Bills take 28th spot in preseason power rankings

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The Bills turned in their eighth straight losing season in 2012 and their placement in PFT’s preseason power rankings tells us that there’s not much confidence they are going to turn things around this year.

There’s plenty of reason for that pessimism. The Bills have a new coach and general manager to go with their still unnamed new starting quarterback, a trio of changes that usually signals difficulty in the near future as the team tries to put everything together. The new group doesn’t have to answer for the failures of the past, but they do have to deal with the leftover problems from the previous era and it will take more than one offseason to put all the necessary pieces in place.

For 2013, that could mean taking a step backward from their 6-10 record last year. A painful pill to swallow, but one that will be worth it if the Bills uncover some foundation pieces to go with C.J. Spiller, Mario Williams and Jairus Byrd. Should one of those pieces turn out to be rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel all the better.

The full preview for the Bills is available right here. Take a look and then let us know if we’ve rated the Bills accurately.

14 responses to “Bills take 28th spot in preseason power rankings

  1. I still can’t believe they drafted a 4th round QB in the first. I LOL’d pretty hard at that one.

    Buddy Nix is desperate.

  2. jagwires says: Jul 11, 2013 9:07 AM

    I still can’t believe they drafted a 4th round QB in the first. I LOL’d pretty hard at that one.

    Buddy Nix is desperate.
    Actually he was a first round QB go back and check the draft. I would also like to know where your magical powers of predicting how QB’s will turn out comes from? I’m glad we got a 4th round QB if your logic is correct he will be 2 rounds better than Tom Brady. Also Buddy Nix isn’t the Bills GM.

  3. How could any rational person actually think that the Jets are going to be better then the Bills this year?

  4. @nflgreedleague: Because the Jets are better. Our offenses are equally inept witha slight edge to the Bills due to Spiller, but the Jets have a much better defense. Hence the Jets are “better” according to preseason power poll logic. The Jets have a better shot at improving off of last season, though.

  5. @nickmangold: I’m not a fan of the Bills or the Jets, but you’re delusional. The Bills offense and Jets offense is not equally inept. The Bills have a running game. The Jets have NOTHING. How many times will they trot out Mark Sanchez and hope he magically doesn’t suck? And they traded away their best defensive player, so I’m not quite sure how they have a better shot at improving. Geno Smith is a self-absorbed non-leader who won’t last 3 years in the league.

  6. “The Jets HAD a better defense. People have aged, the draft has failed to keep the pass rush adequate… and thanks for Revis.”

    People like you say that about there defense every year, I’m a giants fan but the jets will always have a good defense as long as its in the hands of Rex. He’s a buffoon and all but he can coach a defense. I wouldn’t count the jets out this year yet, they always seem to do the best when expectations are you remember the 2010 season?

    PS: I don’t think there gonna miss Revis that much they were #2 against the pass without him and used the #13 pick to solidify that dangerous D Line they have.

  7. Every yr people say they are bottom few and only once have they finished bottom 5 in some time. Put them around 22. They are no worse then NYJ or Mia. And ill take our QB mess over Jax any day.

  8. Thanks for giving us a first round pick and saving us from cap jail or losing Revis for nothing. And yes, the Jets are better than the Bills. Not that it matters.

  9. I can see 6-10/7-9 for them. They have intriguing pieces at a few spots. EJ Manuel like all these young bucks in a crapshoot, but they do have Kolb and when healthy he can play well enough to win a few games.

    With all the turmoil in NE, and NYJ, they should be able to catch teams by surprise for a few unlikely wins this year.

  10. Well if that aint a kick in the head. Just as B’lo fan was forgetting about last year and having dreams of divisional wins… reality rears its ugly head with a wake up call.

  11. Kolb has some west coast offense skills (see his 2012 MIA comeback win), he wasn’t a fit in AZ with their vertical scheme, but he can win some games. Unfortunately, he can’t hit a seam route to save his life….but he’s good on the mid range, short range stuff and he’s a fighter….hates to lose. Just has a body that can’t take the punishment.

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