McNabb says Stafford hasn’t earned his contract

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For the second time this offseason, former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb has weighed in on a current NFL quarterback’s contract. And for the second time, McNabb has expressed his disapproval.

In March, McNabb said Tony Romo isn’t worth the money the Cowboys have agreed to pay him. Now McNabb has weighed in on Matthew Stafford’s new contract with the Lions, and once again McNabb believes the team is overpaying.

It’s about wins and losses again,” McNabb said on NFL Network, via “Now, as a quarterback and as Matt Stafford, hey, I would take that contract just like Tony Romo took his contract. But is he worth top 5 money? I would have to say no. And I say that because it’s about wins and losses. What has he really done for the Detroit Lions? Nothing.”

When McNabb says it’s “about wins and losses,” however, he seems to miss a fundamental point about the Lions’ decision to sign Stafford to a new five-year deal: Detroit isn’t paying Stafford to reward him for past wins. Detroit is paying Stafford because it believes he can lead the team to future wins. And given that Stafford only turned 25 this year and hasn’t even reached his prime yet, there’s a pretty good chance that the Lions’ calculation will turn out to be correct.

There’s also the reality that the Lions chose Stafford with the first overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, back in the days before the rookie wage scale, when highly drafted rookies got enormous contracts. That 2009 contract was so huge his new contract will actually reduce what he would have cost the Lions over the next three years. This deal might not have been a great one under ordinary circumstances, but the top picks of the last few years before the rookie wage scale was implemented really aren’t negotiating contracts under ordinary circumstances.

McNabb may be right that what Stafford has done to date hasn’t been enough to earn the five-year, $76.5 million contract he just signed. But it wasn’t a bad deal for the Lions.

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  1. I always thought Donovan was a great QB, but he should realize that even Tom Brady would be terrible on the Lions. Actually, that’s not just being sarcastic, Tom Brady WOULD be terrible on the Lions.

  2. Mcnabb your just jealous bc Stafford is a much better QB than he was. He needs to keep his comments to hisself. At least Stafford is thinking about the team instead of taking all of the money for hisself. Unlike other QB’s I’m this league. That days alot about what kind of perso he is. A true team player. Go Lions!!

  3. McNabb. I’d take Stafford over McNabb any day of the week. (if they were both in their primes). McNabb was one of the most overrated QBs to play the game.

  4. Who is still sticking a mic in front of Donovan? Or is he just calling into sports talk shows? Whether he’s right or wrong I don’t care what he has to say. What did you ever win Donovan??

  5. Im not a fan of McNabb’s, but he’s dead right on Romo AND Stafford. Neither are currently top 10 QBs, and they’re getting overpaid grossly.

  6. He’s actually right. Lions should have given him this year to prove his worth………Stafford is really getting close to the “bust” status

  7. You know something Donovan, you are a bitter and sour human being!! Just because you never warranted a contract extension, there’s no need to knock the guys who have gotten them!

  8. Well, if you are looking for an expert in not earning contracts, Donovan McNabb qualifies.

  9. Yeah I want to know what the puking in the SB QB has to say about another QB. Just shut up!

  10. Apparently he didn’t think he earned his contract in Minnesota because he asked to be released from it… and never played again.

    Shut up dude.

  11. mcnabb made so many stupid snide remarks in about a 2 minute span of me watching total access that I wanted to throw the darn remote. he needs to shut up. why the heck are they giving him this platform. this is the man who had no idea of overtime rules. can we rid ourselves of him PLEASE. he was a nice qb for the eagles. great. replace him please.

  12. For QB’s, its not just about wins and losses. Its about putting up points. Stafford and the Lions offense has been pretty darn good at putting up points. Its not his fault his defense is constantly giving up 30+ points per game.

  13. If I was looking for sound pro football advice, McNabb wouldn’t be on my list of sources.

    He should go back to advertising soup with him momma.

  14. I got as far “McNabb” in the headline and I’m pretty sure my eyes rolled all the way inside my skull.

    Didn’t even read the article. I could guess the gist of it ,and I’m pretty sure the comments section will be totally more entertaining.

