Redskins decried as “racist, derogatory term” on House floor

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In a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives today, the Washington Redskins’ name was decried as a racial slur and a term that causes pain to Native Americans.

Eni Faleomavaega, the non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives from American Samoa, said on the House floor today that he is appalled that the NFL would allow a slur to be used as one of its team names.

“It’s time the National Football League and the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, face the reality that the continued use of the word ‘Redskin’ is unacceptable,” Faleomavaega said. “It is a racist, derogatory term, and patently offensive to Native Americans. The Native American community has spent millions of dollars over the past two decades trying earnestly to fight the racism that is perpetuated by this slur. The fact that the NFL and Commissioner Goodell continue to deny this is a shameful treatment of the mistreatment of Native Americans for so many years.”

Faleomavaega was one of the members of Congress who sent a letter to Redskins owner Dan Snyder saying that his team name is as offensive as the N-word. Faleomavaega said today that Snyder has not responded, but Faleomavaega seemed even more upset by the response he did receive from Goodell.

“Mr. Goodell, however, in a dismissive manner, declared that the team’s name is a ‘unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect.’ Give me a break,” Faleomavaega said.

Snyder is entitled to keep ignoring members of Congress and keep insisting that he’ll never change his team’s name. But members of Congress aren’t going to make it easy on Snyder.

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  1. The first known use of the word redskin to be published contemporaneously, as reprinted in Niles’ Weekly Register (Baltimore) for October 14, 1815, from an issue of The Western Journal (St. Louis) that does not survive. Shown is the first paragraph of the official translation of the speech that the Meskwaki chief Black Thunder made on July 20, 1815, in the treaty council at Portage des Sioux, Missouri Territory. Addressing Gov. William Clark according to Indian convention as “My Father,” he referred to Indians and Europeans in the Meskwaki language as “red skins and white skins.” These were idioms current in several Indian languages of the area which were translated into Mississippi Valley French as Peaux-Rouges and Peaux-Blanches, and from French into local English. Credit: Smithsonian Institution, Dibner Library.

  2. Call me after Goodell cracks on the issue, and then maybe I will consider cracking. But until then I am one layer removed from having to sweat further. The Commish is my shield until he is not.

    -Dan Snyder’s reality

  3. It doesnt bother me, Robert Green, the chief of the Patawomeck Tribe, told Woody. About 98 percent of my tribe is Redskins fans, and it doesnt offend them, either


    Im a Redskins fan, and I dont think theres any intention for (the nickname) to be derogatory, said Kevin Brown, chief of the Pamunkey Tribe.

    The majority of the people in my tribe dont have a problem with it


    I dont have an issue with it, said G. Anne Richardson, chief of the Rappahannock Tribe. There are so many more issues that are important for the tribe than to waste time on what a team is called

    Most American Indians say that calling Washington’s professional football team the “Redskins” does not bother them, the University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey shows.

    Ninety percent of Indians took that position, while 9 percent said they found the name “offensive.” One percent had no answer. The margin of sampling error for those findings was plus or minus two percentage points.

    Because they make up a very small proportion of the total population, the responses of 768 people who said they were Indians or Native Americans were collected over a very long period of polling, from October 7, 2003 through September 20, 2004. They included Indians from every state except Alaska and Hawaii, where the Annenberg survey does not interview. The question that was put to them was “The professional football team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive or doesn’t it bother you?”

  4. It doesnt bother me, Robert Green, the chief of the Patawomeck Tribe, told Woody. About 98 percent of my tribe is Redskins fans, and it doesnt offend them, either


    Im a Redskins fan, and I dont think theres any intention for (the nickname) to be derogatory, said Kevin Brown, chief of the Pamunkey Tribe.

    The majority of the people in my tribe dont have a problem with it


    I dont have an issue with it, said G. Anne Richardson, chief of the Rappahannock Tribe. There are so many more issues that are important for the tribe than to waste time on what a team is called

  5. NFL Washington D.C. Football fan nation, if you’re waiting for this thing to just blow over—buckle-up. It’s gonna be a long, bumpy ride.

  6. Well if we paint over the past with a nice thick coat of PC it will all just disappear. Their name reminds us as a nation of where we’ve been and where we are going. While that term may have been derogatory, we should look to its meaning now. Clearly it is meant to honor and venerate the natives. It’s not a great name though, “Red-Skins”, if the team didn’t exist I would have never heard it and wouldn’t have thought about it as a racist term at first. I guess I’m not old enough to remember when natives were called redskins in everyday language…seems like a long time ago. If a large contingent of natives come forward about this issue I will change my stance, but politicians grandstanding doesn’t impress me much…

  7. Well, if they were not doing this, they would be messing up something more important.

  8. It’s all about narrowing our conciseness. The less words in a socially excepted (PC) lexicon makes it easier for the proletariat to be brainwashed.

