As a witness, Carlos Ortiz will have plenty of warts


During the climactic scene in A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson chides Tom Cruise for a meandering cross examination by saying of Cruise’s clients facing murder charges, “Please tell me their lawyer hasn’t pinned their hopes to a phone bill.”

A similar comment could be made about prosecutors in Massachusetts, if their star witness in the murder trial against Aaron Hernandez will be Carlos Ortiz.

Ortiz, as explained by Kevin Manahan of USA Today, has plenty of warts.  In the affidavit supporting Ortiz’s arrest for a probation violation, police claim Ortiz admitted on May 21 “that he was abusing PCP, alcohol, and THC daily.”  (That could explain his apparent post-murder narcolepsy.)  Ortiz also had tested positive for alcohol, cocaine, PCP, and THC.

Ortiz, per the affidavit, thereafter avoided treatment by claiming he’d lost his cell phone and telling his probation officer on June 18, the day after Odin Lloyd was killed, that Ortiz “didn’t know where to go.”

So, basically, if Ortiz is put on the witness stand, he’s going to be ripped apart by Hernandez’s lawyers.

The problem with that approach is that Hernandez chose to associate with Ortiz, apparently summoning Ortiz and Ernest Wallace from Connecticut on the day before the murder.  So if Ortiz has warts, Hernandez chose to embrace him, warts and all — including alcohol and cocaine and PCP and THC.

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  1. “Hernandez chose embrace him, warts and all — including alcohol and cocaine and PCP and THC.”

    Well…one thing is for sure, Hernandez is not a bigot!!

  2. Like prostitutes “can’t be raped” I suppose. It’s the reason why regular people don’t testify. We all have warts. Until our legal system protects witnesses a little better, criminals (with money to hire good attorney’s)will continue to run free and people who have information on crimes will continue to remain quite.

  3. Not for nothing but the defendants lawyers looked like a pair of bumbling idiots in the bail appeal a few week ago. I’m betting they couldn’t “tear apart” a wet paper bag.

  4. Doesn’t matter Hernandez embraced his warts. The jury has to believe that his recount of the story isn’t skewed by drugs and alcohol or it becomes irrelevant. Hernandez walks…

  5. Hernandez legal team has to be psyched this is the star witness. He’s going to get torn to bits. Hopefully their actually evidence is strong.

  6. So this is the guy who finally made the police arrest Hernandez & charge him with murder!!??
    Way to go Bacon Patrol.
    Another useless case like OJ, Casey Anthony – it sounds good, but AH will walk.

  7. Lesson learned. If you’re going to murder someone, bring along a few drug addled coke fiends and ditch the murder weapon.

    Nailed it.

    Also, high priced lawyering can’t hurt.

  8. The only place Hernandez if going to “walk” to is the state penitentiary. There is already plenty of evidence to convict him and the police and prosecutors will undoubtedly find more between now and the trial.

  9. High priced or not…. from what I have seen thus far Hernandez’s legal team is in over their heads. Just watch the footage of the bail appeal and it’s obvious

  10. His story about being asleep in the car and them stopping to pee is unbelievable. There is no way a jury will believe. This is why the DA cannot use him as a star witness and instead must try him for murder as well. He came from Conneticut to help Hernandez kill Lloyd and that is exactly what he did. He was not asleep in the car. More likely he helped the other 2 men pull Lloyd out of the car, who by this time likely sensed his life was going to end and was pleading with them not to kill him. Then he helped cover it up. He then had the benefit of knowing that the cops knew he was in the car that night, and had him on a video of a gun. He then made up the best story he could so that he could explain being in the car, and being on camera with a gun, but distance himself from the murder as much as possible. If the DA pretends to believe his stupid story, and use him as a star witness, it will only weaken their case.

  11. People like Ortiz are 90% the star witness and a whole lot of people have been convicted with less. This is reality, not Law and Order

  12. Even if you’re are on all of those drugs, its still no excuse for that haircut.

  13. Yeah the snitches get stitches comments are getting might old.

    Anyone who witnessed or was involved in a murder even peripherally and doesn’t come forwards is doing something far worse than “snitching”.