  15. As a vikings fan, I just want to remind him to aim higher with these opinions.

    Just like the passes he threw when he tried to play for my team, he’s hitting his inteded targets at the feet.

    Who the hell asked him anything anyways?

    When did anyone inform him we the people valued his insight?

    Just wondering….

  16. I think it’s becoming obvious to the national nitwits why McNabb was so irritating to Eagles fans. For years we had the Chris Bermans and Steve Mariuccis of the world, wag their fat dumb fingers at the Philly fans telling them they are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about.

    Between the Romo comments (not that I disagree), offering unsolicited advice to RGIII and then complaining about being ignored, and now criticizing Stafford’s deal because he “hasn’t won anything”, it’s becoming clear to everyone what McNabb is really about.

    Another classic passive aggressive statement from McNabb, basically saying “I won a lot of regular season games, I never got the recognition and respect I deserved.”

  17. While McNabb is the absolute last person qualified to accuse another player of “earning his contract,” he does have a point. Anybody who watched Stafford play last year who knows anything about football could obviously see that he is not developing into a better QB, and, in fact, even regressed a little last season.

    Step #1: Stop throwing off of your back foot falling away from the line of scrimmage on every passing play.

  18. Stafford is 1-22 (.043 win %) aganist teams that finished better than .500 through 4 years. To put that into perspective, Detroit’s former whipping boy, Joey Harrington, went 5-25 (.166 win %)) through 4 years in detroit aganist winning teams. And please don’t say that stafford has a bad team around him….Joey played during the millen era, which is about as bad as teams get. What does that say about Detroit’s messiah when your supposed cream of the crop of bust had a better winning % vs above .500 teams?

  19. The Lions know Stafford is a good QB, and they already have him. Why risk getting a lesser QB in the draft – and it would have to be the draft because high caliber starters rarely become free agents – when you can just pay a guy you know has talent? It’s a lot of money, but you have to pay it. Nobody is a Super Bowl winning QB until they, you know, win one. It’s not like there’s a SB winner available anytime soon.

  20. His play on the field has made him irrelevant for the last couple of years (except to take notice of how washed up he was), but he found a way to stay relevant by flapping his gums.

    Dude seems to get hurt over every phat QB contract…except his own. I’d say he worked over the Skins much better than any of the guys he decides to rip. Plus, he’s wrong about Stafford. It takes a team to win and Stafford is a team player who says a lot of heart and is good. The Lions are better than their record, but Stafford wasn’t one of their under-achievers last year.

  21. Why is Donovan McNabb an analyst? It’s not like he ever won a super bowl. And that’s all that matters in terms of credibility, right?

    Now take Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason…oh, wait…

  22. Stafford better than McNabb? In their primes???

    Well looks like we have some early drinkers posting today. Give McNabb Megatron his entire career and McNabb easily wins a super bowl…we saw what 5 could do with crap WR’s and TO for 1 year. . .

    LOL people are crazy.

  23. Oh Dovovan, Did you earn your last Millions in Washington and Minnesota? The way I see it is that you got 10 million for looking like the overrated puke chumming, worm burner tossing egotist that you are.

    I hope the NFL Network comes to their senses soon and dumps this clown. Hire Matt Birk instead…

  24. So the contract was a “cap friendly” move that would have earned Stafford more money if he had not signed it.

    So is McNabb saying that Stafford did not earn the ability to help the Lions with some cap space for years to come?

    Part of being reporter Mr. McNabb is to be informed as to the “Why” of the contract. I bet McNabb’s Mom is making more than him on Chunky Soup Royalties.

  25. I thought you were supposed to be reporting what he said and letting readers decide instead of deciding for us in your report. Or are you a former NFL quarterback too?

  26. McNabb needs to shut his ringless butt up. Stafford deserves anything the Lions give him. 5000+ yard Season, his WR leads the NFL and breaks records 2 years in a row. Megatron is the best, but you can’t be the best without a decent QB. I’m not saying Stafford is Manning or Brady or Rodgers, but I do think hes a good QB with a lot of upside.

