Brandon Flowers: We have pieces to be best secondary in NFL

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With Andy Reid taking over as coach, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe signing a new contract and quarterback Alex Smith and tackle Eric Fisher joining the team, improvement on offense has been a popular topic around the Chiefs this offseason.

They went shopping on the other side of the ball as well, however. Cornerbacks Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson both joined the team as free agents, adding some more talent to a defense that sent four players to the Pro Bowl last year. During a Wednesday appearance on the NFL Network, cornerback Brandon Flowers said that he thought their arrival gave the Chiefs a secondary that could wind up being the best in the league.

“We going out there trying to have the best secondary,” Flowers said. “Sean Smith is a big corner that can bump and run … we brought in Dunta Robinson, someone who can come in and cover. Also, [safety] Eric Berry is always roaming on the back end. If we put it all together, man, I think we have the pieces to be the best secondary in the NFL.”

A good pass rush always makes life easier for your defensive backs and the Chiefs have one thanks to linebackers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, so there’s definitely reason for optimism about how Kansas City’s unit will perform in the coming season. Whether that will be enough to make them a better secondary than the ones in Seattle or elsewhere will be a topic for discussion in December, but it should help the Chiefs to more than two wins this season even if another group winds up with the honorific come the end of the year.

12 responses to “Brandon Flowers: We have pieces to be best secondary in NFL

  1. the pass rush from hali and Houston is ideal when the chiefs are in the game, just like any pass rush, its unserviceable when the team is getting blown out from turnovers and bad qb play. but what my chiefs need is a push from the middle to collapse the pocket on a guy like Peyton Manning and to give outside backers more time and space to work when q b can’t step up. hopefully dontari Poe and Tyson Jackson can push that middle when chiefs get into that nickel with 4 backers defensive package

  2. Maybe he should watch the tape. Sean Smith I’m pretty sure have up the most tds by a CB last year. And dunta did nothing but get burnt all year on the falcons

  3. Didn’t Andy Reid’s last team say that when they had Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, and Rodgers-Cromartie?

    How’d that work out? Good luck with that Chiefs fans.

  4. This team was a perfect display of why it’s not just the talent on the field that makes a winning team. This very well could be the best defense in football next year, great secondary, great LB corps, just need that line to be more productive.

    With all the turnovers last year, this defense statistically looks a lot worse than they were, but you could tell they were demoralized, nobody had much fire.

  5. He has a point. Take last season, the Chiefs were loaded with Pro Bowlers and they had a great season. That’s resounding proof that loading in additional big names are a recipe for success.

  6. Competent coaching and average QB play would have gotten this team close to 8-8 last season. They now have quality coaching and better than average QBs plus the quality free agent talent that has been brought in..

    On paper they’ve jumped from the cellar to the middle of the pack before the first game is even played. In reality, they have the potential to do more than that.

    Man, it’s gonna be a fun season….

  7. You will be hard pressed to beat out Tampa’s DB’s.
    It’s amazing how player’s from also ran teams can run their mouths. Like Charles saying Smith is a Super Bowl QB right that’s why San Francisco trade him.

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