be closing in on $100 million in career earnings — and he turned 25 in February.

55 responses to “Stafford gets $27.5 million to sign under his new deal

  1. Ridiculous and disgusting what these guys make for winning nothing.

  2. Oh you meant that quick. Sorry I didn’t make it past the title last time. I’m suffering from shock and awe at this point.

    Good for Stafford and congrats on the new deal, now go unleash the air-to-air weapons and light up that sky!

  3. LOL, everyone cracking on Gabbert, and this guy earns a 100 mil. His completion rate was 1 point higher than Blaine last season. Passer rating 2 points higher. Gabs had better TD to Int ratio. With two extra years of experience for Stafford and a MUCH better receiving corps.

  4. Just hope, for the sake of Lions fans, they don’t offer an extension to Schwatz.

    Get a better coach and the Lions will have even more legs to stand on.

  5. When you payout that kind of money for that kind of result, you’re ultimately declaring that you are satisfied with mediocrity.

  6. It’s a good bet for Detroit to lock Stafford down now. The money he made seems insane given the new rookie scale. But the rules were the rules & he just played by them. I do think he took the rookie salary into account by agreeing to the slightly-below market contract. Also, he hasn’t won anything yet. So he locks down a huge salary and a mega-payday. Good agreement.

  7. To think the Lions will be paying Stafford close to if not more than $100 million is just crazy. To think he has not turned 26 yet is even more crazy. Stafford has been a solid starting QB in the NFL (applause to megatron). Stafford has done nothing to warrant $100 million this far in his career. LOL

  8. That’s a lot of money for Matt ‘Baby Face’ Stafford. Where’d the Lions finish in the division last year? Hmm.

  9. This is good news for Bears fans and the relative contract that Cutler is due for…Detroit didn’t overpay and sets the bar appropriately for Cutler.

  10. So what youre saying is they used available cap space this year to front load a contract in order to save in future years? This doesnt seem legal, some call skins and cowboys to confirm.

  11. Considering Tom Condon is his agent and the leverage they held over the Lions, this is a huge freaking win for the Lions. My guess is that Stafford pushed Condon to get something done to help the team.

    Stafford is the ultimate low floor, high ceiling enigma. 4 seasons in, I’d rather have him than most every QB in the NFL.

  12. I am sure he worth every penny to the lions what with the division title he brought them and taking them to the NFC championship game and the great year they had last year and… oh wait never mind but he does have allot of nice stats so he has that going for him. this has to make Jay Cutler happy when je gets his new contract. if stafford can get that much for doing nothing then ge will break the bank with his next contract.

  13. This is a good deal for both Stafford and the Lions. I think they both got it right. Stafford got his money, and the Lions were able to shave some cap space in the process so they can sign/re-sign with greater flexibility. Glad a deal is done.

  14. Would be interesting to see what kind of QB this guy would be without Megatron.

    Even with him, he puts up nice stats but makes terrible decisions. His TD to INT ratio is pretty average/below average.

    I think he’s more Cutler then Rodgers so I doubt he will ever win consistently in the NFC North.

  15. To much money for an average (at best) QB. Take away CJ and all of this guys stats would be down the tubes.
    Great news for the other 3 teams in the division since the lions just paid a ton of money to stay in the bottom of the division.

    5K yards 4 wins LOL

  16. I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I’m going to withhold judgement until I hear from the commenter who once compared Stafford to Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and the Mannings.

  17. Do the people ripping Stafford realize that the Lions are bad despite Stafford’s play, not because of it? Do they realize that there is more than one player on offense?

  18. How many ppl here that have something negative to say actually know the lions complete history for the last few years. You guys say medicore Stafford and team, but one player cannot win a team game. They started 0-16, let me say that again 0000000-16, when stafford came in. Last season they lost their 2nd, 3rd and 4th WR. They lost their starting safety, they never had the same combo of db’s out there for more than a game because of injuries, they lost their starting dt, who was replaced by Fairley, which got hurt towards the end of the season too. They had a decent pass blocking o-line, which couldnt open a hole for a mouse and a running back who still wasnt 100 percent from the achilles injury. Yet through all that they lost the majority of their games by 7 points or less. That means they are competitive. With all the off-season moves, things look better than ever.

    All i have to say is barring any injuries, watch them take the division this year and make it to the divisional and maybe with some luck NFC championship game.

