Report: Matt Russell’s BAC was 0.246 percent

As the Broncos deal with a flood of bad P.R. coming from a pair of front-office drunk-driving arrests, it has gotten a little worse.

According to ABC 7 in Denver, director of player personnel Matt Russell’s blood had an alcohol concentration of 0.246 percent when measured after his recent DUI arrest.  The legal limit is 0.08 percent

Russell allegedly crashed into the rear of a patrol car at an estimated speed of 40 miles per hour.  The officer had pulled over to allow Russell’s Toyota Tundra pickup truck to pass, so that the officer could then pull Russell’s vehicle over.  The officer suffered a cut on his arm, as well as neck and back pain.

According to the officer’s report, Russell “had no recollection of the accident,” and Russell told the officer that he had consumed “two green drinks.”  A half-empty fifth of peppermint schnapps was retrieved from the truck.

Earlier, Russell had struck another car.  He had stopped and exchanged insurance information with the other driver.  After that, someone called an anonymous hotline and reported a drunk driver.

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  1. So he was drunk enough for 3 people and not a word from his boss? Imagine that. He should get a life time ban and there is not even a question about that.

    All ties should be severed immediately.

  2. According to the officer’s report, Russell “had no recollection of the accident,” and Russell told the officer that he had consumed “two green drinks.” A half-empty fifth of peppermint schnapps was retrieved from the truck.

    Russell would probably refer to that fifth as “half-full”

  3. Every officer I know says that EVERY drunk driver always just “had a couple”. No one ever says one or three or in his case “seventeen”.

  4. Schnapps is the bottle you can get away with stealing from the liquor cabinet as a teenager because it is so gross no one even remembers that it is in there…

  5. Peppermint schnapps?

    When Matt Russell turns in his keys to Mr Elway, he should surrender his Man Card as well. This literally could not get more embarrassing for Denver…

  6. I would have fired him immediately. Stupid people that drink and drive can go be somebody else’s problem. He could have easily killed someone. If you fire a gun in a crowded area it is a big deal whether or not you actually hit anyone. Why should DUIs be much different?

  7. Broncos need to unload this guy, NOW! Take a stand, make a statement, fire him. If not, their crapping on the NFL, and sending the WRONG message to the public. Shame on Roger Goodell if he doesn’t force their hand, immediately.

  8. When I first heard about this story I thought- OK, suspend him without pay for a month and make him go to rehab etc.

    But now that I know he was slamming peppermint schnapps, there is only one solution: Give him his outright release immediately.

  9. This kind of thing will continue to happen because the United States of America doesn’t deem DUI’s and DWI’s as a serious crime. Meanwhile, there are people like my uncle (fathers side) that are killed by drunk drivers while trying to drive home from work to see your pregnant fiance. Nothing is worse than to have this happen, and now that my cousin is a teenager, it absolutely breaks your heart when your cousin asks YOU what HER father was like.

    Until we start punishing SEVERELY for DUI’s and DWI’s, the crime rate of this particular offense will continue to be high. We won’t be able to eliminated it completely, like things like murder or armed robbery, but it will significantly decrease.

  10. This dude must have a serious drinking problem.

    Only reason I’m saying that is no grown male adult drinks schnapps, unless it’s during the holiday’s and he’s having a little egg nog or dessert. That’s something high school kids drink to get f’ed up

  11. Some of the best beer in the country (No, I’m not talking about Coors, or what us locals call “Mountain Piss”) and this guy is getting trashed on Peppermint Schnapps!?! He should be punished for that alone.

  12. Rehab. People who drink to that excess are not just occasional social drinkers. They are full blown alcoholics that need intervention……

  13. And these guys are in charge of player development? Wow! This is worse than Bountygate in my opinion.

  14. Instead of a breathalyzer, I wonder if the cop held up a lighter to his mouth and said “blow on this, I’m trying to make a flamethrower”…

  15. The league should come down twice as hard on him as they would on a player for the identical offense.

  16. I was drunk one time and asked a cop for a ride home and he obliged but not before I took a breathalyzer test. I blew over a .20 and there is not way I would have even thought about jumping into a vehicle and driving. That’s pretty crazy.

  17. Who gets in an accident with someone that drunk and allows them to just keep driving afterwards? If he had gone on to kill someone, how bad would that first person feel?