    I wonder how many of you idiots would by crying snitches get stitches if it was your brother, father, wife, sister etc who’d been murdered ? I’m guessing none of you.

    Hernandez could get off on the murder charge but I think they have him cold on the gun charges so either way he’s going to jail. And since the judge will have some discretion as to how punishment for the gun charges is given out; i.e.; concurrent or consecutive sentences, max term or min, I would expect if he gets off on the murder charge that the judge will hammer him and max out the sentences from the gun charges.

  14. Of course he wants to snitch. He was probably hired for a job and offered abunch of money anf drugs but wasn’t expecting the job to be the fall guy.

  15. PCP? Angel dust? Didn’t he see the ABC After School Special, “Angel Dusted”? That stuff is bad news!

  16. whatnojets

    Good one!
    As a Pats fan who hasn’t had much to laugh about in awhile, I have to say that despite your being a Jets fan ( 😉 ) your comments have been the kind of humor I need. You’ve been funny and to the point without attacking unjustly from what I’ve seen. So thanks and I appreciate it, and I am being sincere.

  17. I brought up this point about Ortiz yesterday. He’s not the most credible witness and it’s clear no one believed his “sleeping” story. The serial killers’ high priced lawyers are going to destroy Ortiz on the witness stand and create that “doubt” that the gullible jury will swallow hook, line, and sinker.

    There’s a reason murderers like OJ, Casey Anthony, and Robert Blake walked: stupid people serving on juries.

  18. So now they got a trick? Aaron is going to Jail for life. and he should.
    Aaron had 40 million dollars and he threw it away. why? because he didnt like the people Lloyd was talking too. For 40 million dollars I dont need no friends

  19. It’s still not a slam dunk case until they find the murder weapon with someone’s prints.

  20. being a person who loves criminal law as a hobby. watches trials and things of that nature..the case against hernandez is nowhere near strong–might be able 2 convict him on a gun charge (that they havnt found) but other than that im not sure they have evidence for ANYTHING that can link him directly to a murder

    except a snitch whos a crackhead- LOL

  21. shell casings in rented car and at scene, yea, that’s not strong. Unreal how people will defend AH just because he is a Patriot. I don’t know about any other murderers who get support. De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  22. Yes Ortiz has issues as a witness but there is surveillance video he was with Hernandez, that Hernandez had a gun, that a casing that matched the scene of the crime was in the car Hernandez rented and returned, and that the victim texted his girlfriend that he was with “NFL” right before he was murdered.

    Then you have Hernandez cleaning his house and deleting surveillance tape, acting angry when police came to investigate, and then finally you get to the Ortiz who was there when shots were fired and who quotes another co-defendant saying that Hernandez pulled the trigger.

    Even if the State can’t prove Hernandez pulled the trigger they can put him away for life under accomplice liability. Hernandez was there and orchestrated the whole thing. Even Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden couldn’t screw this up.

  23. However “warty” Ortiz is, Team Hernandez has to put forth a theory that is more plausible than Ortiz’ version of what happened.

    And that simply doesn’t exist.

    Ortiz isn’t the one who called Hernandez back into town.

    Ortiz isn’t the one who smashed surveillance equipment.

    Aside from Ortiz’ credibility, or lack thereof, in order to establish reasonable doubt, Team Hernandez has to provide a reasonable explanation for each and every instance of odd/suspicious behavior Hernandez exhibited after the murder.

    And again: that simply doesn’t exist.

  24. CKL says: Jul 11, 2013 12:23 PM


    Good one!
    As a Pats fan who hasn’t had much to laugh about in awhile, I have to say that despite your being a Jets fan ( 😉 ) your comments have been the kind of humor I need. You’ve been funny and to the point without attacking unjustly from what I’ve seen. So thanks and I appreciate it, and I am being sincere.

