Text exchange shows Hernandez planned to pick Lloyd up in Boston


The documents released on Tuesday, over the objections of the prosecution and Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer, contain plenty of interesting facts regarding the evidence and allegations relating to the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Included among that information was the transcript of text messages exchanged between Hernandez and Lloyd on Sunday, June 16 and Monday, June 17.

According to an affidavit submitted by trooper Eric J. Benson in support of the issuance of a search warrant, Hernandez sent Lloyd the following text at 9:05 p.m.:  “I’m coming to grab u tonight gon b around 1 need dat and we could step for a little again.”

Roughly 30 minutes later, after Lloyd didn’t respond, Hernandez sent another message:  “Waddup.”

Said Lloyd:  “Aite, where.”

Hernandez:  “idk it don’t matter but imma hit u when I’m dat way like Las time if my phone dies imma hit u when i charge it which will be in a lil.”

Said Lloyd, who apparently was curious about Hernandez’s plans:  “Ait idk anything goin on.”

Hernandez responded, saying “I’ll figure it out ill hit u on my way.”

Then, more than two hours later (at 12:22 a.m.), Lloyd asked Hernandez:  “We still on.”

Hernandez didn’t respond.  Lloyd’s sister told police that Lloyd left their residence in Boston at 1:00 a.m. ET with three men.

Prosecutors previously explained that Lloyd later contacted his sister via text, asking her, “U saw who I’m with.”  He later said “Nfl” and “just so u know.”

It’s just one piece of a much bigger puzzle, but it’s clear that:  (1) Hernandez went from North Attleboro to Boston to get Lloyd; (2) Lloyd was sufficiently concerned to make sure his sister knew who he was with; and (3) Lloyd ended up shot to death less than three hours later, roughly one-half mile from Hernandez’s home, in North Attleboro.

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  1. How did Aaron Hernandez graduate college speaking like that? I understand a few abbreviations, but that is hardly recognizable

  2. Keep em coming Florio, great work. Unfortunately even with all that evidence , it still doesn’t prove that he killed Lloyd…We all know he either killed him or had his goons do it but in court, its leaving reasonable doubt. However, knowing that your on top of this Florio, I’m sure it will still be more circumstantial evidence forthcoming to more than likely get a conviction.

  3. But there aren’t any texts after 12:22 when he says “we on”. How did he know when they arrived, did they knock on the door? How would his sister confirm who he left with?

    Those 3 items sound very likely but they aren’t clear facts. #1 is possibly untrue if AH intended to get him but plans changed hence the reason he didn’t respond to the text, because he never picked him up. I’m willing to be AH’s story is that he never made it there due to a diversion by whoever framed him see below…

    #2 is possibly untrue because Lloyd could have been picked up by somebody else for another matter and for whatever reason chosen to lie on his text. Maybe he was worried about being murdered by somebody broke, but felt AH was responsible and thus wanted his family to have a civil case against AH for his money as long as he’s dead and screwed. Or the people who got Lloyd wanted to frame AH and sent a text pretending to be him to set up AH. Thus they could have called AH on his way to pick up Lloyd and set him to divert to somewhere else while they grab Lloyd and frame him.

    #3 sounds pretty clear though.

  4. Hernandez needs to be locked up for his butchery of the English language, if nothing else.
    College educated?!?

  5. Lol wait till the people who’ve grown up texting like that start writing NFL blogs, presentations for work, and anything else that might require being even vaguely articulate.

    Or when high schools start offering “English for texting”.

    The rest of us will be screwed.

  6. Aite= Aight= All Right

    Hit you= Call you or Text you

    Step= Go out = Hang out in a Club or Bar

    Need Dat = Need that= ??? =The million dollar question. Drugs? What does he need?

    idk = I don’t know

    The rest should be obvious…

  7. I read this before and after drinking a few rum and cokes and the spelling still bewilders me…

  8. they talk that way to prevent average people like the ones who dont understand from knowing what is being talked about its called Street Slang Wouldnt expect most of u to understand it!!! also why say hey im gonna pick u up for that drug deal or gonna pick u up to murda that ass would be hard to figure then now would it…!!!

  9. I’m just learning this text language, but apparently “I’m coming to grab u tonight gon b around 1 need dat and we could step for a little again” means “I’m going to murder you tonight. See you at 1:00.”

  10. the text from Lloyd to his sister is the one that counts. he wanted her to know who he was with. ( NFL ) that done it for me right there. Aaron is going to jail for life.