  9. What you have is a total disconnect between Native American ” advocates ” and the people that they supposedly represent.

  10. The fact that this kind of thing receives any time on the floor in Congress is “patently offensive” to all Americans.

    A matter such as this should be handled by Mr. Snyder and members of Native American culture. This has no place in Congress, particularly at a time when there are so many more vital matters for Congress to deal with (like the war, or the national debt!).

  11. Glad to see congress hard at work trying to fix this country.

    Also, I have never heard anyone say “redskin” as a racial slur. As offensive as the “n” word? Give me a break.

  12. If the name Redskins is such a “racist, derogatory term” what are they suggesting they should change their name to?

    How about the Senators or Congressmen, or Law Makers. Not racists but quickly becoming more derogtory!

  13. Well since everything’s apparently racist anymore, the ‘Skins are just part of the mainstream.

  14. Regardless of what you believe eventually the name will be changed. This isn’t going away anytime soon.

    We had a similar debate at our local school years ago and one resident that was half Cherokee stated that the name was not offensive but too many outside influences changed things quickly.

    If Snyder isn’t already getting designs for a new logo he’s a moron.

  15. Funny how an ancient chief uses the word for self-description. But I always found it funny the way we describe each other. It’s like we’re colour blind. Native Americans/Canadians are not red…they’re brown. “Black” people are not black…they’re brown. Chinese people are not yellow…”white” people are not white. It just reaffirms my belief that we are an “intelligent” species, despite our stupidity.

  16. What really fascinates me on this issue, even more than the debate over political correctness, is that so many sports fans are incredibly possessive over the corporate moniker of one athletic club. It’s just a name, people. How is this any different from Kentucky Fried Chicken changing its name to KFC? No matter your stance on the issue (full disclosure: I think the Redskin name is indeed offensive), the fact that it may be insulting a small portion of the population to the point of congressional debate should be enough to consider a name change. The NBA’s Hornets just changed their name to the Pelicans. Big freakin’ deal, the world keeps on spinning.
    Why are people so outraged at the thought of changing a pro team nickname? Can anyone answer me that one?

  17. The “N” word survived for many, many decades because white people kept saying it was not used as a racial slur, that African Americans use it to one another, and a hundred other reasons.. We all know how that one worked out.

    Redskin is in fact the most derogatory word you can call or use to describe a Native American- no matter how hard you try to spin it. Fact!

  18. The fact that Congress who has swirved this country in a ditch, thinks it is a racist term, only convinces me more that it was not originally meant that way and still is not today.

    Who cares what they think?

  19. So we should trust the government on this? The same gov’t that gave us the VA hospital for our vets and reservations for Native Americans to live on? Yeah…how’d that work out for those two groups?

  20. Must be an important issue if the honorable non voting delegate Eni Faleomavaega, from American Samoa, got up to talk about it. Are all the native Indians that live in Samoa up in arms about the name Redskins?

  21. I have said it before and I will say it again. Congress should concern themselves with issues that impact the country – which is in dire straits.

  22. Thats good news, I have a feeling that offensive name is finally getting close to being changed. Should have happened a long time ago

  23. If Native Americans lead the charge to change the name, the rest of the white people in this country would hate natives more than they ever did before and would never forgive any native they see, and think of them as rabble-rousers, who should mind their own business and stop ruining their NFL.

    The point is, stop looking for 100% native American testimony to determine this issue. Redskin is a slur, and whether natives will publicly state they have no problem with it is irrelevant because i’m not going to push them in front of me and say “see! they don’t like it so change it.” It’s up to the rest of Americans to voice disapproval. Native-Americans have given up enough already and don’t deserve to incur the wrath of the NFL and its fans to boot.

  24. I think the term Raider is offensive, so Oakland needs to change their name too. Since when is a Raider a good thing? Especially the kind with patches over their eyes. Pirate raiders, corporate raiders, Oakland Raiders, they are all derogatory. Don’t shank me, Bro!

  25. So only 9 of the 400 some odd representatives are calling for the redskins to change their name since this guy has no vote.

