Latest lawsuit against Pilot Flying J contends Haslam devised customer fraud scheme


The lawsuits against Pilot Flying J keep piling up, all of them filed by customers who apparently aren’t reacting as intended to the company’s vow to make things right.

The latest suit claims that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was the one who made things wrong.  According to the Tennessean, the suit filed Thursday by Wright Transportation of Mobile, Alabama contends Haslam devised the “nationwide scheme to defraud and cheat” customers.

The new lawsuit also contends that Haslam gave his “blessing” to the scam.

It’s unclear whether the plaintiff has evidence beyond information made public via the federal criminal investigation of the company.  The 120-page affidavit supporting the warrant that permitted the search of the company’s headquarters claims that one management-level employee told a confidential informant that Haslam was aware of the scam.  One of the five executives who have pleaded guilty to federal charges said in his plea deal that “senior management” knew about the fraudulent practices.

15 responses to “Latest lawsuit against Pilot Flying J contends Haslam devised customer fraud scheme

  1. What a bad situation for Browns fans: to go from ownership who moved the team, to ownership who didn’t care whether the team won or lost and now to an owner likely to be convicted of fraud and lose the team.

  2. Even worse, what happens if the next owner decides to do what Haslam did and start over from scratch? A new GM, new coaches, new offense/defense, next year or in 2015 would set the team back another 5-6 yrs as the endless rebuild continues. Depressing stuff. Are the football gods ever going to give them a chance to be competitive?

  3. My attorneys will be in contact with Roger Goodell in the morning to express my sincere interest in purchasing the Cleveland Browns.
    This afternoon Mr. Haslam received a formal offer from myself to purchase in full, the entire Cleveland Browns assets.

    I look forward to a smooth transaction, and to finally giving the city of Cleveland, and Browns fans everywhere, a championship team and an organization to be proud of.



  4. The fish always smells from the head down…
    In a scam this big, who ever saw the balance sheets knew…
    And we’re supposed to believe no one asked “Hey, where’s this extra unaccounted for revenue coming from?”

  5. Bengals fan here, and even I have to say the Browns just can’t catch a break. Also thumbs down to the league good o’le boys club for not digging into Haslams character. Cheats like Haslam don’t just start overnight. I’m sure his character has come into question before.

  6. As a Browns fan, I could hardly give a crap what happens with Haslam. People seem to be under some bizarre impression that whatever this guy is up to spells another disastrous season on the field- as if one has anything to do with the other.
    Browns haters see this as doomsday and I have no idea why. Training goes on, camp goes on, the season goes on, and whetever hot water Haslam has gotten himself into will have zero bearing on what happens on the field on Sundays. I’m concerned about all the usual things that lead to a garbage season for the Browns- but Haslam’s fate is not one of them.

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