Pollard touts Titans togetherness

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The man who was dumped by the Ravens in part because of a propensity to stand out vocally has a new mission with his new team — to unite the team.

As pointed out in the Thursday morning one-liners, Titans safety Bernard Pollard wants to see his team spend time together, on and off the field.

“It is something we did in Baltimore, and it’s something I’d like to see develop here,” Pollard said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “If we’re going to be the team we say we want to be, if we want to be a successful close-knit team, if we want this to be a brotherhood, then we all have to be on one accord.

“Getting together and doing those extra things is going to allow us to know each other better personally, and it’s going to give us that feeling when we’re going out there to fight, we know who we are fighting for, we know who we are fighting with.  And that should make us better.”

Cornerback Jason McCourty already has noticed the difference.

“BP has definitely done more of that and he is continuing to bring that tradition here,” McCourty said, via Wyatt.  “We have always done it, but sometimes it falls by the wayside. Guys have stuff going on in their personal life, so it’s hard sometimes. But BP has made it a point this offseason to say, ‘Let’s go grab something to eat.’

“Stuff like that is important.  In order to be a great team and a great defense in general, it starts with your position group. . . .  Guys have to know each other, and for us to get to know each other, guys have to really get to know one another.  I think it will help us come together.”

Safety Michael Griffin agrees.

“It’s about building chemistry, being a team,” Griffin said.  “We are going to be around each other for the next six months. When we are spending time with one another, it is going to build that trust, going to build that camaraderie, and it should help.”

So, to summarize, the defense that eats together, “kills” together.

23 responses to “Pollard touts Titans togetherness

  1. “I think the Ravens will be more like that now that a certain former murderer isn’t there to make everything about himself.”

    Normally, I would say only thing true about this comment are the words “I think” but you obviously don’t think if you make such libelous statements.

  2. I for one am hoping Bernard Pollard’s hard-hitting ways will spark fellow safety Michael Griffin to return to form. Griff went from being tough as nails and lighting guys up his first two years, to someone more reminiscent of Deion Sanders.

  3. TEXANS another bunch of choke artist.prob 1 and done.[if they make playoffs]mainly schaub.
    keep talking and pollard will fix that.

  4. “Guys have to know each other, and for us to get to know each other, guys have to really get to know one another. I think it will help us come together.”

    What a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” statement! It’s the “really” that concerns me. Well, maybe “coming together” really will help them get to know each other. Really!

  5. Good news is — Ravens don’t have to play against Pollard except in a playoff.
    Bad news is — Pollard will play against Pittsburgh and destroy that sickly offense, including Has-Ben Roethlisbooger.

    Wait! That’s also good news.

  6. Ray Lewis definitely made it a point to get all the attention and do obnoxious things when the camera was on him for attention but is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about how he is a “murderer?” Come on fellers, new material.

  7. Let’s see how much “togetherness” there is when he starts piling up 15 yard, auto 1st down penalties and then gets suspended for illegal hits. Talk about a “loose cannon”. We know why Ozzie got rid of him. Although we loved some of those hits he put on, especially against the Patriots, he is trouble just waiting to happen.

  8. I actually don’t remember any cheap shots from Pollard. Just because its a big hit or a guy gets hurt doesn’t mean it’s a cheap shot.

  9. I assumed bucrightoff was referring to Stallworth. When it comes to Lewis, me thinks doth protest too much.

  10. Pollard was a member of the Texans secondary for a couple of years…back when they sucked. Absolutely zero cover skills, but he keeps getting signed by teams that can’t find anyone better. In Baltimore all he was asked to do was tackle while Ed Reed played center field. He’ll give up at least two long receptions in each game vs. the Texans. Andre Johnson could go all Golden Gloves on him if he runs his mouth at the wrong time (yes this is a reference to Cortland Finnegan and yes the Texans O can box and will knock you the f out).

  11. I still owe Pollard a case of beer.

    Knocked Brady out for an entire season and lately took Gronk out………

    His money’s no good here.

  12. Man I don’t get why people call buddy a dirty player, football is a fast game and do hurt guys cuz he was going all out leaving it all on the field

  13. Wow the ravens fans are up late hijacking this thread. This cheap shot artist only brings more attention to himself for the negative things he does on and off the field. All the showboating and acting like he never did anything wrong on the field with his gestures and wild behavior was just the height of annoying. I’d look tough too if I put on a uniform and waited till a defenseless receiver was going up after a pass that was 10 yards over his head so I could spike my helmet in his back. Just another ravens low class low rent sideshow act that’s taken his vaudeville elsewhere.

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