DeMarco Murray: It’s not all on Romo


Quarterback Tony Romo has taken plenty of blame when things go wrong for the Cowboys over the years, but he’s also heard a lot of people back him up by pointing out that the other 45 players in uniform every week also have a fair amount to do with whether or not Dallas wins games.

Count running back DeMarco Murray as a member of the second camp. Murray was a guest on ESPN television on Wednesday and said that he didn’t think Romo should be facing all the pressure to make the Cowboys a success this year.

“He will have a great year,” Murray said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t think it’s Tony Romo himself. We have to have guys on the outside stepping up, guys in the front five stepping up and guys in the backfield stepping up. It’s not all on his head. He gets a lot of criticism, a lot of the blame. As individuals, we have a lot of talent and we have to make plays for him.”

Murray also talked about the issue of Romo’s leadership and work ethic that owner Jerry Jones raised earlier this offseason by saying he wanted Romo to adopt an approach closer to the one Peyton Manning has employed in Indianapolis and Denver. Murray said “no one’s there” when the running back arrives at the facility in the morning to find Romo working out and that “every guy is behind Romo and every guy has his back.”

Murray’s one of the guy’s best positioned to make Romo’s life easier. If he can stay on the field for all 16 games in 2013, the Cowboys running game should be able to provide consistent balance that has been missing the last few seasons. Get something similar from the defense and you’ve got a pretty decent formula for success, albeit one the Cowboys have seemed to possess more than once recently without making the equation work when all was said and done.

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  1. No, DeMarco. It is all on Romo. It’s always all on Romo. And that is why you will fail. Again. Sorry.

  2. Emmitt had scored a NFL record 25 TD in one season. The 2012 Dallas Cowboys as a team had only 8 rushing TD last year. 1 rush TD by Romo so basically 7 TD on the ground last year. It’s on the offensive line, not Romo.

  3. Of course not, it’s all on Jerry Jones. He deserves the credit if they win the Super Bowl this year, and he deserves to be blamed if they do not. It’s his team, and it’s going to be his deserved results in the end.

  4. acosltl says:Jul 10, 2013 2:21 PM

    No, DeMarco. It is all on Romo. It’s always all on Romo. And that is why you will fail. Again. Sorry.

    So basically your saying Romo plays all 22 positions for the team? Don’t make such stupid comments.

  5. Well, that’s just the nature of the job. Fair or not, QBs get all the credit (see: Joe Flacco’s post-Super Bowl contract), they get all the blame.

  6. Romo always gets the blame when the Cowboys don’t win. Hell the defense couldn’t stop a 5 year old from running on them or passing on them. The defense has been the problem for years in Dallas. Every since Bill Parcell’s wanted to switch to the 3-4 instead of keeping the 4-3 which Dallas had always run and won Super Bowls with. So I would like to know why is Romo always the blame sure he has made some bone head plays but every QB in the league has even the Manning Brothers hell Romo is better than Eli any day. Eli got lucky that their defense stepped it up so he could get his 2 rings and Peyton only has 1 ring until he won that ring he was nothing,

  7. Fantasy owners, avoid Murray at all cost. I did last season and it was the best move I ever made (I won my league and a nice lump sum of cash too!!)

  8. Last years game against the Redskins was all you needed to see.

    The defense getting shredded by Morris and RG3, and just praying Romo could pull more tricks out of his sleeve. It’s always been this way. Funny. when it’s so dang obvious what the problem is (offensive line). The years we had bigger lines… Adams, Davis, Colombo, etc … we go 13-3 or 12-4.

    HMM, we get rid of all those players and go back to 8-8 seasons. It’s so frustrating, because it’s not rocket science. The outside pieces are there. The trenches need work.

    Although, I will say this.. Romo looks up to Brett Favre, and it shows. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a champion, just like Brett some day.

  9. @jaltreality: just because “its the nature of the job” doesn’t mean it is right or fair.

    Dallas hasn’t won a Superbowl in forever, so it is all Romo’s fault? I would say it is Jerry Jone’s fault myself.

    Eli won two super bowls, and it is all of his doing? He absolutely sucked the first super bowl, and NYG would not have ever won it if it were up to Eli. But NYG had a great defense and ground game that year.