  27. Is there some “good” reason that we should give a flying squirrel’s fart what McNabb has to say about anyone especially a quarterback?

  28. People, people… If this was the other way around and Jon Gruden had praised Stafford and his talent, both current and projected, we’d all be in here bashing how he’s never critical. It’s a breath of fresh air to have someone stir things up and voice their own opinion. It makes this horrible, horrible, horrible lull in the sporting world just a smidget more interesting. No offense, but it’s nice to hear someone actually speak their mind… I’m done.

  29. Truth don’t lie. Stafford is an average to below average QB. That’s just a fact. He’s also a china doll, would never want him as my QB. Feel so bad for lions fans.

  30. To all the win-loss people out there…

    Flacco was drafted 18th overall by a team that was one season removed from going 13-3 with past his prime Steve McNair. He also has this guy named Ray Rice, maybe you’ve heard of him?

    Ryan was drafted onto a team that signed Michael Turner who rushed for 1,700 yards in Ryan’s rookie season and had Roddy White who had 1,200 yards the previous season with Joey Harrington throwing to him.

    Both of those teams also feature above average or downright dominant O-Lines and defenses.

    Contrasts that with Stafford who has Megatron and… yeah. Since he was drafted they haven’t rushed for more than 1,650 yards as a TEAM. Yes Megatron is amazing but he’s also had his two best years in 2011 and 2012 when Stafford started all 16 games.

    Throw in the fact that Stafford hasn’t had a Pro-Bowl OL, RB, TE, or even a league average defense and it’s no wonder the Lions aren’t winning. Last year he had injuries to Pettigrew, Scheffler, Burleson, Broyles, and then Young went off the deep end. But let’s heap the blame on the 25 year old QB.

  31. McScrubb needs to go back to whatever buffet he crawled out of and use his mouth for what it was meant.

    What did he get paid for in his last contract? Working up a sweat at the training table or napping on the bench during games?

  32. mcnabb is correct. in each case the team is throwing bad money after bad. the toughest decision for a GM is to cut his losses with an entrenched player. dall hasn’t done anything with romo. one playoff win. and many yrs not even making the playoffs. we in the nfc east love romo qb’ing the cowboys because we feel as long as he is their qb, they won’t be great. and what has stafford done ? one playoff appearance ? that isn’t much. and to expect him to become elite in the next 5 yrs isn’t based on data. it is a hope. it is sitting on your hands and hoping. stafford has a greater chance to be a bust than to be great.

    donnie mac is right on these.

  33. Hey Mcnabb, Last time I saw you playing was in the Super Bowl against the Pats. You were bent over and puking from the pressure. What did you ever do to earn your money?? Average at best dude.

  34. Truth: Quarterbacks with flashy numbers whose teams don’t win are not worth as much money as quarterbacks whose teams do win.

  35. I used to like McNap as a player but his comments since retirement makes me believe he is a bitter old man who is jealous.

  36. First he talks trash about Romo s contract, now this. We get it mcnabb, you never received a mega payday. Quit hatin

  37. McFlab, c’mon man. Did you say you could still play? Percy Harvin didn’t appreciate all the balls you threw at his feet.

    Leslie Frazier’s biggest bonehead move was pickin you up.

  38. I used to like McNabb. I thought he was very classy and a good, not great player. But I am starting to think he has some serious psychiatric issues.

    Every time a QB gets paid, he gets diarrhea of the mouth and spews a bunch of garbage. He is a jealous and classless has been, that just needs to go away. Someone above said it best: who keeps giving him the microphone to talk into? Why does his opinion even matter? He has become pretty sickening.

    Hey Donovan, I think I hear your mom calling, your Campbell’s Chunky soup is done for your lunch. She even cut your sandwich into little football shapes.

  39. “even Tom Brady would be terrible on the Lions. Actually, that’s not just being sarcastic, Tom Brady WOULD be terrible on the Lions.”