  11. “need dat” could be key words:

    Urban Dictionary definition #10 of “dat” – “1- a small unit of measurement for marijuana; approx. .1 grams. 2- a smoking device using a sobe bottle”

    “step” is defined variously as “Rush, bring drama or violence to”, or “approach someone with the intention of causing trouble”.

    Could be that they wanted Lloyd to bring some drugs (need dat), and that afterwards they were planning to go find a fight (step).

  12. Uhhhhmmmm…….Klaatu barrada nikto. Iko Iko I know. Take me down to Kokomo. We get there faster if we take it slow. That’s where we want to go. Sususuddio.

  13. @


    What you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  14. I hope the prosecutor sent Hernandez a text message before they arrested him:

    “Don’t u know we could get texts u sent to da victim? Imma charge u for da hit. We coming to grab u today. lol”

  15. As i try to sift through this babble and try and make some sort of sense of it… One thing is clear, Aaron H deserves to be in prison for murder. Even if he didnt kill Lloyd, what i just read was first degree homicide on the english language. It made me want to gouge my eyes with a rusty spork.

  16. I will say only this. Unless they find a murder weapon or someone credible rolls him he will probably get off. If I was a juror on this case with the current evidence three not enough to convict him. You can’t rely on druggie criminals saying “he Did it” either way his career is over. Yeah he’s probably guilty but with a few texts, video of him being with him and some hear say it’s just not enough.

  17. These texts are LITERALLY another language from a country of which I am not familiar. I have NO idea what these texts were saying!! Another excellent example of a “student athlete.” The SEC certainly is progressive regarding admittance of English as a second language students.

  18. Also R.I.P to Corey Springman a great friend who died in a motorcycle accident the other day… we were just talking a bout this

  19. “idk it don’t matter but imma hit u when I’m dat way like Las time if my phone dies imma hit u when i charge it which will be in a lil.”

    This is what happens when you lower the bar so everyone can get a passing grade.

    My God man, SMH.

  20. I’m not sure if anyone read the transcript but it is a certainty AH was there and had direct involvement. Amazing that people can be so obtuse to think they can get away with something like this. This would have been a tough case for me to accept as a criminal defense attorney

  21. Yes, the grammar is bad and almost untelligble but…there is a universally acccepted and abbreviated style of communication associated with text messaging…especially amongst those 25 and under. So, while it is painful to read as you would normal narrative, the younger crowd routinely communicats in the style. It is exhausting though!

  22. Albert Einstein once said something about too much technology and having a generation of idiots. It looks like that time is now!

  23. For those of you who think the prosecutor only has the word of his former associates as evidence, don’t forget that they also have footage of him driving to the location of the murder with the victim 2 minutes before gunshots were heard and leaving without him 2 minutes afterwards, as well as footage of him getting out of the car at his house with a gun about 4 minutes afterwards. This a pretty solid timeline. And that’s not to mention the shell casings they found under the driver seat of his rental car.

  24. How anyone can honestly say they don’t have enough evidence is ludicrous. Yes, it may all be circumstantial without a confession, but look at Scott Peterson, that douche got convicted on circumstantial and he is on death row.

    That being said, this country’s legal system is a joke, so anything is possible. Perhaps the jury will be made up of all women (like the George Zimmerman case). Women who think AH is sexy.

  25. I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt their IQ slip a few points while reading that text exchange. If that’s the way the majority of people talk via text, I fear for the sanctity of our country.

  26. And people, ease up on the text spelling, etc. AH may have big thumbs and if its an iPhone, Siri may have a mind of her own.


  27. I’m not fooled easily so I’m not going to look at this and say “This shows he did it”. To me this looks like typical text msgs between two guys trying to go out. I’m sure none of you ever set out with your guys with no specific plans other than being around females. This article will lead you to beleive Lloyd was concerned or suspecious of Hernandez. That makes me question why would Lloyd go out with Hernandez, the article states

    Then, more than two hours later (at 12:22 a.m.), Lloyd asked Hernandez: “We still on.”

    This doesn’t sound like someone who is afraid, to me it sounds like someone who is trying to make his mind to go out or to go to bed.

    It also states

    Prosecutors previously explained that Lloyd later contacted his sister via text, asking her, “U saw who I’m with.” He later said “Nfl” and “just so u know.”

    If he was so afraid why is he now telling his sis who he’s out with? Why not tell her when they first planned to go out?

    A lot of this that point to GUILT (for most) is the same thing that can get this man off.

