DeMarco Murray says he’s capable of a 2,000-yard season

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Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has never even had a 1,000-yard season, but he thinks a 2,000-yard season is a possibility.

Asked on ESPN if he believes he’s capable of rushing for 2,000 yards, Murray said he is.

I think I’m capable of anything,” Murray said, via the Dallas Morning News.

A player needs to average 125 yards a game for 16 games to reach 2,000, and Murray has shown that he’s capable of 125-yard games. In Murray’s 18 games as the Cowboys’ top running back, he has had games of 253, 139, 135 and 131 yards. But all of those games were among Murray’s first nine games as the Cowboys’ top running backs, and he totaled 955 yards in those nine games. In his last nine games, he never reached even 100 yards, and he totaled just 532 yards.

So if Murray could both regain his earlier form and stay healthy for 16 weeks, he is capable of 2,000 yards. But that’s a pretty big “if.”

62 responses to “DeMarco Murray says he’s capable of a 2,000-yard season

  1. Has he even played a full season yet? You can have all the talent in the world and be completely useless if you cant stay on the field.

  2. With a good offensive line and a stretch of good health he would be a total beast! The dude is a stud he just has caught some “bad breaks”

  3. ALL RB’s in the NFL are “capable” of a 2000 yard season, but unfortunately for them, it takes more than just running to make it happen…O line, scheme, O coordinator, etc…If Murray is implying that all that is going to happen, then he’s sadly mistaken.

  4. …if the Cowboys had a competent OL, and the opposing defenses only put eight men on the field.

  5. Does he know they don’t count training camp, pre-season and practice yardage?

  6. “I think I’m capable of anything,” Murray said, via the Dallas Morning News.


    I guess Murray is trying to scare the defenses into playing him loose or he’ll go AH on them.

  7. hawkstradamus says:
    Jul 11, 2013 7:16 AM
    That’s like a salesman who thinks he can repeat his best month ever 12 months a year. Two chances of that happening, slim and none


    True, unless you’re a knee pad salesman in MN.

  8. He did look pretty unstoppable for a while in ’11 before injuring something. Drafted him in Fantasy last year and got tired of his name on my bench. Sat there what? Six or Seven weeks?

    Can’t get 2k on the inactive list.

  9. The premise of this post is annoying.. ESPN (ugh) asks a player if he thinks he can achieve a difficult statistic, the player responds with a reasonable “anytging is possible” and then the article headline reads “Player thinks he can hit x stat” in a somewhat-mocking fashion.

    Now the cowboys are about my least favorite team but thats like someone adking a homeless person if he can make $100k this year, he responds with “anything’s possible” and the person says “haha look everyone, this bum said he can male 100k!”

  10. Haters!!!! He is good enough to get 2000 yards heck Chris Johnson did it. Problem is he has to stay healthy Dallas has to run the ball and the line has to block but talent wise can he do it? Sure can but haters will hate cause he’s a cowboy but if he were a Bengal and said this people would applaud it

  11. He didn’t come out and say that, he was specifically asked that. Find me a starting RB who.would say otherwise. Moving on…

  12. Damn Murray. I don’t have a problem with a player being confident or having some big goals, but lets take baby steps. Stay healthy for a season first. IF you can do that, and hit 1,000, yards, then shoot for 2,000. Otherwise you sound kind of foolish.

  13. I’m a cowboys can but don’t get why Murray and Bryant keep going on! Just do it don’t talk about it!!

  14. Talk about baiting a guy into saying something (as First Take likes to do) and then making him sound like a gloating tool… He was on ESPN all day yesterday and sounded like a genuine and nice guy and is now under fire… And this is coming from a diehard Giants fan!

  15. Don’t we hear this every offseason from some young RB that’s proven nothing in the league.

  16. jbeagles23 says:
    Jul 11, 2013 8:22 AM
    Don’t know who is worse. Romo thinking he’s an elite qb or this. The cowboys players are as delusional as their fans

    An Eagles fan calling Cowboy fans delusional? Go ask Lurie if you can polish that empty trophy case brah lmao.

    Cowboys, Giants and Skins > Eagles

  17. DeMarco probably won’t even play 16 games, but he’s capable of 2,000 yards? That’s nice honey…

  18. The people ragging on Murray should probably point their ridicule to the people who asked him such a stupid question in the first place. How was he supposed to answer? No?

  19. That top notch OL in Dallas should really clear some holes for this guy. . . . . . .
    oh wait, that line was their biggest liability.

    Well maybe he means 2,000 yds including the playoffs.
    oh wait, Toni Romo can’t get you there.

    I bet if you ask all the cowboys fans right now, they will support the 2,000 yd statement.
    But if you as a cowboys fan in December. . . . .
    oh wait,, those front runners take off their jerseys midseason..

    real question,,,
    who are the biggest group of bandwagoners???
    Cowboys fans or the newly arriving Redskins fans???

  20. ladies, ladies–he was asked a question and his response was “I am capable of anything”. It was not a prediction. I think he is well aware of his own injury history and production. I hear some of your mothers calling down the basement stairs to let you know she has your little bowl of mac and cheese ready now….

  21. ESPN just trying to make a story. Asked a reasonable question and he is confident enought to think he can be good. ESPN just bored in the offseason.

  22. He didn’t randomly state, “I can rush for 2000 yards”, he was asked a question and he answered it, quite well i think. For those that didn’t read the article his answer was, “I think I’m capable of anything”. What would you prefer? “Uh, no…no way” ?

  23. all u have to do to get a million idoits to comment about the Cowboys Is Simply leave the Headline as The Cowboys And they Come out like roaches when the lights go off!!!

  24. “I am capable of anything.”

    As much as I’d like to see him hit 2K, I’d prefer he didn’t HAVE TO. Counting on Murray to post those numbers means no one else is producing. As long as Romo and the other offensive weapons are firing on all cylinders and we’re winning games, I’ll be happy.

  25. Is this real life? This guy is a soft bum… They cowgirls don’t have a stellar offensive line to carry this bum to a ton of yards line they did Emmitt Smith.

  26. Is Larry Allen still blocking for the Cowboys? Um wait he isn’t .. Try and stay healthy first!

  27. @Myeaglescantwin

    Redskins fans bandwagon?!….BWAHAHAHAH there haven’t been any of those in over 80 years. Get outta here….

  28. If Murray stays healthy all year the Cowboys make the playoffs. Unfortunately for them, there doesn’t seem to be a good chance of that happening.

  29. Murray is an outstanding RB when healthy but he will not get 2,000 yards playing 10 or 12 games like he has in the past.

    I like his effort but Murray may be wise to not try to hit the big run every carry and just get what is there. He must become more durable.

  30. I think the RB-crown of the helmet rule is going to help him immensely. Too often he gets to the second level and then seeks contact. He has the wheels to break away from guys too, so it’s puzzling.

    Last year in the Game 1 against the Giants he busted a play to the right side cleared into the second level and had nothing but open field in front of him and he turned it back in to punish the Safety. The guy has talent but has had some tough luck injuries. Hopefully he can put it all together this year and take some pressure off the passing game.

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