Eric Decker doesn’t think DUI arrests will affect team on field

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We’re waiting to hear what kind of discipline Broncos front office executives Tom Heckert and Matt Russell face for their recent DUI arrests and some have wondered if the Broncos could suffer if two of their top personnel men are suspended at the same time.

Others might reply that such is the nature of punishment for breaking the law, but one Broncos player doesn’t see there being much impact on the team when and if the two execs are penalized. Wide receiver Eric Decker, who said that coach John Fox’s last advice for his players at the end of spring workouts was to “be smart and don’t get your name in the future,” said that he trusted the organization to handle things the right way while players paid attention to on-field matters.

“I don’t think so,” Decker said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “This is a great organization. They’ll find the right manner to handle it. As players, our focus is on getting ourselves ready for a great season. Whatever action they’re taking, John Elway and Mr. (Pat) Bowlen will find the necessary discipline. As far as me, I stay out of that. My job as a football player is to come to practice and make this organization better.”

You wouldn’t expect to hear anything different from a player. Football is their concern, and, as a Broncos spokesman said earlier this week, the pair of arrests are “bigger than football.” They might have some impact on the team’s personnel department, though it is hard to know just how much without knowing the specific penalties and it’s hard to put that ahead of the need to control the problem of drunk driving among those working in every part of the NFL.

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  1. I’m sure no one has ever over heard a conversation about how distraught the guys suiting up every Sunday are about someone in the front office getting in trouble….

  2. Looks like Fox should have spoke to the people in management. Those guys drank enough for the entire team.

  3. onearmsteven says:
    Jul 11, 2013 5:26 PM
    why exactly would two executives that have no say in what goes on during a game affect the play on the field at all?


    Distractions ….. meanwhile Clady has to be signed in 4 days …. But the front office is scrambling in meetings about (yes non field related) drunk people in org and PR.

    Also now need to hire new people, or decided discipline, all this when camp is around the corner and roster needs to be examined, cmap cuts, etc…..

    NFL teams don’t just show up and play.

    A lot goes into it …..

    great team = great organization as a whole

  4. They won’t affect the Broncos on the field as long as Tom Heckert and Matt Russell don’t get behind the wheel of the carts on the sidelines.

  5. This is somewhat comical. I’m NOT condoning crashing Into a police car, but the DUI is a BUSINESS in the us but absolutely in Colorado.

  6. This is a grease fire.
    Suspend them both for one year without pay.
    Let John Elway pick up the slack.
    And then FIRE them both after their suspensions.
    Why didn’t the Heckert DUI get more pub when it happened?
    His #’s were serious. WTF was he thinking?
    Denver needs to make an example.
    Talk is cheap.
    Tough talk is even cheaper without action.
    What are they really going to do?

  7. Hmm, perhaps you all might fancy Alfonzo Dennard? I get this vibe that he’d get along great with your staff.

    Maybe we could get some of the guys together and talk about it over some schnapps?

    I’ve got peppermint and Goldschlager…..

    Let me know,

    Bill from NE

  8. I think these two doofs having their mug shot pictures being posted all over the internet is strict enough discipline. These dudes make Nick Nolte’s pic look like a glamor shot!

  9. Actually, he said “Be smart and don’t get your name in the paper.” Kind of a big difference and excellent advice from the coach. If only he told the front office as well

  10. The reason John Elway hasn’t spoken up is he has one of the biggest offenders of alcohol.I for one have been in a bar and Elway was polluted and slumped over his bar stool and then hopped into his car and drove home.

    At least he’s not being a hippocrite.

  11. These arrest effecting the way the players play?? Really? They will try and write about anything until camp starts huh?

    They will really miss Russell when they are inside the 5, he was a beast for them last year…smh….oh media.

  12. So what???..Denver’s a party town..woooohooo!!!..despite the Sunday “blue” laws..6 days a week to buy alcohol!!..I’m drunk 7 days a week!!! Maybe I could get a job with the Broncos..seems like I meet the qualifications.

  13. Right, so I really see Manning not being able to read a defense because he is worried about Russell and Heckert. Von Miller won’t be able to get off the ball and rush the passer because he is thinking about DUIs. Thomas going up for a ball bobbles it and drops it because he is distracted by negative press for front office personnel. Give me a break. If an executive at your work got a DUI would it really effect your day to day work performance?

  14. The Broncos turned this matter over to the league office and will follow protocol for discipline. Why do we, as a public, think we have the right to know about these things? Public intrusiveness has gotten out of control. We have no right to know. If we really want to know, ask for the reports (they are public record). Otherwise back off. And Tom Nalen should not even get press as the Broncos Moral Patrol. 10 years out of the league then admits he tried to ruin another mans career. COWARD!!!

  15. Don’t understand these people hew have all this money but yet stupid to go-ahead drink and drive. If it was me I’m taking a limousine if I’m going out drinking or a cab sad thing is the NFL has a program for them but I guess they don’t use it

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