Jonathan Stewart may not be ready for camp


The Panthers have enough running backs that one could go missing and it might take days to realize it.

But perhaps the most talented of the lot might not be ready for the start of training camp, when everybody will be looking.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he wasn’t sure if Jonathan Stewart would be ready for the start of camp after having both ankles operated on this offseason, though Rivera said Stewart’s progress was good.

Stewart missed seven games last year, but prior to that, was actually more durable than teammate DeAngelo Williams. Stewart only missed two games in his first four seasons, while Williams missed 13 games over the same span.

The Panthers have committed to the pair of backs (along with fullback Mike Tolbert) by re-working their contracts, and every indication is they plan to use them more this year.

When Stewart’s well, he’s no less explosive than Williams, and stronger. Having the pair of them ready will help the Panthers have a degree of balance, which they’ll need if they’re going to do anything this season.

13 responses to “Jonathan Stewart may not be ready for camp

  1. I don’t have a dog in this fight (from the AFCN) but it seems like being injured has defined Stewarts whole career. I know he still produces, but has there been an offseason/season that he’s still healthy?

  2. 3 average at best running backs still wont help you win football games nearly as much as one very good one will. The presence at training camp or health of any of their Rbs wont matter because they still will be a below average team at the basement of their division.

  3. Another Hurney gift that keeps on giving. DeAngelo works every time he’s tried, and Tolbert can finish inside the 5 and 3rd and short. Dan Morgan think Stewart is hurt too much. Get rid of that salary!!!!!

  4. The Panthers wasted a pick (and a lot of money) on Jonathan Stewart. He’s ALWAYS hurt, which is about the worst trait a RB can have, other than fumbling incessantly. He’s a plodding, supposed power back who can’t withstand the punishment. D. Williams has always been a better RB. The new contract Hurney gave J-Stew was ALMOST as bad as the one Tannenbaum gave Sanchez

  5. Looks like Jon’s Mom has him ready for camp. Sun hat, sports stuff to play with, shorts, runners, mosquito spray, toothbrush, vitamins, the books his granny sent him at Christmas, jammies……

  6. When did he have the surgery? If it was for a known issue and he waited a while then he is just another slacker looking to avoid “work”

  7. The Panthers were a rushing team under Fox but now it is Cam that runs the ball and they pass a lot more too. Why they still think they need all these RBs is a mystery to me. Get yourself some real wide receivers.

  8. The overwhelming perception seems to be that J-Stew is INJURED ALL THE TIME, but none of you seem to have the first clue what you’re talking about. Look at his player stats: in five years he has missed exactly 9 games out of a possible 80. Seven of those came last year, and he played all 16 games in 3 of his first 4 seasons. If the dude in injured, he sure isn’t missing a lot of time because of it.

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