Bryan Hall, the incredible shrinking Raven


The Ravens invested in several new defensive linemen this offseason, but one of their old defensive linemen is now a new man.

Former defensive tackle Bryan Hall dropped 45 pounds to prepare for a switch to inside linebacker, which could help him hang around. Ravens coach John Harbaugh suggested the switch this offseason, and Hall was encouraged.

“It’s going good, I’m finally feeling like a linebacker now,” Hall said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “I got my weight all the way down. At minicamp, I was basically still a defensive lineman playing linebacker and learning the game. Now that I’ve got all my weight off, it’s time to work.”

He was listed at 300 pounds last year, but is down to 255 now. Hall was a linebacker in high school, but grew into a lineman at Arkansas State. He’s since peeled off the pounds with diet and training.

“Running is easy, but I’ve got to get back and know where I’m going to be and where to cover,” Hall said. “Now that I’ve done that, I’m going to be flying around pretty fast.”

Such a move isn’t unprecedented. Cardinals linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, who made the Pro Bowl as a special teamer, began his career as a defensive tackle. Alexander bounced through several stops before making a name for himself with the Redskins playing linebacker and running down kicks.

18 responses to “Bryan Hall, the incredible shrinking Raven

  1. Jamarcus Russell needs to get whoever he was training with on the phone right now.

  2. Good for him. That shows tremendous commitment. Are you listening, Courtney Upshaw???

  3. vibesid says:
    Jul 10, 2013 4:19 PM
    Will this guy even make the Ravens 53 man roster?
    Uh, yea. Don’t make idiotic comments about a team you clearly don’t follow. Hall actally increased his playing time last year on the D line as a backup, and only made the transition becase of the slue of FA acquisitions on the line. Due to the thin ILB spot, Harbs made the suggestion to give him the best chance to get playing time. So there’s that.

  4. Next they’ll have the kicker gain 30 lbs and play CB. The last move will be, of course, the waterboy coming in to play QB. Actually, that last one is not a bad idea.

  5. Bryan Hall is going to wring out Roethlisbooger like an old wet towel. These shifts further show the world how versatile the Ravens are. No one trick ponies whose only trick is to jump offsides.

  6. Hey crown, maybe you should turn your attention to fat ben. How many ELITE qb’s would lose 8 games with the #1 D? Did fatty ever win a SB MVP? The steelers should start Gradkowski if they plan on being competitive. Flacco>Baby Ben!

  7. Donovan is falling back on his reason for coming down hard on certain players because he doesn’t like their skin color. That would make him a? I’m sorry, he can get away with saying these things because of his skin color!

  8. @rockthered1286

    You say my comment is idiotic, but I do follow the Ravens. Here are there inside linebackers:
    Arthur Brown, Daryl Smith, Josh Bynes, Jameel McClain, Albert McClellan.

    So Hall may not make the 53 man roster unless they carry 6 ILB’s which is not guaranteed.

    The depth chart for OLB’s are: Suggs, Dumervil, McPhee, Upshaw and Simon.

    The Ravens have unbelievable depth at the LB position. That is why I made the comment I did, which I do not think was idiotic. If you disagree with me, that’s OK, but please don’t be rude. Notice I’m not calling you stupid for your comment.

  9. Stoogy, that was some quality trash talk, thumbs up from crown.

    I was even in agreement until you up until the last 2 sentences. But even jmf thinks you sound foolish calling Joe Check-down better than Ben. Joe will never be elite, Ben’s been for a while. That was real close to a great post though.

  10. “But even jmf thinks you sound foolish calling Joe Check-down better than Ben.”

    Naughty naughty, Crown. 15 yards for putting false words in my mouth. The Honorable and Elite Joe Flacco is a class act both on and off the field. Roethlisbooger? Neither. Enjoy your final season with him. After week 17 (or sooner), the only Big Ben left standing will be the clock.

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