    I say they all be tried in court for wasting tax dollars and time on such a menial matter. There is so much that needs to be fixed in this country, and we have these idiots to do it…

  26. That’s great coming from a Somoan. I’m still confused over the lack of a professional, organized response from actual Native Americans? Makes me think they might not see this as such a big deal as some people are making it out to be…

  27. Honestly, is this really what our Congress is working on? No wonder the state of our country & economy. Congress spends their time working on football team names and chasing after baseball players who used steroids. Really? I find that Offensive and down right Unacceptable!

  28. Would it be any less offensive if they change the team name to the Washington Politicians?

  29. I’m just comforted by the fact that our government, in their wisdom, has seen fit to set aside all the trivial issues and petty problems confronting our country, such as the collapsing economy, massive national debt, looming conflicts with countries such as North Korea etc. , and focus on the single most important issue we as a nation face: “The Sports Team Name Crisis”.

  30. What a waste of time. Seriously? Why is congress debating this on the floor? Just because they decrie it as such doesn’t make Washington or Snyder have to change their name barring a law being passed, and honestly, this is our problem that we spend hours passing a law over a silly name than things that actually matter.

  31. people will use any reasoning to justify what they want and you will never change their position, even if you prove them wrong.

  32. The main problem is that so many people doesnt there is a problem.

    There is. The Skins can put out there fake Indian Chiefs (and people here can quote that person in length- hello Redskin interns posting here)

    To the people say we shouldnt erase our past by the PC police- I assure you our memories wont be wiped.

    I am born and raised skins fan. They should change the name. If only to wipe away another bit of the legacy of racist George Marshall.

  33. And to people complaining that Congress has better things to do. There are 2 years for every congress, I think they can spare a few minutes to speak for their constiuents.

    And to those people who voted for the GOP and the do-nothing Congress, I am sure you dont want them to do actual work.

  34. It’s about power. The hysterical weak minded who ned to take cultures, put them down in order to pat them on the head and say you are so weak that you need me, I shall be your Superman. That’s all it’s abut, power through ego.

    You can’t be someone’s Superman until you create a Lois Lane.

    It’s these advocates that are the actual racists, but they’re too closeminded to understand what racism really is. It’s under the umbrella of the 21st century plantation, which exists in many forms.

    Isn’t using an entire culture as a tool for you own profit racism? Profit as in social profit, social power.

    That’s all it’s about, power hungry needing to feed their ego hiding behind the idea of “effecting change”. No you’re not, you’re using a culture for YOUR OWN means.

  35. And to the people who claim they have NEVER heard someone use Redskin in an offensive way, I have to ask:

    1. When was the last time you were on a reservation other than a casino?

    2. Do you think the Native Americans suffered enough annihilation that maybe they deserve their quiet voice to be heard?

    3. Would you walk up to a full blooded Native American (not the fake one the redskins are pushing out there) and say “whats up my redskins?

  36. I am so sick od hearing from our government on how the name redskins in racist. Instead of poking your head in a matter of a name that most of the u.s. when thought about refers to a football team, try fixing our country. Obama is giving out medals to George Lucas, congress wants to be ommitted from Obamacare. And they are worried about a name that has been in place for years.

  37. I wonder how Synder would feel about new Los Angeles team naming themselves the LA Concentration Campers? Or perhaps that short word that starts with a K, that is routinely used by bigots to describe the members of his tribe…

  38. So a Samoan speaks for Native Americans now? Must have ties to Nancy Pelosi’s family business on the Island.

    Interesting how no party affiliation is mentioned but this guy is just another tool of the Democrat left as they wage their war on America.

    No wonder only 6% of the population find the media to be very trustworthy. Perhaps the media should work to improve their credibility instead of this political activism crap.

  39. Well, thanks for all the history lessons and it is interesting. However, that is not a reflection of the current era nor is quoting a member of one of the smaller tribes in North America a conclusion of the opinion of native peoples. There’s a whole lot more out there and and their fellow Americans have a valid right to an opinion as well. This issue is not settled on just Native American thought.

    Such ethnic terms are used to identify not only skin color and race but also to segregate them to a separate class from all other Americans. Often, this leads to unjust perceptions of those people.

    Being that Native Americans were characterized throughout history by the ruling Europeans as savages and inferior, they are still being judged by their ability to assimilate into our culture. Many have been culturally brainwashed as their own history is written by those same Europeans.

  40. In Minnesota the redskin people are the wealthiest! They have a casino on every Res! They have enough power now to push this through! If it offends 1 personC change it! If you really think about it , it is kinda bad!