  18. I’m sorry, but this guy needs to be hammered on by the law. Russell is the director of player personnel, therefore he is in charge of molding young lives and a stop gap in the future of many players. In no way is this stupid move good for these players to see. Any one of these Bronco players could take this in the wrong way, believing it is ok. The broncos should give this guy his exit interview, ASAP.

  19. probably Rumpleminz …that crap is 100 proof and will make you forget your name.

    I still don’t understand why these guys don’t just take a limo….dude prolly makes….errrr….made… least 3-4 mil a year.

    stoooooooopid !

  20. Wow. That’s almost drunk enough to make the cheesebay cheerleaders look half way attract…”oopsie”, there are none. Even Hooters pulled out of Milwaukee because of the lack in femininity. Keep eating your sausages from Usingers meat fest, clowns. They’re making a killing of ya.

    Anyway, this guy Russell is impressive. I would think that the thin air in Denver has something to do with how over the limit it was. By K.C. standards, he was well within the legal limit.

  21. The problem, as I see it, is:

    We are used to getting up in arms over anyone getting charged w/a DUI. Regardless if it’s just an arrest or .20+. The truth of the matter is this guy had zero business behind a wheel of a car, but the guy that got charged an blew the minimum gets the same treatment. And that is wrong.

    Up the minimum level and increase the punishment. Take the subjective decision making out and the revenue generation out and only then can something be done.

    That ain’t gonna happen. DUI’s generate millions of dollars and subsidize local gov’t.

  22. I know that the PC way of looking at drunk driving is .08 and up is DUI period. But I think that there is more difference between a sober guy and a guy who had two tall boys and had a tail light out than there is between the tail light guy and the dude who is blackout drunk bouncing off cop cars.

    I wonder what percentage of drunk accidents occur at various BAC levels. While lawmakers push to lower legal BAC level to absurd levels, I think that if you really want to go harder on drunk driving you should create a sliding scale and punish the really drunk people even harder and/or extend punishment when an accident or personal property damage is involved.

    I know that already happens today, but I don’t like the idea of lowering BAC or stiffening penalties for someone who is just over the limit. I would rather they up penalties on the really bad ones. Also I think driving home in a small town 20 miles an hour 5 blocks with a .08 is different than going through a congested city with bikers, stoplights, and all kinds of stuff everywhere.

    Another thing is that I think it would be reasonable to do is make bars have free to use breathalizer stations. Hell pay for them with establishment booze tax. I’ve had times where I’m like “am I okay to go or should I wait an hour and eat a pizza”.

    But yeah this dude was toast. I don’t see how he keeps his job. Executives make a lot of money but usually they are on a pretty short leash. I guarantee if/when he loses his job and can’t ever get another one like it that it will hurt more than anything the court hits him with.

  23. Also I’m curious the details of this incident. Two executives apparently got hit with DUI’s in separate instances on the same weekend? Were they getting drunk together? I guess it doesn’t matter but it is like what are the odds you know?

  24. Why is it that most people busted for some offense involving alcohol say they “only had two” drinks (those that admit any drinking at all)? Several DUIs, D&D conduct, etc. and all but 1 said they had “only 2” drinks (or none at all). The 1 exception was the underage genius that said he only had 13 beers. Yes, he actually said “only”.

  25. If both aren’t fired by the end of the week, the Broncos will deserve all of the criticism they get going forward. If they were any other corporations employees with this kind of bad publicity they’d be sh!t canned in less than 24 hours.

  26. So many questions…

    Is it really that hard to arrange a ride when you know you’ll likely be drinking over the limit?

    With that kind of money who the hell drinks peppermint schnapps, let alone on their birthday?

    Who continues to drink and drive after causing an accident?

    What kind of friends let their friend drive this drunk?

    What are green drinks?

  27. milehighmoose says:
    Jul 10, 2013 6:56 PM
    Who gets in an accident with someone that drunk and allows them to just keep driving afterwards? If he had gone on to kill someone, how bad would that first person feel?


    I thought the same thing at first, but then what do you think the chances that someone who blew a .246 might be a little aggressive during that exchange? Would you like to be the 110 pound woman that tries to explain to this sweat ball of Peppermint Schnapps drunk that perhaps he should set down his keys and wait for an officer to come and survey the scene of the accident?

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