Wallace told Ortiz that Hernandez admitted firing the shots


On the same day authorities in Massachusetts released more than 150 pages of documents relating to eight search warrants obtained in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd, documents generated in Florida contained a far more significant nugget of information.

According to the Associated Press, an affidavit filed in support of a request to search the Miramar, Florida residence at which Ernest Wallace was staying indicates that Carlos Ortiz told police that Wallace said Aaron Hernandez admitted firing the shots that killed Lloyd.

The chain of verbal communications — with Wallace telling Ortiz what Hernandez had told Wallace — seems odd in light of the apparent contention that all three men were in the car that carried Lloyd to the location where he was shot.  Hernandez wouldn’t need to tell Wallace that Hernandez shot Lloyd, and Wallace wouldn’t need to tell Ortiz that Hernandez told Wallace that Hernandez shot Lloyd.  Each man would know who did what, since they all were there.

Still, it’s the first document that alleges Hernandez did more than “orchestrate” the murder.  According to the document filed in a Florida court, Hernandez actually committed it.

And it provides further proof that, no matter what Ortiz’s lawyer now says, Ortiz has been providing key information to the authorities.

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  1. BREAKING NEWS – Aaron Hernandez is now being questioned in the death of Manti Teo’s girlfriend.

  2. At this point you gotta think Hernandez wishes he were dead… he would be free.

    But no, he gets to live this nightmare (as he should) for a long time. I’ve always felt the death penalty was too easy–an easy way out!

  3. Here’s a guess – Hernandez & Wallace walk Lloyd out into the park, Ortiz waits in the car. Hernandez shoots Lloyd. Ortiz doesn’t witness it. Later, in the flurry to cover the tracks, Hernandez sends Wallace to FL and tries to destroy evidence with the help of Ortiz. Ortiz gets scared, contacts Wallace, and says “Let’s turn him in. Cops will go easy on us. He already told me he was the trigger man, not you.” The end.

  4. How about making a “tab” just for Hernandez news? That way we can go there if we want and not clutter up the rest of the news??

  5. Ortiz probably did it and is trying to deal up to save his sorry ass. There’s a special place for rats in the joint.

  6. Wallace was arrested as accessory after the fact. I wonder if he drove the get away car but never got out, while AH and Ortiz did the dirty work. Either that or they really do have someone else in custody.

  7. The only negative thing here is, some of these guys are probably going to get away with a wrist slap. Not Hernandez, though. He’ll never experience life outside of bars again.

  8. Wow the homie straight snitching. Not surprised though, gangstaz turn snitches real quick when it hits the fan.

  9. If they have evidence that all 3 were present when Lloyd was murdered, then charge all three with murder one and forget about plea bargains. The trigger-man doesn’t really need to be known to convict all three.

  10. “Carlos Ortiz told police that Wallace said Aaron Hernandez admitted firing the shots that killed Lloyd.”

    Do I remember right that Lloyd was shot multiple times? I think he was shot in the arm (possibly a defensive wound), the side, the chest, and the back of the head?

    Likely they all shot him, and were trying to figure out which shot really killed him.

    …but I also fear they made Lloyd suffer for a while.

  11. I know everyone is saying that this report proves that Ortiz “flipped” but I read it, and if anything it makes me think that he did not. Sure, he told cops that Wallace told him that Hernadez said he fired the cops. This is because Ortiz told the police that they all got out to pee besides him, and then Wallace and Hernandez got in and sped off. So basically that was the best he could come up with to admit he was in the car, but pretend he did not know they were going to kill Lloyd and that he was not involved in killing Lloyd.

  12. Basically Ortiz is lying to cover his own ass as much as possible. Obviously none who were their would need to tell the others who where there who did what.

  13. hey guys did anyone hear that…. the guy from the other team he… ahh forget it. i guess the hernandez case is the only thing that matters now.

  14. I am sure it will be tough for the defense to shoot down Ortiz and Wallace’s credibility considering they both have a history of being criminals. Insert sarcasm here.