  41. Former Rep. (now Sen.) David Vitter made phone calls for “dates” to the DC Madam from the House floor and it didn’t seem to matter. Why should it matter what a non-voting member of Congress with no jurisdiction whatsoever in this case says about it on the House floor?

  42. How far is our govt. going to take this crap? If they want to change every so-called racial team name, then they just as well slap the hand of ND The Fighting Irish!! These politicians should step off their soap boxes and fix the real problems of this country…………

  43. In all seriousness, judging by some of the comments, the politically correct infection has become terminal for some as they attempt to put out convoluted arguments to justify what amounts to indoctrination.

  44. Even if the term as applied to the team doesn’t quote/unquote offend certain natives, calling that same individual the same thing to their face much more likely IS racially or otherwise offensive to the same subset for numerous reasons.

    The fact that the term would remain in popular usage as a team moniker further enables the less evolved among us to justify its continued alternate usage as a slur.

    If the potentially offended parties are evolved enough to not overtly object to such offensive usage, are you not also motivated to be evolved enough to likewise respect them in return by NOT using it for any reason yourself?

    The issue is mutual respect, not whether the term is or isn’t offensive per se …

  45. It’s funny to read how offended big macho football fans get when they hear something they don’t like.

    Like somebody said, though, thanks for the history lesson. You forgot the part where the white man uses the word Redskins to promote his football team which is located in the capital of the country that wiped out the Natives on their way to conquest.

    After all, what is history without context?

  46. And in Congress today as the economy continues to tank and citizens 401Ks are stagnant the house has done something about this on going problem… Lets go after the Washington Redskins!!

  47. They should just do some research and change the name, get it over with. Honor no person dead or alive with the new name, especially politicians. Animal names are overdone. How about some planetary system or science fiction name.

  48. Remember when having an issue addressed on the Floor of Congress actually meant something?

  49. I’m a Cowboy and Bronco fan, but Congress needs
    to butt of of this, if they don’t like it to bad don’t
    go to the ballgames. Just shut your mouth and do
    the job of trying to manage this country and leave
    sports out of bounds for Congress.

  50. since most of the league is African- American as is most of Washington DC, how about they name them the DC African Americans posing as Native Americans.

  51. I’ve asked many of our tribe their opinion on this matter. 100% of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe members asked were against this name or thought it was racist. Also, none of us were asked our opinion in that other poll, which I don’t think ever really existed anyway.

    To anyone who is against recognizing this racism because it’s always existed I hope they remember this: At one time women not voting, separate fountains, and segregated schools were also things that were “just the way it’s been so why change it”. Granted, those things are far more pronounced than this issue.

  52. She may be right about this being as offensive as the “N” word…or not right at all. How can we know…when the “N” word is quite acceptable for daily use among those that are supposedly so offended by it?

    Seems to me that if that “N” word is derogatory, you don’t need to be using it frequently in your OWN community. And then get royally pissed and offended when someone “outside” uses the term.

    This is just one more example of absolute lunacy in our society.

    How about EVERYBODY just stop saying the “N” word for good?

  53. Here we go. Pretty simple situation here. Congress/Senate has nothing better to do because they are afraid to face and confront the real critical issues in America. So, they keep “banging the drum” here with the hopes that Snyder, The NFL, and anybody else who will say “uncle” we give in. Then these hard working politicians can sit back and say ” I got the name changed” what an impact I had during the hearings. Never mind other big issues are pressing and still at large and the country is in shambles but by gosh I got that “Redskin” name changed. “LOOK AT ME”. Give it a rest and move on its the nickname of a football team that’s IT!!! Nothing more. I wonder why there are no Native Americans on this battle? They don’t care. They see bigger more important issues hence they are smarter than the politicians who have been elected. No wonder the country is broke and out of hand. The politicians in DC are too consumed with changing the name of a football team. That will fix the country for sure and make a huge difference.

  54. 98% of the population thinks Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell are idiots even without this debate.

    I will stick with the Indians.

  55. While I think the name should be changed, I also think most Native Americans would probably rather see other things changed first, such as improving education and work opportunities in their areas.

    Some of the Native American tribes remain horridly poor and live far below poverty level. Maybe the people in Washington should worry more about the people who are barely surviving improving their standard of living as opposed to worrying about a sports team name offending them.

  56. Yes, exactly. If a majority of Native Americans are not saying what we want them to say, then their opinions really aren’t what’s important here.
    What’s important, is that it would make us., the ” name changers ” feel better, about ourselves, even though we know that a Redskins name change will not improve the quality of life of even ONE Native American.