    The first year Tom Brady had a receiver as good as Megatron he had the greatest passing season in NFL history.

  40. When Drew Brees was on the Chargers they didn’t win a playoff game and averaged about 8 wins per year. Brees never threw over 4,000 yards. He also had the best running back in the game and a great TE on his team. Yet the Saints signed him to a 6 year $60 million contract. Looking back, it was a steal.

  41. McNabb. I’d take Stafford over McNabb any day of the week. (if they were both in their primes). McNabb was one of the most overrated QBs to play the game.

    Whoa whoa, let’s not go overboard. There’s a lot of complain about McNabb but he was an elite QB in his prime. Stafford isn’t quite there yet.

  42. It is so sad that a talent like McNabb cannot
    handle what has happened to him.
    So many of these talented people have over hyped
    from their early teens(ala Vince Young) that they
    must think that they can walk of water. I don,t think their initials are JC.

  43. Mcfat couldn’t put down the Cheeseburger long enough to even play adequate with the Vikings.

  44. Dear Wristband:

    I’m sure seeing Stafford sign such a large contract makes you want to throw up like it’s a 2-minute drill. Take a deep breath, though (you know, for your cardiovascular endurance). It’s not like you’re fading into irrelevance, even in the one city where you enjoyed a small amount of success.

    What’s that? Oh. My bad.

  45. Donovan, just go away. The problem with the Lions is a coaching staff which is either unable or unwilling to demand and get team discipline.

  46. So now we’re getting a glimpse of what McNabb is all about. It kinda makes you wonder about the whole T.O. thing. I mean, T.O.’s past is well documented but given our new insight into McNabb’s apparent jealousy issues … I’m just sayin’.

  47. For the record…. Matthew Stafford is not even close to as good as Donavan was…

    I dont care what the angry Eagles fans say. Ask the Giants and Cowboys fans who endured beatings at the hands of McNabb for YEARS – he is the best QB that Philly has ever had. All while having no one close to as good as Megatron (T.O. was the closest, and Megatron now vs. T.O. then isn’t a close comparison)

  48. It seems like Donovan has been tutored by Jim Brown. The pattern of his analysis seems to be none of the young quarterbacks are good. Much like Jim Browns assessment of running backs over the years. However, Donovan will never be in the discussion of all time great QBs so this comes off as even more mean spirited then when Jim Brown does it. Also, Donovan seems to forget he got dumped in Philly, and spent his last 2 years in the league bouncing balls 5 yards short of receivers.

  49. I don’t like McNabb, never have. and no he ws never an elite anything. He’s a passive aggressive wet dream on top of it.

    That said, there’s nothing wrong with him critiquing players , as it is his job on NFLN. You don’t have to have been a great player to have good knowledge of the game. But as others have pointed out, his facts are lacking a lot of times. And he’s so mean spirited about it with so many players that it’s definitely personal. Those things both give him 0 credibility.

    I agree with the person who said put Matt Birk on there. He was good when they had him fill in. good. I love O’Hara also. They have a nice blend of humor and knowledge and can be critical without being mean.

  50. McNabb has earned the right to talk this way. 5 NFC championship games and a Superbowl not to mention 9 strait playoff seasons. that said I dont agree with everything he says but he has paid his dues.

  51. the ironic thing is that McNabb has accomplished far more than Stafford so far. And realistically, how much better would DM’s stats be if he had CJ to throw to.. Conversely, would you all feel so high about Stafford without CJ? Who knows….That being said, both are far better than anything Ive seen in Buffalo since 1997..

  52. I really don’t get all the hate McNabb receives… the guy made it to 1 SB, 4 NFC Championships, and only had 1 decent WR, TO, during that time…

    I agree with what he says about Stafford; the guy is going on to $100 mill and hasn’t done squat but put up some good fantasy football numbers.

  53. I think Donavon signed a contract or two that in the end he didn’t deserve… He needs to grow up and learn when to be quiet.