  15. Nowhere has there been any statement of evidence that 4 people were in that car the victim was in….unless I missed it somewhere.

    Think about the charges. Accessory after the fact, weapons charges, maybe obstruction…etc. But only one murder charge.

    Lloyd is texting away with three dudes looking to cap him and nobody in the car is noticing? no way. He is texting while hernandez drives.

    I speculate AH and Odin were alone, with ortiz and wallace close by in another car or even at AH’s house. Once things got dirty AH made a call to his boys and wallace showed up. Remember, video only shows two men entering AH’s house with guns. Ortiz pitched his in the vicinity according to reports.

    Wallace and Ortiz flee dodge with Ortiz maybe not even knowing what went down. During the drive out of town Bo lays it on him that AH shot Odin up.

    Ortiz left his phone in an apartment….they were scattering quick.

    AH pulled the trigger. Bo ditched the weapon. Ortiz was in orbit of it all with a pistol.

  16. I don’t know about you, but Hernandez is getting drafted #1 in my all criminal fantasy football league!

  17. Police: Hernandez told Wallace to tell Ortiz to close his eyes. Then Hernandez told Wallace to tell Ortiz what he did when they closed their eyes… Case closed.

  18. um, what a bunch of bumbling fools. Um put the body in the trunk and get rid of it. No body, no crime. It seems like there was a plan to kill this guy, but no plan afterwards. The three stooges. Don’t they watch C.S.I.

    No matter what all three are facing life in prison, and deserve it.

  19. patsbrat says:
    Jul 9, 2013 8:07 PM
    Likely they all shot him, and were trying to figure out which shot really killed him.
    That would not surprise me at all. If all three actually shoot, there is less of a chance of someone turning on the other two.

  20. No matter what anyone feels about the Patriots, what a tremendous waste of talent Hernandez had that most of us who read this site wish we were afforded. He has blown his life away.

  21. Just because all three were in the car, it doesn’t mean all three witnessed the shooting first hand. It’s possible Ortiz was occupied with something else at the time, possibly making sure there were no other witnesses or something else in which he wasn’t in direct view of what happened.

  22. I’m trying to guess the title of the sure-to-come “30 for 30” documentary about Hernandez’s career. I’m thinking “30 to life” sounds like a possibility.

  23. Didn’t Ortiz’ lawyer say his client wasn’t cooperating with the authorities?

  24. You’re assuming one guy fired all 5 shots. If each man shot their gun (perhaps so that each was then on the hook and wouldn’t rat the others out) then Hernandez may have simply told Wallace that his shots were the ones that killed Lloyd.

  25. Real smart of that Wallace guy to mouth off in court. Makes him look like a solid citizen who must’ve been erroneously arrested.

  26. What an embarrassment to the Patriots.

    I can’t believe they can harbor a serial killer that long without knowing anything.

  27. It doesn’t matter they have no gun to place on anybody they have nothing on ah cause they don’t know what was on the video or his phone and if all they have is this dummy saying that he did it then they hav nothing why do you think ah lawyer is saying they hav nothing everything looks fishy with destroying all that stuff but they have no clue what was on it to begin with until they find a gun I think everybody walks sad to say but if u got two guys saying they didn’t do it and one guy saying the other guy did do it no gun no proof at all like his lawyer said they have no case at all

  28. this is very convoluted. it seems like without the murder weapon this going to be hard to prosecute, for all we know it was tossed off a bridge into the Back Bay.

  29. Guilty as hell but he has the chips to play the game and do an OJ hail mary.

  30. Ortiz still directly witnessed driving Lloyd to the scene of his death and driving away without him. On top of that, Ortiz heard gunshots.

    Even if what Wallace told Ortiz is thrown out of the jury trial, Ortiz’s account is damning.

  31. “Wallace told Ortiz that Hernandez admitted firing the shots.”

    Wallace and Ortiz know who fired the shots. The key information here is not who fired the shots, but rather that Hernandez admitted that it was him.

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