    Poverty rates, the rate of alcoholism, and suicide rates on reservation’s, that’s not important. We need to focus on going against the majority of Native American’s opinion, because WE need to let THEM know what THEY should or, should not be offended by.

  57. Typical congressman trying to push an issue that isn’t important. If the name is so damn offensive then why is there a high school on a Navajo reservation with you guessed it redskins as a mascot. People get a life

  58. So after almost 80 years they just now find the name ” Redskins ” , a racist name………… screw them, im not a Redskins fan but preserve history!

  59. He’s not my representative, but I emailed him ( as I have countless others that waste this country’s time with frivolous BS on the floor rather than deal with the real problems facing us. (Hasn’t got me audited yet!)

  60. If I had a name like Eni Faleomavaega I would be considering changing my own name and not worrying about the name of a football team!

  61. So what if the Redskins did change their name? Then the vocal minority who live their lives waiting to be offended necome emboldened. Then which offender is next: the Chiefs? FSU Seminoles? ND Fightin’ Irish?

    So many groups to force change upon – how to decide?

  62. As a taxpayer, and since our taxes pay congressional salaries, I am offended that this is even an issue to congress. Don’t they have more important issues to discuss?

  63. How come the only people you hear complaining about this are politicians? I bet real Native Americans would rather have all the money being wasted on this issue, spent on improving living conditions and creating jobs on the reservations.

  64. Here we have millions of people on unemployment, little job creation, and poverty everywhere but yet Congress is worrying about the name of a football team. Really Congress?

  65. The simple fact that members of Congress finds it offensive makes me think the name should never be changed. Congress as a whole fails to understand that they offend the majority of Americans at every turn. They suck.

  66. Public service is where most who can’t cut it in the Private sector go to live off those that can make it.

    At least while they are busy discussing the use of “Redskins”, they can’t spend that time to screw up more of the country.

  67. Yay! I love when the government starts telling private businesses what they can and cannot do. It’s so good for the future of this nation. And before you say, “But this case is different”, I want you to hear the majority of people this ‘affects’ and see who is fighting for this change.

  68. Just change the logo to a potato and call it a day. Now what? I’ve attended to over 100 Redskins games and have never seen one person protest. EVER

  69. This guy’s first problem is that there are no ‘Native Americans.’ Unless we are in Africa, there are no Native human populations anywhere. The correct term is ‘Indigenous peoples of the Americas.’ I can not take anyone still using Native American serious.

  70. Snyder will come round when he realizes how much money can be made in a name change. They can name them the crappers to go long with the Wiz.

  71. The Liberals endless search for victims is fascinating.

    Now that we’ve stopped calling Indians, Indians but Native Americans, their lives have certainly improve. Right?

  72. I really wish Congress would butt out of this issue and focus on more important things happening in this country. It’s also making Dan Snyder of all people look like a sympathetic martyr.

  73. Wake me up when an actual American Indian -Native American stands up and speaks for his people that will support this notion. Until then, AGAIN, its unaffected people claiming to be offended about something that doesn’t affect them.

    They made their skin red with plants, vegetables and dies. They are no longer red, and the name is no longer offensive.

    GO adopt some babies with Branjolie if you’re THAT bored!!!

  74. Does a Samoan even deserve an opinion on matters that don’t concern them? Maybe she thinks the ‘ Throwin’ Samoan’ moniker for Jim Plunkett is disrespectful as well. Let’s ask Monte Te’o for his opinion.

  75. People tripn on a football team name. Man african americans are treated and misused everyday with no remorse our babies killed in the streets by want to be heroes and trigga happy cops give me a break

  76. Last year Oregon adopted a law banning Indian names as school name/mascots because that’s what they thought was right and what the people wanted…….except no one really wanted the ban.

    This year, they’ve somewhat reversed their thinking. Oregon is allowing schools to keep their mascot if they and the closest tribe come to an agreement that the name is ok as is.

    During the debates, the pushers behind banning Indian mascots were most often white, and had little support from the Native Americans.

    In Oregon, Native Americans have a lot of power. They contribute huge sums of money to the state for important needs like education and more. If they wanted to, they could easily use that leverage to make their case go their way.

    They haven’t, which speaks volumes about those being the most offended are white people.

  77. Red Skins I totally understand but these PC morons making North Dakota change their Fighting Sioux name is flat out ridiculous. So therefore eff them keep the Red Skins!