  54. Mcnabb, of all quarterbacks, should realize that a QB can’t win games alone. On a side note, I’d take Romo or Stafford annnny day at any time over Mcnabb.

  55. McNabb needs to shut his mouth and realize that he failed as a QB. Never earned the big prize…despite having the best team around him for years

  56. What I find funny is that McFlabb talks about wins and losses as the basis for his arguement. QB’s are always judged by champoinships delivered, have Romo and Stafford achieved that status of worthiness??? NO!! But this clown continues to pour on these guys when he himself CHOKED and PUKED his way through chances to be considered in that group. While he has accomplished more than these 2 in his career, he lands in the same comparison that he places on them. HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING IN HIS OWN RIGHT TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON ANYONE!! Hey Donovan, how many rings you got??? I can answer that for you……The same amount that I do…………ZERO

  57. No one person is worth the absolutely obscene money being paid to pro athletes these days. That said, everyone should always strive for what the market bears in any profession. McNabb continues to come across as a bitter and jealous former athlete who was summarily dismissed from the league due to under-performance. The more he talks, the worse he sounds.

  58. Stop hating…McNabb has a pretty darn good Winning %..He may have not one a Superbowl but how many have? Honestly, he got us to the Championship(NFC) and SB more then any other QB in Philly History. When its all said and done what will Stafford have accomplished? Will he go to the NFC Championship or SB more then once? I highly doubt it, so stop hating on the guy. HE earned his contract in Philly, well him and Westbrook…Any team besides a hand full would take the seasons McNabb had in Philly over there subpar non playoff/SB years.

  59. McNabb needs to sit down get from behind a Mic all that stuff but yet and still y’all will listen to other Qb’s like Trent Filter who won a ring off the backs of his defense and Tim Hassleback who never touched the field until he became a commentator. Dude is right as a UGA fan I watched him from college to pros and all he has done is proven he has a strong arm, but when he gets frustrated he just heaves it down field which usually ends up in a turnover…I think the Lions should have made them pay him similar to what Flacco did

  60. First McNubb tweets his mock outrage over Romo getting a 6 year $55 million contract.

    Tony Romo 6 yr 55 million dollar extension.
    Wow really, with one playoff win. You got to be kidding me

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that contract would have been under $10 million per year, and highway robbery.

    Then McNubb tweeted

    My bad everyone it 55 million guaranteed. It’s a total of 108 million, wow

    Then he wanted to give RGIII advice?

    Now he bemoans a 5 year $76.5 extension that is actually a very good contract? What a d-bag

  61. A lot of the back foot throws were due to pressure from the interior line. Stafford is not a system QB and his numbers will improve. The first to years he was made of glass. What’s he do? He bulks up, problem solved. He has a breakout year in his first complete season with a healthy WR core. Next season injuries plague the wr core and his numbers dip. So everyone says he can’t read defenses or hes too much of a gunslinger. what does he do? Stays in Detroit, grows as a leader, trains all off-season in tha D (where its so cold) studying defenses and the playbook. I expect better things from Stafford this year. Oh yeah, he’s 25 and can throw a football like nobody’s business. Paid. Like a boss. Go Lions!
    Linehan has 1 more shot.

  62. It is unusual to hear any former player saying a current player doesn’t deserve a contract. I’m not sure if I have ever heard that before. Most ex-players are like go get that money.

    Maybe TO was right about this loser.

  63. I’ve never liked McNabb, and he’s the last person who should be criticizing someone for signing a big contract they didn’t deserve, but he’s not wrong: Stafford ISN’T worth that kind of dough, and neither is Romo.

    But it’s all about demand. It’s a QB-driven, but also a QB-starved, league, so guys like Stafford and Romo are able to clock mega-contracts.

    But it’s all for naught: the Lions and the Cowboys aren’t going to a Super Bowl this decade: there are far too many quality teams ahead of both of them.

    And neither team will even come close to winning their division next season.

