No sign of Geno Smith at Jets West


Mark Sanchez’s Jets West camp convened again, but apparently without the competition for his starting job.

According to Kristian Dyer of Metro New York, rookie quarterback Geno Smith wasn’t there as players were gathering Wednesday night, and none of those asked knew if he was coming.

Sanchez invited the second-round pick to his annual gathering of quarterbacks and receivers in California, which caused a minor stir at Jets minicamp when Smith didn’t know what the questions referred to and initially answered “no comment.”

It’s hard to nail down whether it’s good or bad that Smith’s absent — if he remains absent. Because it’s the Jets, awkwardness would ensue either way, and there’s probably no getting around that.

If he shows, some would perceive him as trying to horn in on Sanchez’s job.

If he doesn’t show, some would perceive him as aloof.

Sanchez has taken a confident approach, which is the right one for him. And for the moment, it seems Smith is taking the respectful quiet rookie approach.

35 responses to “No sign of Geno Smith at Jets West

  1. Sanchez is a complete joke and Smith kind of seems like a D-bag. This doesn’t bode well for Jets fans.

  2. For what it’s worth (which is -$1,000,000). I think Geno is going to be a career back up. I see nothing when I watch him.

  3. So damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Typical media reporting. At least we get the concession that both qb’s are handling it well, but let’s rip them anyways.

  4. Lol Vaster.

    Geno should be there. I’d go. Just for gp. It’s what high character people do.

  5. Given the results that “Jets West” has produced in the past, Geno is not missing anything by skipping. Seriously.

  6. “If he shows, some would perceive him as trying to horn in on Sanchez’s job.

    If he doesn’t show, some would perceive him as aloof.”

    So… Why don’t we shut up and see what happens?

  7. Man, I’d love to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but Smith has really done nothing to refute the perception that he’s got an attitude problem. Seems like there’s not a very good chance he’ll be a team leader of any sort.

  8. Sanchez planned on inviting Smith, but he ran into the back of Brandon Moore and dropped the invite into a storm drain.

  9. I don’t think there is anything here that is negative for smith

    but I sure as heck have seen smith dig himself a huge hole with the comments he makes. Few talk about how not only was he passed up by the bills for manuel, but he was passed up by the bills, a team coached by the man who shut smith the heck down in the pinstripe bowl.

    he also has to face that man twice a year now if smith somehow starts. smith is a headcase who needed to go somewhere that doesn’t have intense media scrutiny. he will fold like vince young

  10. Geno isn’t attending because he doesn’t want to learn the finer points of butt fumbling.

  11. Why would Smith associate with Sanchez? the guys on his way out of NY, no reason for Geno to have anything to do with Sanchez. One’s on his way in and one’s on his way out, take a guess which way Sanchez is going.

  12. Who cares. Can we just get the jets out of the NFL so we don’t have to read any more bland articles that are basically saying the same thing over and over again.

  13. Gino Smith is doing the smart thing here (finally). A rookie needs to be careful about appearances.

    There will be plenty of time for him to win the job this summer, and he will get plenty of time to bond with the vets.

    He might have undermined himself with the Vets if he actually showed up at this.

    Gino should spend his time studying the playbook, avoiding the media and keeping out of trouble.

    If he is as good as he thinks he is – he won’t need to be at Jets West…

  14. The only thing more ridiculous than taking a Mark Sanchez Jets West Camp seriously, is taking the “Trent Dilfer Elite QB” show with a straight face!!! All of the unfounded “Smith has a ‘tude” comments are a bit much. Who knows if he was even invited to the Sanchez camp? Besides the fact he’s working out in Florida under top tutelage…..

    F.L. !! : “”GANG**GREEN!!”” YEAHHHH!!

  16. “Precisely the reason he dropped into the 2nd round.”

    Well, if we’re being honest, teams weren’t looking for QBs this year. He was the second quarterback taken in the draft. That’s not a knock on him.

  17. I’d go. You can also learn from a dummy. Just do the opposite. Beating Sanchez for a starting job is soo easy a caveman can do it. Let’s go Geno

  18. geno’s not falling into tebow’s trap..doesn’t have to..why should he suck up to a quarterback who’s on his way out??..sanchez is a hemorroid(get it?..hemorroid?)..geno knows that his future is as the starter,
    No matter what sanchez does.

  19. Gotta love some Steelers fans here.
    At best, a stretch, a prayer that they’ll win 7 games, yet they, like Dolphins fans come here to troll.

    Playoffs? Playoffs?

  20. I like this guy, I think he knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t want to force a relationship with the vets on a prove it or lose it year with Rex and Sanchez. Going to Jets West never helped anybody anyway if I was Geno I would do the same why start when there’s a possibility that Rex gets fired?

  21. So….not throwing passes to your wide outs isn’t helpful…hogwash! Get over yourself Geno….if you want to be great you have to put the time in.

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