  78. I hope the PC people leave my team alone, of course we all know that the fish are not PC when they name there team Dolphins, and they even had a vote, perhaps the sharks are getting upset, as for the DO Nothing congress remember we voted for the idiots, over and over again, the dogs need to watch out, because we are coming. Bill

  79. I’m so glad that the “non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives from American Samoa” has taken it upon himself to intervene. I’m sure the matter is of great concern to his constituents.

  80. All the stuff going on in our country that needs immediate attention and the “Do Nothing Congress” finds something else to waste their time on. No wonder nothing gets done in Washington.

  81. crabcakesfootball says: Jul 10, 2013 7:16 PM

    The main problem is that so many people doesnt there is a problem.

    There is. The Skins can put out there fake Indian Chiefs (and people here can quote that person in length- hello Redskin interns posting here)

    To the people say we shouldnt erase our past by the PC police- I assure you our memories wont be wiped.

    I am born and raised skins fan. They should change the name. If only to wipe away another bit of the legacy of racist George Marshall.

    If you think there is a problem with the name Redskins, why on Earth would you refer to Native Americans as Indians?

    In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with the team name. When there’s a concerted Native American effort to get the name changed and when these congressional windbags decide to go after the Cleveland Indians, I’ll reconsider my opinion.

  82. If everyone who is offended on the behalf of other people, and not really offended themselves over the name need to shut up. If it doesn’t directly insult YOU, then you really have no say in it. Society is going to become deaf/mutes so we don’t offend someone. As soon as the NFL cowers and changes the name, what is next? (Steelers might be offensive to someone who lost a family member in a Steel mill accident or something)

  83. Redskin is seriously a slur? So wat if your skin is of a reddish tone? Or white, oh wait being called white or white skin must be a slur also. This country’s worst generation continues to run its course

  84. Congress has no business butting into this at all. Don’t they have more important things to do? No one says the name “Redskin” and thinks negatively of Native Americans. No one says “Fighting Irish” and thinks Irish people are all violent. No one says “New Orleans Saints” and think the whole team is Catholic….this has gotten way out of hand this political correctness and it needs to be fought.

  85. Interesting how every pro-change the name story gets a full article. The Rush story that was very well written and on point, gets a one-liner! At some point in the future, all sports teams will be down to about five choices.

  86. Samoan??? What does he even know about American Indians? I am an American Indian (Cherokee). My grandmother on my mother’s side was 100% Cherokee and a huge Redskins fan. That’s like a Korean fighting for Japanese rights or a Russian fighting for Poland or an Irishman fighting for Scotish rights… Why isn’t there real indians (ones that actually live on reservations weighing in? Because the name is not racist or offensive to Indians and they love it and concider it a huge honor and a badge of pride and respect, like my Grandmother did and me too. “Red” in Redskins is a re: to red war paint NOT SKIN COLOR. Our skin is brown NOT red. Hence, the name is nor racist or offensive.

  87. Funny that 300 years later people on here are still calling them Indians; and trying to sound smart while making a point. Little known fact, it wasn’t India that Chris C discovered. It was actually. . . America-

    Here is what is odd to me. 1.2% of the entire U.S. population is Native American. When I think of who should come forward with opinions about the name, shouldn’t it be Native Americans? This comment board is all people who aren’t affiliated with the term “Redskin”. How does their opinion matter? I don’t know if it is wrong or right, but I would like an up to date statistical showing of how present day Native’s feel.

    And, when I really think about it… this country was built after killing off almost all the Native’s… right or wrong, that’s what happened. Then, they take over all the land, create their own country, then, decide to name the football team in the country’s capital after the people they destroyed… and decide to use a nickname that maybe doesn’t have the best or most respectful meaning behind it…

    just thinking aloud. in the end i dont really care, bc it has no effect on me, bc im not Native American.

  88. Here is a simple solution for the American Congress. Simply have a referendum with all status Native Americans with a straight forward yes or no question on whether the name stays or go. If they vote No Washington changes it’s name and if they vote Yes it is okay then we don’t have to see another debate about it again.

  89. ———————————————–
    vibesid says: Jul 10, 2013 6:27 PM

    They need to change the name pronto.

    The Washington Pronto’s? Not bad…not bad..

  90. Hey Dumbass on the floor, use a new idea to self promote instead of poor stance of PC franchise name. The new Americans are so stupid.

  91. You methodically stole our land, killed and butchered our families, practically wiped out an entire race of people. Just don’t call me a redskin while doing it

    Yet you are reading an article on a computer , while using the internet with money that you spend while working in the USA… So Redskin, tell me how this has really affected you?