  64. McNabb only gets to comment intelligently on anything going in with Stafford’s career as soon as he starts throwing footballs at Megatrons feet 20 yards up the field… McNabb has lots experience on that aspect of a quarterbacks career track

  65. Pure jealousy. Donovan sure exerts a lot of energy hating on fellow players. Maybe he should have exerted same amount of energy when he was huffing and puffing down the field on the last drive against the Pats. #puke

  66. McNabb obviously believes his opinions are important and matters. Why does he continue to make a fool of himself? Doesn’t Chunky soup have an opening for a washed up, overpaid yapping ex qb anymore?

  67. You all may not like what McNabb says and hate him based on his last couple years in the league when he failed spectacularly, but he knows more about football and especially QBs than any of us. His evaluations of Romo and Stafford are fair.

    That said, he rightfully deserves criticism when he crossed the line talking about other player’s contracts. QBs are worth what teams are willing to be given the importance of this position in a QB-driven league. The alternatives to Stafford and Romo are pretty grim. Just ask the Raiders, Chiefs, Cardinals, and Bills how hard is to get a decent QB. Of course teams are going to overpay for a QB.

  68. First of all I don’t like McNabb but the guy is 100% right. Stafford has not earned his big contract extension but when you compare him to the likes of Sanchez he looks like a great QB and bargain. Will he lead them to a Super Bowl…… probably not but then how many starting QBs will do that in their career’s anyway?

  69. The QB who once threw up at the Super Bowl is criticizing the QB who once suffered an injury and came back to throw the winning touchdown one play later.

  70. I also wonder how much of his career McNabb owes to Andy Reid’s system? Remember, Reid was also able to make both AJ Feeley and Kevin Kolb (who they dumped lil’ Donny Foozeball for) look good enough to rope other teams into trading 2nd rd picks to acquire them. And all 3, McNabb included, absolutely BOMBED without Reid calling plays.

  71. What’s up with McNabb blasting other QBs? He comes across as jealous. In the process, he’s also doing his best to torpedo his Hall of Fame chances.

  72. Spoken from the most overrated former QB of the NFL. Never liked McNabb and after he spent a few minutes with my Vikings and now can’t say anything positive about anyone I think he should just go away and retire from commenting on the game too.

  73. Donovan McNabb is a complete D-bag. Possibly the worst tv analyst I’ve ever seen. All of his commentary seems to be motivated by the fact that he feels jilted by the NFL for not wanting him anymore.

  74. Never been a McNabb fan but he is correct and he does have the resume to critic QB’s in the NFL
    because he was a QB in the NFL.
    I have to listen to Terry Bradshaw so you should have to listen to McNabb.

  75. I love how everyone is now talking about Stafford’s win-loss record against winning teams because they read a single article. Do your research people, he’s not alone…For example, Aaron Rodgers first couple years as a starter, he was brutal against teams with a winning record and he took over a 13-3 team! The Charges drafted Rivers because they already chalked Brees up as a bust (he could not even beat the bad teams). Stafford already has a ten win season under his belt which is more than most Lions QB can say, and that was without a running game and a suspect defense. And Calvin is not doing this for him. Of course Calvin has bailed out Stafford many times, but Calvin wasn’t breaking any records before Stafford came into town. Look at Larry fitzgerald, how is he doing w/out a good QB? Stafford is 25 years old and is still growing as a QB. Yes he is inconsistent, but you cannot argue that he has all the tools to be one of the best, which he was 2 years ago.

  76. Not sure why everyone is being so hard on him. He is highly qualified and experienced in the not worth the money dept.

  77. I disagreed with Mc Nabb most of the time, but this time, I think Mc Nabb is right. With all the high draft picks the Lions have had in the recent years, they haven’t won jack. Lions is a good team with solid talent on both ends of the field. Just couldn’t do it. Choke!

  78. The media honestly needs to leave McNabb alone. Even now that his career is over, people still overanalyze everything he says and does.

    McNabb was invited onto NFL Network as an analyst and was asked a question. And he responded.

    Go watch the video and you will see, he was not aggressive or attacking Stafford. He was providing football analysis.