  19. If the Lions resign Pettigrew, is there any way to get the bricks removed from his hands?

  20. My eyes told me he was just stuffing stats in garbage time. Checked the stats and it confirmed it:

    Ahead 9-16 points 0 TD, 1 INT, 56.7 Rating
    Ahead 1-8 points 2 TD, 6 INT, 53.4 Rating
    Behind 1-8 points 6 TD, 4 INT, 81.3 Rating
    Behind 9-16 points 8 TD, 4 INT, 93.0 Rating

    When winning 2TD, 7 INT, 55.2 Rating
    When tied 2 TD, 2 INT, 72.0 Rating
    When trailing 16 TD, 8 INT, 88.7 Rating

    So he was definitely a main reason they fell behind in many games and then padded those stats against prevent defenses.

  21. This is a perfectly fine contract.
    Good for the Leos to get it done before he goes Ape $hit this season. They had ZERO leverage, he comes off a down year but still had 2 years left to prove his value.

    And all of that Cutler talk, he has made the playoffs ONCE in 7 years. and the ONE year everyone is talking about making the NFC championship.. Bears had a BYE week because of their defense and then you beat a 7-9 (!?) playoff team (Seattle) at home.

    Here’s a fun comparison… since everyone talks about having Megatron..

    Stafford had 20 TDs, 17 Ints and 4,967 yards.

    Cutler WITH Brandon Marshall – 19 TDs, 14 INTs and 3,033 yards. Cutler would have needed 10 more games to get to 5,000.

    Hint: It was your defense. Cutler is no better than Stafford and he is FIVE years older.

  22. Since he was drafted the Lions have not been great but they have made steady improvements, from 0-16 to 10-6 and a playoff berth. He is only 26 so they are banking that with his raw ability he will be worth the money that are paying him for years to come. He did have too many turnovers last season but the defense was not great and the offense was not clicking like it could. They have the potential for a great offense.

  23. lionsdraftguy says:
    Jul 9, 2013 2:59 PM

    Not really, no need to. Only maybe is Stafford wasnt loyal to his team and wore another teams hat, then yeah maybe.


    “I’m STILL living in a van down by the river!!!”

  24. You can’t blame stafford because the lions picked him #1 when the rookie payscale was outrageous. The nfl was light years behind what the other leagues have been doing in regards to rookie pay.

    The guy puts up 5k in passing yardage and he should take a pay cut. That ain’t happening. The nfl has no one to blame but themselves for letting rookies get paid more than tom brady or lebron james.

  25. essentialsausage says:Jul 9, 2013 4:16 PM

    Do the people ripping Stafford realize that the Lions are bad despite Stafford’s play, not because of it? Do they realize that there is more than one player on offense?

    Do you realize you’re a nut?……precisely why he should not be paid that kind of cash. Use the money to get other decent players…..

    Does the the ownership think anyone else will want him? HE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING A 3RD RD QB can’t do….

  26. @ destroitordie

    You really need to hop off the Cutler hate train and realize how stupid the Lions are……

    If the Bears gave Cutler $100 million Bears fans including myself would freak out, because yes…he has not done anything yet to prove his worth. Is he the best QB the Bears have had in years? yes! does that mean he is worth retarded money for doing nothing? no!

    Just because Stafford can throw for 5,000 yards with the games best reciever does not mean he is turning out wins.

  27. When winning 2TD, 7 INT, 55.2 Rating

    and that right there is why the Lions still need to figure out a game management, run out the clock mode. Stafford has NEVER been a competent game manager and his checkdowns love popping balls up in the air.

  28. People that love him and people that think he’s a piece of garbage are both missing the point.

    The Lions faced more five man fronts than any other team in the league, which means the opposition did not respect the run and was geared to stop the pass and he still threw for 5000 yards…a few ill-advised throws trying to fit it in with his big arm, and a few wild ones too. But, he does have talent. 20 teams would take him tomorrow.

    Further, this is the going rate for a starting QB in the NFL. Anyone thinking otherwise is simply fooling themselves. You’re either getting a bargain (new CBA QBs like Russell Wilson) or you’ve overpaid (Alex Smith), but if the guy starts for you, you’re gonna pay.

  29. I always enjoy the weird comments about the lions. I’ve watched every single game for years and can confidently tell you the losing isn’t on Stafford. I’m not saying he’s great right now. But he can be. Our team was very bad last year but a lot of you genius football fans can look at stats off some website to determine how bad a player is. It’s also funny that you all talk about how he only has stats by throwing to Calvin but blame him for not winning with Calvin…

  30. Great signing. Stafford is already the best QB the Lions have ever had. Now our defense needs to get serious start earning their paychecks. Stafford and MegaTron can put up the points…now the D has to do their job.

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