  92. If they have to change the name then Indians have to start paying taxes.. Not my problem they are the lowest denominator in the socio economic status.

  93. That’s it. I’ve had it. Being Italian I’m offended by every pet store that sells guinea pigs. I’m writing my congressman. Oops maybe that should be congressperson, wouldn’t want to be Un PC.

    Sarcasm for those who don’t get it.

  94. The only card they have to play is the ‘victim’ card and EVERYBODY plays that card today.

    The problem with that is that when someone plays the victim card someone else has to play the part of insensitive racist bigoted ignorant all-around yucky bad person, and people get really tired of that.

    Get over it

  95. Rangenius- how would you feel if someone took over your house and claimed it as theirs but told you it was okay to do what you want in your room? Because that’s pretty close to what the Europeans did to the native Americans, you idiot. I don’t think the skins should change their name but perspectives like yours are ones that make me question my own opinions

  96. Just another case of a small group shouting and stomping their feet to try and get the majority to change to their view. It’s getting to become a game to these folks.

  97. This is what happens when you continue to elect too many communists into white house they continue to spend all of your money on stupid things:

    They live like kings, create bills that don’t apply to them, only you, the continue to divide and conquer country instead of joining it, and go after more and more of your money till you are all serfs, which is not far off by the way. Keep voting that way and keep watching Dancing with the Stars. Your country “almost” gone. Sheep.

  98. The issue isn’t just in the name itself. It uses an entire race of people and creates a sideshow attraction out of them. It paints them as the “other,” as in non-white. The term has centuries of pain and suffering charged behind it, which gives it the same weight as the N-word. It is one of many things that prevents Natives and other minority races from ever being on the equal level of the white establishment. It does not only hurt Native Americans, but all Non-Whites. I hope to one day live in an America where race does not determine the supposed merit of a person, but today is not that day. As long as we have racism engrained in our American culture, non of us can be equal.

  99. So Congress is more worried about changing the Redskins name rather than doubling the student interest rates while most college graduates are struggling to find jobs after college resulting in not be able to pay their student loans back?

    Got it. Makes sense.

  100. I’m thinking that the minority in Congress that 1. Thinks they should be involved in this matter, and 2. Thinks the term Redskin is racist and derogatory are liberals. Just a hunch, though.

  101. the redskins had to be forced to integrate by the federal government years after the rest of the league integrated. their owner had it put into his will that none of his charitable money could go to any cause that supported integration. so supporters of the team name are correct that it represents tradition. unfortunately, racism is that tradition.

  102. I think that congress has a few other subjects they need to worry about other than changing the name of a NFL football team. How about figuring how Obama”care” is suppose to work? How about balancing a B U D G E T? Had to spell it out for the retards we have up in Washington DC. Stop the political correctiveness and get your butts back to work on things that matter. Not things that will get you re-elected!!!

  103. Glad my government, who works feverishly to better this country, has solved every of our nations problems to the point where changing the name of a football team is the only thing left! Great job!!

  104. Washington Warriors. Don’t need to change uniforms, or the theme of the team. Problem solved. Just do it to get the PC police off your back. This is ridiculous in many ways, just like a student being asked to take off their cross necklace in school because it may offend those of a different religion. What the heck is going on in this country.

  105. whenever i hear someone use the phrases “PC” or “politically correct” i can tell immediately that they must be incredibly intelligent and have definitely thought through the complexities of an issue. my respect for them doubles with each spelling error and false accusation of communism.

  106. This whole “issue” is a non issue. Since when does this country cater to the minority and not consider the majorities feelings??? Oh, wait that happens all the time, it’s called being a Democrat! This issue is silly and as soon as the voices behind all this ridiculousness can furnish a poll saying that 51% of the American population wants the name changed, then we can talk. HTTR

  107. Good to see this is the number 1 topic in Congress. Nevermind the War, Health Care, National Debt or even Oil Prices to name a few. I guess once they get the REDSKINS to change their name, everything else will just fall into place. WAKE UP People. Synder is not changing the name, nor should he. Worry about more important things. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!

  108. Hey johnnyballsack, you wrote: “The “N” word survived for many, many decades because white people kept saying it was not used as a racial slur, that African Americans use it to one another, and a hundred other reasons.. We all know how that one worked out.

    Redskin is in fact the most derogatory word you can call or use to describe a Native American- no matter how hard you try to spin it. Fact!”
    I currently have testicular cancer that I am dealing with as do thousands of people. I’m pretty sure there are also some Native -Americans dealing with this too. I think your screen name is very insensitive to what we are going through and would like to know if you could change your screen name to something more appropriate?