    I think everyone would agree Peyton Manning might be the greatest QB to ever play the game. Top 3, at least. But he only has 1, super bowl win.

    It is a TEAM sport

  10. Of course its not all Romo. But, when it is crunch time on O, its usually Romo. When it is must win game, you lose, its Romo.

  11. Yeah it’s not all Romo’s fault that the Cowboys are consistently terrible under his leadership. There have been a few teams that have succeeded without good QB’s. Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl and Rex Grossman made it to one. Unfortunately Romo is somewhere between those two in terms of ability and doesn’t have anyone better than Murray to give him help.

  12. @orakpocalypse: yeah, you don’t sound too ignorant. Romo’s QB rating is Top 5, in ALL of the NFL in his career. More yards, more TD’s, higher completion percentage than anyone but 4, others over the past 7, years. You really should know what you are talking about before you speak. You won’t sound so stupid and ignorant.

  13. @nouo4 And what are his stats in the 4th quarter of close games? Those other QB’s I mentioned put up great stats at times too. You have to look at the big picture and actually watch the guy play, not just read the back of his football card kid.

  14. Fact: Romo has the highest fourth-quarter passer rating among active quarterbacks. And it’s not even close. His 102.1 rating is more than five points higher than the second man on the list, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers.

  15. listen listen listen cowboys need a lot of attention on the d line and more on the O line how can a qb try n win games wen he is running for his life on every snap n wen the gms on the line or its third n long the center forgets how to snap the ball come on ppl take off ur hater goggles n break down films ..eli sucked until he got time in the pocket and a defense that hands hims good field position

  16. If it was all on one player Marino would have some rings….. They always blamed him too but he gave all he had, just like Romo does. Fire the GM, sure up the O-line and defense then you would not be having this conversation.

  17. Romo is a good QB. The problem is, and has always been Jerry Jones. The Cowboys have only 2 playoff wins since Jimmy Johnson left.

    The Cowboys draft was a complete disaster this year and JJ wasn’t even there for it.

  18. I think it’s funny that so many people think Romo is so awesome, since he has just as many playoff wins as Tim Tebow. Why is it that guys like Romo keep getting chances and blowing them and a guy like Tebow get sent packing? I’m not a Tebow fan, and he may not have the traditional QB skills, but the guy’s a winner. Every time I’ve seen Romo in a clutch situation, he seems to blow it (or is that just me?).

  19. Jerry seems to be slowly learning.

    Took a Offensive Lineman in the 1st round for only the second time. 1st time was 2 yrs ago with Tyron Smith.

    Taking Travis Frederick shows Jerry at least is starting to realize the game is won or lost in the trenches.

    I expect the running game will be better than last year if Frederick is indeed what one GM called him, the best run blocking center in the last 5 drafts.

    The Cowboys haven’t had that much trouble throwing the ball; it’s running it that has been a problem. If they can get the line to perform better the skill guys will get more time to do their thing.

  20. Good lord, the fallacies in this thread.

    Its not the OL, Romo played behind 3 Pro-Bowlers on the OL earlier in his career, nothing to show for it.

    Comparing him to Marino? Marino has NINE playoff wins.

    Romo threw 5 picks in his play-in game, luckily for him 2 of them were dropped. He was vastly outplayed by a rookie who didn’t consistently make stupid mistakes in his play-in game, but Romo has done that his entire career.

    When the game’s on the line, it IS Romo, it always has been.

  21. “Romo threw 5 picks in his play-in game, luckily for him 2 of them were dropped. He was vastly outplayed by a rookie who didn’t consistently make stupid mistakes in his play-in game, but Romo has done that his entire career.”

    Laughable. “Outplayed by a rookie”. Which defense did Griffin get to throw against? Which defense did Romo get to throw against? Which defense gave up 200 yards of rushing, meaning their QB didn’t have to throw on every down?

    You don’t know football.

  22. If you understand the game of football you know it’s a team sport. Romo’s numbers speak for themself as a qb. If you add a running game and healthy defense I strongly believe the talk of get rid of Romo would diminish. Big Ben’s numbers are horrible compared to Romo’s. But Ben had a defense and a run game to counter his mistakes.

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