  28. This is chilling for so many reasons, not the least of which is the butchering of the English language. But it’s also interesting to see how much of a chameleon AH really is. If you ever saw him interviewed, he was clear and articulate – a “fine young man,” just like Robert Kraft thought. So he could straddle both worlds.

    It does seem like this had something to do with drugs. Maybe Lloyd was AH’s drug dealer, and this has nothing to do with Lloyd knowing something about another murder, but rather something to do with Lloyd blowing the whistle to the NFL that AH was using. If the Pats took him up on his offer in that letter he wrote before he was drafted – to submit to random drug testing and if caught using he’d give up money – then he stood to lose a lot of money.

    I think thestrategyexpert is making a bunch of arguments that a defense attorney will make – lots of room for reasonable doubt. Any thinking person can draw lines from A to B and conclude C, but it’s the defense attorney’s job to throw obstacles in the way so the jury thinks, “yeah, I guess that could be the case….”

  29. Just reading the texts and making a few inferences based on what they say, it sounds to me like Lloyd was selling drugs for Hernandez and owed him some money. Sounds to me like this is all about drugs and money.

  30. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find that Hernandez was putting quite a few of those game checks back out on the street just like Sam Hurd, trying to turn 1 million into 10 million. Pathetic. To have a multi-million dollar job and throw it away selling dope and shooting people like a hood rat is just mind blowing to me. What a dbag.

  31. blueberrymuffin11:

    Indeed. But you can see how biased some people get. That person is convinced that AH is evil, and even suggesting a possible scenario that doesn’t conform to what he has decided in his mind is idiotic and deserves mercy from God. And look at how many people agree with him, it’s a landslide that feel the same way! To me that’s crazy and insufficient at being able to say you know the truth.

    And the facts of the matter support this hypothetical defense strategy. I’m willing to bet (not be as the typo in my first post said) that AH isn’t going to show up at court and say ok I did it you got me. He’s going to concoct a story, or tell the truth if he’s innocent.

    And my little scenario could be a version of either of those depending on what the truth is. It seems AH could have been a supplier, so why couldn’t Lloyd easily have been taken out by this “group” that AH had a beef with? What if AH has phone calls on his cell from another number to support that another party reached out to him to change his course? That guy who blasted me and all of those that agree with him probably have no idea if other calls came in on AH’s phone.

    I submit they know jack squat, and I stand by my post as being highly thoughtful about what will happen and what the story will be, whether it’s the truth or a manufactured lie.

  32. blueberrymuffin11 and source:

    Oh and just to add for the part about why you see the guys get out of the car with the guns, well why couldn’t AH and his crew been upset that this other group got to Lloyd first? There were delays in the texts, so maybe Lloyd got scared and went to meet with the “other” group for advice. They knew AH was mad and Lloyd was a liability, so they capped him after using his phone to text his sister that he was with AH, so the body would be sloppily found and traced back to being AH’s problem. Why else not try to cover the body at all? When Lloyd wasn’t around for the pickup AH knew he joined up with the other group, so perhaps AH’s crew was traveling the streets with his boys and his guns trying to track them down, and they were pissed that Lloyd slipped through their fingers. They unsuccessfully tried to hunt down this other group and retrieve their man. But because AH doesn’t run a tight ship on his guns and people, this Lloyd gave access to the other group to set up AH good. And the guy that rolled on AH is only doing so since he knows the set up is that strong and nobody will believe them so he’s taking whatever deal he can get.

    If you were AH and things went down like this, wouldn’t you call yourself innocent and also appear calm in court because you feel that the whole story will make sense when it is fairly presented?

  33. ummm they weren’t trying to write a presentation to the english department. it was a drug deal or at least that is what AH wanted his victim to think. He was obviously trying to get lloyd to meet up with him. I don’t know whether he was meeting up with lloyd with the intention of killing him but when he said he needed “dat” he was talking about drugs or maybe about money for drugs that he had given lloyd to either sell or use himself. Like people above said the reason some of you can’t understand the messages is because they were messages the people sending them didn’t want other people to understand. Did you really expect them to say “odin lloyd my dear friend, this is aaron hernandez the TE from the New England Patriots. I need the money for those drugs i gave you. i will come to your house at 1:00 at 122 whatever avenue in boston MA and pick you up so you can give it to me then we can go hang out . That is 1 a.m. at 122 whatever ave boston MA and don’t forget the money you owe me for that marijuana you are selling for me”? It seems pretty obvious that these people aren’t geniuses but come on, when people are doing drug deals they don’t want anyone else to understand what they are talking about. Not sure why that is so hard for some of the people who commented to understand.

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