  109. If you don’t like being called racist, instead of complaining about being called racist, try not being racist.

    Change the name already.

  110. Typical Congress. Has about 1,032 more pressing issues, including some very important ones for the nation’s business, and wastes time with this crap.

    We are not represented well at all.

  111. For all y’all who are so superior you feel you can decide for others what they should and shouldn’t be offended by:
    I know a couple little bars up here off the Rez in central Minnesota. You come visit one of them with me. Walk up to any Indian in the place, stick out your hand, and say “Hey Redskin, whassup?”
    See how that goes for you… then tell me again that it’s not an offensive term.

  112. I suppose that we will be debating whether to change the name of the potatoes next. As an individual of Indian heritage, I considerate it an honor for the team that represents our nation’s capital should be named for the people that initially inhabited the area. If the name referenced a particular tribe, I believe that tribe should have some input as to whether the use of their tribal name was appropriate. What about the other kicknames used by professional teams that represent groups of people? ………..Cleveland Indians, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, Montreal Canadians, New York Rangers, and let’s not forget the Green Bay Peckerheads. Let’s face it, I do not know anyone, including myself, that has red skin, unless its a pale face in the sun too long.

  113. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!!! Congress is in session? I am surprised these overpaid, blow hards are even working. I mean it is summer, don’t they get off a month for every holiday?? They are so disconnected. A small group is offended (sorry), but the majority is not. Get off of your high horses and start working on things that matter, like; bringing home our sons and daughters. protecting our boarders, the economy, educating our youth, paying back China so we do not become a socialist country, Beiber off of TV, getting the original A-Team back on TV, and Hernandez in jail.

  114. Another liberal democrat trying to force his point of view on the rest of the population. Man I get tired of these cretins

  115. The Redskins is not a racist or offense name. PC politicians looking to raise their profiles need a better topic to speak on.

  116. patsfan13 says:
    Jul 11, 2013 5:52 AM
    Think of all the money to be made replacing memorabilia once the teams name is changed.
    Ummm, NO… Redskins fan will shun the new gear are you serious? Just ask fans of the Washington Bullets. They won a world championship in 1978 and sucked ever since the name change to the Wizards.

    Rememember when the Bullets changed their name to The Wizards and the African American Community was up in arms because “Wizard” is a rank in the KKK… someone will always be offended with something. You can’t please everyone.

  117. ObamaCare was also decried on the House floor as the solution to our health care problems. Kinda goes to show that what comes out of the Congress Floor usually resembles what comes out of a bull’s rear end.

  118. So rock Neuman says. Like that fool is important. Can’t even believe that guy was invited to RGIII wedding. People there isn’t massive outcry to change the name. Only people on ESPN and incompetent
    Leaders in DC who are looking for headlines. Name is not changing and that is that.

  119. BTW where is the outcry for Johnny Depp donning war paint and talking like a broken robot mimicking native Americans or the boycotts of his film in protest. People may be boycotting the Lone Ranger but it ain’t because of his portrayal of native Americans, its because its a terrible idea and movie. Yet all these offended people didn’t offer one article or commentary or opinion piece in the media about this portrayal. Things that make you go hmmm.

  120. I’m so sick of this crap by congress, it’s a fact most native Americans AREN’T offended by the name “REDSKINS” I’m sick of these idiots in congress who obviously have way too much time on there hands to deal with real problems in this country…screw them all, especially that idiot Samoan congressman, hey dumb a.s.s. You’re not an Indian and it’s no of your damn business, you obviously aren’t doing the things in the capital to help this country like you should..

  121. I’m 6’3 and have been made fun of for my height my entire life. This is why I think the New York Giants should change their name because it’s offensive to me and brings me back to a painful part of my childhood filled with teasing and ridicule.

    I also lost my father in the 9/11 attacks so I find it extremely offensive that a team in New York of all places has a team called the Jets.

    I’m also part hispanic and take extreme offense to the name Browns. Racist people often refer to people who look at me as browns or brown people, so I think this racial slur should be removed from the NFL.

    I’m a huge animal rights activist too and it bothers me that so many different animals are portrayed in such a vicious way. All team names based on animals should be removed.

    I also have some Scandinavian ancestry and I take offense to the Vikings logo. Not everyone of Scandinavian descent is a violent seafarer that rapes and pillages everywhere they go.

    …You can make any team name offensive if you think about it. Let it go.

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