Eli Manning glad to be done talking about Victor Cruz’s contract


Eli Manning will throw to Victor Cruz for several more years after Cruz signed a long-term contract with the Giants this week. Manning is glad for that, but he may be even more glad that he doesn’t have to talk about it anymore.

Manning answered a question from the New York Post about the situation by saying he’s happy to be done answering questions about the situation.

“It’s going to be nice to not have to answer any more questions about Victor and his contract status with the team,” Manning said.

Manning also allowed that he’s glad he’ll have Cruz in the huddle this season and for many more seasons to come.

“It’s great to get Victor signed long-term and before the start of training camp,” Manning said. “Obviously, he has been a big part of our offense. He has worked really hard on the field to become the player he is and I look forward to continuing our work together.”

And as they continue to work together, the questions Manning gets about Cruz will focus on football, not contracts.

11 responses to “Eli Manning glad to be done talking about Victor Cruz’s contract

  1. ….except now, reporters are going to ask questions about Hakeem Nicks and his contract until he either re-ups with the Giants, or leaves in free agency……so there’s that…..

  2. Nicks contract will be next priority, if he puts up big numbers like he’s capable of, there could be this kind of contract situation all over again this time next year

  3. Does Eli consider Victor to be an ‘elite’ slot receiver …

    I’m thinking Danny Amendola may catch 20-25 more balls, but VC will have about 150 more yards for the season…

  4. All NFL contracts are “back loaded”. This means that one is paid less in the beginning. The problem with all NFL contracts, they are nothing more than paper. If Cruz gets hurt and then can’t pass a physical the next Fall, he is cut with no liability and no money. If he doesn’t perform satisfactorily, even his “soup contract with his mother” will not save him from being cut tomorrow. Hopefully, his agent was smart enough to get some of the money guaranteed in case his soup contract is cancelled. You have to also remember that NFL contracts are based on paying for the seventeen weeks of the season. Preseason is not paid on the season contract. Tryout flunkies are paid minimum and used as cannon fodder before they are cut just to make the roster players better.

  5. Nicks will get the franchise tag. His contract will be negotiated on 2015. Amendola may catch more balls because the Pats receivers core sucks. But Cruz will likely have 5-7 more TDs.

  6. Nicks will have a put up or shut up year, and if he stays healthy he will get that huge contract that he deserves. For ppl that don’t believe he deserves a big contract watch the Tampa Bay Bucs @ NY Giants last year. Dude was playing on only one good foot and amassed 200+ yards. If he doesn’t stay healthy he either needs a team safe incentive laden contract or he needs to leave and let Eli emerge Randle as a 1, and put Barden in there as a 3

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