    Give the man a break…

  79. McPuke had only one season with over 30 td’s Stafford already has one over 40. McWhine never had a season with over 4000 yards passing – stafford already has a 4000 and a 5000 yard one. Stafford is also only 25.

  80. I’m sorry but when did McNabb become the barometer in which we measure a QB’s success.

    McNabb’s career QB rating is 85.6.
    Romo’s is 90.5
    Stafford’s is 79.8, that’s with the fact that he was hurt for two seasons.

    I liked McNabb as a QB and thought he was a victim of the TO disease that spread throughout the league. But he now comes of like a jealous ex-girlfriend every time a current QB gets a generous contract. We get it, you never got your “Show me the money,” moment. Be happy with the fact that you are now a pro analyst which one could argue, you haven’t earned.

  81. Isn’t Mcnab the same guy that got sat down in the 4th qt against the Lions and Stafford during the potential game winning drive when D Nab was in Washington?..No wonder he doesn’t like Stafford, he got embarrassed and lost that game cause he was a washed up, couldn’t get the job done.

  82. McNabb is already challenging Warren Sapp, Heath Evans and Merrill Hodge for crown champ of jagoff pro football analysts.

  83. Last time I checked Donovan Mcnabb is the only QB to puke on the field because he was soft and out of shape. Why is he allowed to talk? These networks higher the worst on air “talent”. (Sean Salisbury, Stephen A Smith, skip bayless, cris carter, Keyshawn Johnson, warren sapp, tiki barber, Mark schlereth….this list goes on and on)

  84. In a league with no, “Real” guaranteed contracts, that throws you to the curb the minute your injured, you’ve “earned” whatever the boss wants to pay you;take it and run!

  85. I don’t get the hate for Donovan, he was one of the most unjustly criticized QB’s when he played and never had any good receiver’s except in ’04 and he reached the SB that year. His comments are controversial and honest. I can’t hate on that.

  86. If there is a pro athlete that has “earned” a multi million dollar salary for playing a kids game, that would be news to me. It’s just the economics of the sport

  87. McNabb………sooooo bitter, mediocre QB and NFL on air contributor. more dumb comments to follow we ‘re sure

  88. Mcnabb had Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell as his receivers and still made the playoffs regularly. Once he got a legit receiver the went to the superbowl. If he had megatron a legit receiver that actually cared about the team for more than a year who knows what he could have done. I can understand why he is such a hater…still a hater though lol

  89. Contracts are awarded for what a player is going to produce for the team, not what he has done. The player has already been paid for what he has done. For all you that say Megatron is the one that got Stafford his new contract… who the heck is throwing Cal the ball? And for those that like to compare winning %, get over it. It’s a team game. Stafford is producing as a top 5 quarterback in completion %, yards and yards/attempt. Put him on a team that has no QB like the Vikings and they automatically turn into a top 5 team.

  90. I would bet that after his SB appearance, Terrell Owens – who was toughing it out and still producing at a HOF level on an ankle held together by rubber bands – had quite a bit to say about McNabb’s worth.

    Donovan “Cheap Suit” McNabb should temper his comments. He lives in a glass house.

    I would take both Romo and Stafford over McNabb in an “in their prime” contest.

  91. McNabb’s analysis of any quarterback is worthless. When 25% of the time you throw the ball into the ground and you have the urgency of constipation, you are instantly unworthy of having your comments being given any value.

    Eat your chunky soup, chunky mcnubby.

  92. When did Mcnabb become the expert on who earns their contract..??? Ohhhh I forgot he had on the job experience. This dude was the most overrated quarterback of our time!!

  93. barbarian9 says:
    Jul 10, 2013 3:46 PM
    Could we please stop giving McNabb attention?! He is turning into a Super Bowl less version of Joe Namath!

    Except Joe did not puke in the field during the Super Bowl out of fear.
    He grabbed his opportunity like a man.

  94. You must be a Lions fan to truly understand. eternally hopeful and eternally disappointed! But this year…….

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