Haslam keeping in “close contact” with the league as investigation proceeds


While it’s unclear if or when criminal charges will be filed against Browns owner Jimmy Haslam for customer fraud occurring at the billion-dollar truck-stop business he runs, Haslam is making sure he keeps the league office up to date on what’s happening.

Via WEWS-TV in Cleveland, a Pilot Flying J spokesman said that Haslam remains in “close contact” with the league.

“We communicate as appropriately and as often as needed with the NFL to keep them apprised of the situation,” Tom Ingram told WEWS.  “As Mr. Haslam has said repeatedly, he is committed to and expects to own the Browns for a long, long time and is very excited about the team’s future in Cleveland.”

Meanwhile, another lawsuit has been filed against Pilot Flying J due to the rebate fraud.  There are at least 19 civil complaints pending against the company.

12 responses to “Haslam keeping in “close contact” with the league as investigation proceeds

  1. “Hi may I speak to Roger please?”

    “This is He”

    “Jimmy is ready to talk. Jimmy thinks this whole FBI / fraud thing is just a misunderstanding. Jimmy doesn’t like misunderstandings.”

  2. If there was anything implicating Jimmy, he would have indicted by now. Waste of taxpayer money. He told his customers he would make them whole plus interest. What else do you want from the guy. The amounts of the rebates/ damages being tossed around is insignificant when compared to the company’s revenues.

  3. This man defrauded the NFL and the Cleveland Browns, First he used stolen money to prop up profits to secure a loan and to buy the Browns, he bought this Team with stolen money, and this Team should be confiscated buy the IRS and the FBI Because it was bought with illegal money, and sold and profits given to the trucking companies the rip off to use the stolen money to but OUR TEAM< !!!!!! NOT HIS!!!!!!!

  4. As fast as his underlings cut deals it’s only a matter of time before the feds drop the hammer……buh-bye…….

    Oh, wait I forgot that getting drunk and killing someone will not get you cut from the team so Jimmy, you’re good to go……..

  5. The amount is irrelevant. Martha Stewart went to jail over 50k which is chicken feed to her.

    When you say taxpayers money: Would these civil servants stay at home collecting no pay check, if they decided it was not cost effective to chase Jimmy down?

    They are getting paid regardless of who they go after or NOT go after.

  6. Did this guy work at Enron? Was Madoff a Flying J shareholder? Is crabbies2013 the pool-boy?

  7. How about we prosecute the cell phone and cable providers companies that do this sort of thing everyday. I have mystery charges a few times a year that if I didn’t call to get removed I would have paid. The biggest crooks in this country wear suits.

  8. Even the Browns deserve better than this scumbag. Send him back to Tennessee he can probably be governor when his criminal brother gets tired of it

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