Professional courtesy saves Rosenhaus from being eaten

Several of you have sent a video of what purports to be agent Drew Rosenhaus wrestling a shark, but which appears to be some snorkeled guy in the water who is grabbing a shark by the tail while others shout hysterical words of caution, and profanity.

That’s not a knock on Rosenhaus.  It takes balls to get into the water with a shark.  Along with a willingness to risk having said balls consumed by said shark.  Along with the rest of one’s body.

But Rosenhaus probably was safe all the time, like when Tom Hanks jumped in to the ocean with Daryl Hannah.  You know the old joke about lawyers and sharks.  The same punch line applies here.

The fish wouldn’t have eaten Rosenhaus as a professional courtesy.

24 responses to “Professional courtesy saves Rosenhaus from being eaten

  1. Rosenhaus has absolutely killed Miami over the years , getting the team to wildy overpay for various players (Drew is based in South Florida and has represented numerous players , both Miami Dolphins and ex Hurricanes). I remember one year , Miami had agreed to a deal with Steelers tight end and former first round draft choice Eric Green. Before he could sign the contract , however , Rosenhaus created an “unnamed” team willing to pay Green substantially more money and the Fins were suckered into upping their offer even more.
    Needless to say , Green was yet another overpaid bust in Miami.
    Thank goodness Jeff Ireland is their GM now — at least if he’s going to overpay for a player , he tries to make sure the guy can actually play.

  2. A desperate attempt to remain relevant. He’s lost a few clients recently, and with Jay-Z’s new agency, Rosenhaus is just grasping for attention.

  3. “You know the old joke about lawyers and sharks.”

    So you can tell a shark is lying because his lips are moving? I never heard that one…

  4. The fish wouldn’t have eaten Rosenhaus out of respect for their own digestive systems!

  5. i’ve seen messing up with the handling of catfish almost kill a man (on the inernet). If I am him I am staying far away from that risky business

  6. He was never in danger.

    Everyone knows the sports agent’s skin is coated with an oil that is a natural repellent to all creatures on both land and sea.

    And it is, naturally, thickest amongst the scalp in an effort to protect the creature’s most prized attribute….his lizardesque tongue.

  7. This is lame . Pulling in a shark that size takes at least an hour using the rigging they had. That shark would have been exhausted and was being pulled from each end. Cruelty to wildlife.

  8. Gosh I don’t know how I’m going to get to sleep tonight after witnessing such a level of awesomeness. Maybe I’ll just go outside and strangle the neighbor’s cat a little for the power trip. Ehh maybe that’s a bit rough, I should just tease it with some food and then not give it any, hopefully it’s starving at the time or the gag won’t get as many Youtube hits. Then I can be a bigshot too? Human Power.

  9. What kind of idiot climbs into knee-high water with a snorkel to “wrassle” a juvenile porbeagle shark? They’re not even a threat to humans, so it’s not like he was ever in danger. Guy just looks like one of those stupid kids that would throw rocks at the monkeys on the zoo field trip and ruin it for everyone else.

    What a class-A douche-gargler.

  10. It sounds like nobody likes Drew Rosenhouse. Nobody that meets Drew Rosenhouse likes Drew Rosenhouse. Have you ever heard anybody say, hey man, I met that Drew Rosenhouse and I really love him? Nobody likes Drew Rosenhouse. I don’t know if he’s just a jerk because he’s a Lawyer/agent. I don’t know. He be rubbing people the wrong way.”

  11. The clip ends so abruptly. Do we actually have proof that Drew made it back to the boat?

  12. lol grabbing the tail of a hooked shark that is exhausted from being caught on line he was in zero damage from that shark unless he put his hand in its mouth and only aaron Hernandez would be that stupid.

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