Cowboys waive DT Rob Callaway from injured reserve


The Cowboys waived defensive tackle Rob Callaway from injured reserve with an injury settlement on Thursday, according to the NFL’s official transaction log.

Callaway, 25, appeared in a pair of games as a reserve for Dallas in 2012 after a stint on the club’s practice squad. The Cowboys placed him on injured reserve in June after he reportedly had microfracture knee surgery.

Callaway entered the NFL in 2010 as an undrafted free agent with Detroit. He played collegiately at Saginaw Valley State University.

12 responses to “Cowboys waive DT Rob Callaway from injured reserve

  1. First of all were not cutting Brent because the victims mother asked the cowboys to help Brent through all this so that’s why he’s not being cut and as far as keeping him the nfl might just suspend him anyways so get your facts before you go on and just blurt out random nonsense smh!

  2. Yeah, smart move. Dump the injured guy and keep the one facing vehicular manslaughter charges.

    Boy, is Callaway going to play with a major chip on his shoulders when/if he faces Dallas!

  3. I won’t say what everyone else already has lol but is this guy for real!!?? (harmanrai11)^^^^^^^

    You really believe that the Cowboys would save a roster spot for a douche that killed a teammate because that teammate’s mommy asked them too!?

    The NFL “MIGHT” just suspend him??!!

    Get a clue man!!

  4. Y’all really are retarded. He was waived. Not cut. It’s called an injury settlement. Brent is not costing the cowboys any money. I’m sure there is more to it than we know. I guess it’s ok that Stallworth is still in the NFL. SMDH, you people don’t understand or know anything do y’all. Just a bunch of trolls. I swear, I’ve never cared about a team I don’t like y’all cowboys haters do.

  5. Brent did not MURDER anyone. He did drive drunk.

    Let me ask you haters to step back a moment and tell us Cowboys fans what you would do if you accidentally killed your best friend while drunk driving. How would you feel? Do you think they should fire you from your job? do you think your friends should stand by you or should they ostracize you from their company? Should you be made to feel like you don’t belong to anything or any one? Yeah I thought so. It’s different when it happens to you isn’t it???

  6. Man he was waived because his knees never got any better and he was gone cost more money than what he settled for as far as brent man my family was faced with that same situationit was his bestfriend man they made dumb decisions like every other human you stand by that guy because he is just as hurt as you are now cutting him ain’t gone help him get over what he caused the family is sticking by him and if he doesn’t do jail time having him come in and play after he has served his suspension will allow him to play with a chip on his shoulder and alsi help the cowboys with a good 4-3 dt he can stop some runs so ease up on him

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