    You are most welcome!

  25. If Ortiz beats the rap and he wants to get rid of the warts then he should go to MN. They have genital wart removal clinics on every other street corner.

  26. The longer this goes on the more I think Aaron’s legal team will beat the case. No weapon no true motive and he has the best legal team money can buy.

  27. Bo Fish brought Ortiz into town for an intervention. Aaron is nothing more than a concerned friend trying to help out a friend.
    -Mama Hernandez

  28. So, in other words, which team will sign this serial killer next season when he’s sitting at home suing the new england patriots for not paying him his full contract.

  29. Hernandez’s mentor has warts: Belichick is the guy who hires these losers. Next up: Dennard.

  30. Yes, give me a thumbs down for saying Hernandez walks because a “star witness” who’s loaded up on drugs is enough to convict.

    You guys won’t think I’m so dumb when ‘Bo Fish’ states that he never told Ortiz that Hernandez pulled the trigger, and rebuffs half his story in general.

    Hernandez has high priced, though questionable, representation and enough money to convince a guy like the ‘Fish’ that his family will be well taken care of from now on if he helps him beat the case.

    Don’t care if this is Law and Order or not. OJ walked didn’t he? Snoop? Raw Lewis, to a lesser extent? Hernandez walks on murder charges. You heard it here first…

  31. @chuckchillout,

    Great post. You nailed it. And for the defense to put forth a reasonable explanation, they would have to put Hernandez and/or Wallace on the stand. I have to believe a prosecutor would welcome that.

  32. People are forgetting the biggest thing about the Hernandez case, though its been mentioned here a few times.

    Hernandez is playing in a different legal system than you and me. For the rich and famous, the courts just don’t work the same. Be prepared when he walks because I for one will not be surprised.

  33. For the rich and famous, the courts just don’t work the same.

    Martha Stewart would disagree with you.

  34. I would be willing to bet the story gets flipped at some point and it was Ortiz that shot him. He’s indigent, needs AH for money support etcetera so he is trying to gain AH’s favor by offing Mr.lloyd. Of course Aaron and Bo had nothing to do with Ortiz and his drug crazed actions all along fearing for their own safety.

  35. @wwwmattcom

    Before you chide people for supporting AH bc he’s a Patriot, you should check your facts. There are no casings connected to AH.

    As for this witness, he will be lucky to make it through direct examination without tripping himself up.

  36. The only thing that this has in common with most older cases being brought up is that they involved football players. Everything about this is next level. Even OJ acted in a fit of rage, he didn’t calculate plan And then do it execution style. He wasnt linked to like 5 other random stabbings. Same thing with Lewis. It was a brawl in front of a nightclub that erupted spontaneously and the victims were total dirt bags too. This is on a different level.

    Also pcp and coke made
    This guy fall asleep?


  37. Ah, but the elephant in the room is the fact that the double murder in Boston is looming while they rally the case against Aaron/Joran Van der Sloot and then 2007 drive-by in Fla..he’s not as smart as Dexter but surely has the bloodlust.

  38. Hernandez deleting his surveillance footage and being uncooperative is literally useless in the courtroom. Its the physical evidence that matters, not suspicious activity. The shell casings in the car and the cell phone history are the most damning evidence, but we will have to wait and see if it is enough. Without the murder weapon or a reliable testimony against AH, it could still go either way. All of this other stuff is useless, and yet all of these commenters keep referring to it as if it were the smoking gun.

  39. All these “warts” will come out in the State’s case in chief. They aren’t stupid enough to let this all come out in cross. The jury will hear about it long before Hernandez’s attorneys bring it out so it won’t have the shocking value that you portray it to have.

  40. Aaron is going to Jail for life. He killed Lloyd and everybody knows it.
    the text messages from Lloyd to his sister is enough proof for me. and Aaron better be happy Im not the Judge cause I would walk his a%$ to the chair and strap him in my self
    then throw the switch on the way to lunch.

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