Report: No contract talks for Cowboys, Sean Lee yet


Last month, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said that the team would “probably” look at extending linebacker Sean Lee’s contract before it expires at the end of the 2013 season and the Cowboys website recently predicted that a new deal would come soon.

They may be looking, but a report from Albert Breer of the NFL Network suggests that they haven’t done much more than that at this point. According to Breer, there haven’t been any talks yet between the team and the linebacker, who is set to make $630,000 this year.

That’s low for a player who is ticketed for a major role in the Cowboys defense this season and Lee’s value to the team isn’t a matter for much debate after watching the defense go into the tank last season after Lee was lost for the season to a toe injury. It’s not the first serious injury that Lee has suffered, which raises concern about his durability while also possibly working in the Cowboys’ favor in terms of a deal because Lee has to be well aware of what he’d risk financially if another injury should keep him out for a long period of time.

Or the Cowboys could decide that they want to make sure Lee can play 16 games, even if it means paying a bit more in the long run. Cowboys history says that the patient route isn’t the one they’ll wind up taking, but, as of now, they haven’t rushed to secure Lee’s signature on an extension.

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  1. Sean Lee has only played 21 out of 36 games in his career. Anyone with sense would be cautious about a long term deal with a injury prone player. But his injuries were freak accidents. Turf toe last year, dislocated wrist the year before. Switch to the 4-3 should benefit him. Jerry might just let him play it out. Watch out for Bruce Lee this season! (Bruce Carter, Sean Lee)

  2. Overrated and made of glass. Having said that, I hope the Cowboys sign him to a huge, cap-killing contract.

  3. Signing a backup level linebacker to a long-term contract isn’t going to help a lousy team like the Cowboys. They’ll still be squinting when they look up in the distance to see the Super Bowl champion Redskins.

  4. backup linebacker??! what is this dude talking about he led the league in tackles before he got hurt. Hes around the ball ALL the time. Sean Lee & Bruce Carter are the top LBs duos in football

  5. As long as he doesn’t get blocked by 200lb receivers (Golden Tate!) he will be fine. Remember one thing, Sean Lee. Head on a swivel! That fool got knocked the eff out by Tate!

  6. I don’t know where these people have been calling Lee overrated and a back up. He’s easily a top 3 or 5 ILB in the NFL. If he doesn’t get hurt last season, he’s All-Pro. Injuries happen, it’s football. But from what we’ve seen in his time, he’s one the best draft picks the cowboys have had in the last 10 years. On that note, if he and Carter can both stay healthy, you’re looking at the two new stud LB’s in the NFL. Take notice!

  7. kingpin512 says:Jul 11, 2013 10:42 AM

    backup linebacker??! what is this dude talking about he led the league in tackles before he got hurt. Hes around the ball ALL the time. Sean Lee & Bruce Carter are the top LBs duos in football

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA And Cowboy Fans wonder why they will never win another SuperBowl ever again. Thanks For proving that Cowboy fans are truly blinded by stupidity. Sean Lee seriously

  8. You can always tell what “fans” really never played the game.budklostermand does not remember that Tate got his best shot and Lee only missed 3 plays, one due to the timeout and two more plays while he went through the new NFL concussion exam. He then came back and made seven more tackles. When a player does take his eyes off the runner…he actually is being a wimp. The player who keeps going after the runner ,while reckless, is really the guy laying it all out.

  9. There are no more ignorant fans in all of sports than Cowboy “haters”. Sean Lee is a beast and if you don’t see that, you shouldn’t be allowed to watch football, let alone comment on it.

  10. “Backup Linebacker” hah! Thanks for the laugh! Anyone with half a brain can tell Lee is going to be great for years to come, guess you can’t say the same about Fletcher. What do you have left with him? Another year, maybe two or three if you’re lucky?

  11. dude is an absolute stud. he played a broken wrist last year? I can’t imagine locking up with 320 lb pulling guards with a broken wrist. steel balls.

  12. Sean Lee is a poor mans Stewart Bradley. Seriously. Lee is a joke, Watch him closely, cant shed blocks and always gang tackles and is so lazy he gets up last and makes you think he got there first. Nevermind, please sign him Jerry. With Romo as the Offense of leader and Lee as the D leader no wonder cowboys destined to the bottom of the East.

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