Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald continue working on chemistry


Many players use the weeks between the end of OTAs and the start of training camp to grab their last bit of rest and relaxation before the start of a long season. 

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has long taken a different approach. Fitzgerald hires trainers and invites players — teammates and those from other teams — to work out with him in Minnesota before camp. The workouts are in full swing right now and there’s a special focus on developing chemistry with new Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer so that the duo can continue building the chemistry they’ll need to thrive. 

“Look, this is a big year for me, coming off my worst season as a pro,” Fitzgerald said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “I know Carson wants to play well this year. This is a huge year, and we’re leaning on each other. It’s simple as that. I need him as bad as anybody, and I’m going to go out there and give everything I can for him.”

The Cardinals contingent includes the team’s other receivers and they have spent a lot of time working on routes, formations and reads from the team’s offense. Palmer explained that the players hope that the extra work allows them to remain in rhythm before the resumption of official team activities. 

“That’s the goal … come into training camp and be ready, not have a day or two where you’re kind of getting back into the swing of things and try to get rhythm and timing down,” Palmer said. “It’s just a good chance to work some of the kinks out and talk about plays, talk about angles of routes and clean some of those things up.”

Last season was a rough one for both Fitzgerald and Palmer and it’s hard to imagine that one of them rebounds if the other one doesn’t. That makes these workouts as important as any other work they’ve done this offseason since the padless nature of offseason work means that things aren’t that different for them in Minnesota. 

16 responses to “Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald continue working on chemistry

  1. I wouldn’t call it a positive thing to have Palmer as a starting quarterback, but it sure beats having Mark Sanchez.

  2. Larry Fitzgerald is the picture of professionalism. It’s a shame that with the exception of Kurt Warner he’s had to deal with so many bad QB’s throwing him the ball.

  3. I was pretty meh on Palmer actually being able to help the Cardinals, but if he’s going to catch on anywhere, it’s with Fitzgerald. Provided he doesn’t pull that aloof quitter thing again, that is.

  4. They should have got the defense line involved…
    I’m sure Palmer’s making great throws at Fitz’s camp…
    Add a pass rush…
    Not so much.

  5. LFitz never ceases to impress me. You never hear him bad mouthing anyone, and don’t hear about him getting in off field shanangans. He just puts his nose to the grindstone and gets it done.

  6. You wanna talk about Fitz and chemistry? You should have seen him up here in Seattle for Sherman’s softball event. You could visibly tell that he wanted to be here.

  7. There is nothing wrong with Fitzgerald that not having the ball thrown five yards off target can’t fix.

  8. “…workouts are in full swing…” Not sure how full swing they are I saw Carson last night at a restaurant in San Diego…seems like a long commute to play catch in t-shirts and shorts…

  9. Palmer was the best Raider last year, watched most of his games still has it yet needs protection. Chose a tough division with a coach who thinks your Big Ben or your nobody. I was wondering if poor Andrew Luck would make it through the year. Arians didn’t have any check downs, mostly 20 plus yard throws with the 2nd worst offensive line in the league. Not to mention two rookie tight ends and a rookie slot receiver that started.

  10. Carson Palmer threw 2 pick offs a game it seemed like im not sure what his TD to INT ratio was but it always seemed at the worse me the raiders were lucky to get anything for him…i dont dislike Palmer i just think the bengals made him into used to losing close games..his demeaner seemed like always down and what can go wrong next type of attitiude…not his fault but yea he needed to leave

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