Seahawks claim former 49ers long snapper off waivers


The Seattle Seahawks claimed former San Francisco 49ers long-snapper Kyle Nelson off waivers and released wide receiver Charly Martin on Thursday.

Nelson is the second long-snapper Seattle has brought in this offseason to compete with incumbent Clint Gresham. Gresham has been very consistent for Seattle in his first three seasons but signed a $1.323 million tender offer as a restricted free agent and the Seahawks may not want to devote extra money to a long-snapper. They also gave Adam Steiner a look after he was released by Oakland in May.

Martin appeared in four games with one start for Seattle last season. He caught four passes for 42 yards for the season. Seattle still has 13 receivers on the roster heading into training camp.

52 responses to “Seahawks claim former 49ers long snapper off waivers

  1. The news I am happy about is Charlie Martin is cut… May be a good guy but you can see him on the field that he isn’t a quality NFL player. But 1.3 million to a long snapper, he’s the highest paid in the league by 100 K Seattle has to change that.

  2. How does a 49ers fan change a lightbulb?

    They don’t, they just talk about how good the old one was.


  3. At least we have a lightbulb. How many do you have? Seahawks fans need to be drug tested too. Too much trash talk to fill their empty trophy case

    thefox61 says:
    Jul 11, 2013 11:17 PM
    How does a 49ers fan change a lightbulb?

    They don’t, they just talk about how good the old one was.


  4. Long-Snapper intrigue, eh? It’s times like this when a preseason toilet bowl between the two worst teams in the NFL starts to seem like the Super Bowl

  5. @ thefox61

    At least the Niners have ‘lightbulbs’ to speak of… Sh*thawks have been in the dark since 75.

    Top to bottom, past to present, Hawks dont even sniff the success the 49ers have tasted. Adderal is what you’re tasting.

  6. How do Seahawk fans change a light bulb?

    They don’t, they just talk about how they *wish* they could have even just one

    Go Niners!

  7. Yawn. Harbaugh had his chance when he inherited a great team in its prime. They are getting older in key positions and Seattle trounced them in the last meeting. The Chickens are coming home to roost for Harbaugh- he won’t last much longer in the league with his hypocrisy.

  8. How does a Seachicken fan change a lightbulb? They don’t, they just keep saying they will.

  9. How many Seattle Seahawks fans does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None. Lava lamps don’t burn out man!

    Why do Seattle Seahawks fans keep their season tickets on their dashboards?

    So they can park in handicap spaces.

  10. How does a seahawk change a lightbulb?I dont know …Theyve been trying to change the same one for 30 years….lames

  11. When your biggest roster problem in the off season is a long snapper battle you know your team is stacked. If this team stays relatively healthy It’s gonna be a machine

  12. thefox61 says: Jul 11, 2013 11:17 PM

    How does a 49ers fan change a lightbulb?

    They don’t, they just talk about how good the old one was.


    I guess its dark in your house

  13. Hey geneuwine, newsflash! The 49ers do it too. They signed ex-Seahawks TE Cameron Morrah and then released him a short while later.

    This is a common practice in the league as well. Get over yourself and quit grasping for straws to hate on the ‘Hawks.

    Also, you’re kidding yourself if you honestly believe any team would try to extract information from a long-snapper, let alone one who wasn’t with the rival team for very long.

    He is being brought in to compete with the incumbent Clint Gresham because Carroll believes in competition at every position and Gresham is making a lot of money.

  14. BTW, cute “keep trying” comment. Does 42-13 ring a bell? We’re primed and ready to beat you guys up again.

    Nobody cares about your 20+ year old titles big hoss. Its time to live in the now.

  15. How is a player that never played a snap for the 49ers a former 49ers player? I’m sure those mini-camp special teams meetings will somehow leak vital information to a division rival.

  16. I see this as a wise choice. The Hawks are going to have to spread their money wisely the next couple years to accommodate the upcoming contracts with all of these probowl potential players. Although this year they really have all of the tools needed to get their first Lombardi. Just gotta go out there and do it. Go Hawks

  17. geneuwine says: Jul 11, 2013 11:16 PM

    Of course they did. Seattle once again trying to fleece ex-49ers players and failed GMs to get an angle to win. Keep trying…


    That failed GM as you say, basically put together the roster you have now. So you basically disrespect your own team wise-guy. Unless you think AJ Jenkings and the whole bust class of 2012 is about to do anything.

  18. @ thefox61:

    Failed attempt at levity. First off, the Niners at least HAVE an old one to reminisce about. And second, at the present moment, the Niners are two time defending division champs and defending NFC Champs. Something your Hawks cannot claim. So until your team wins the division and goes farther, you will be paper champions. Oh and yes, I remember.. 42-13. Yeah, yeah. Bask in the glory of that game. That’s all you have to brag about.

  19. LS that is the position guy I would go after if I was looking for inside info on a team. Are you niner fans that afraid that you think every move is about you? He is a LS that was available, we had too many WR’s, so why not see if we can save a few hundred K, and keep the guy. It is not like he has this huge playbook he can give us the scoop on. Snap the ball, and block the man on, over, or help the guard to the right. Maybe Pete is such a bad coach he needed Jimmy to help him figure out a blocking scheme, and this was the best way to do it, without asking.

  20. The Seahawks and Niners are trying to out-free agent-sign each other. The will both end up with messed up locker rooms with zero chemistry. Rams will win the division.

  21. Jul 11, 2013 11:17 PM
    How does a 49ers fan change a lightbulb?

    They don’t, they just talk about how good the old one was.



    Lets say there were 2 people… Both who are doing really well in school as of right now. Both respect each others intelligence, and when competing against one another, they actually make each other better. They’ve taken tips from one another, and formed similar study habits as well. One student is from San Fran, the other from Seattle – but both go to NFL University. Despite the respect San Fran has for Seattle, being a worthy student, Seattle mocks him for getting beat on a meaningless test; thereby calling him stupid. Seattle has beaten San Fran more often in the last decade; this is true. But San Fran has caught up and even exceeded within relevance of the past two years. Seattle however is hung up on the fact that they destroyed them on a meaningless test at the end of the semester, even though San Fran went further academically. It’s moments like this where San Fran needs to remind Seattle that they are not threatened by losing a meaningless test. They must remind them that the recent test doesn’t make Seattle a genius. They must remind Seattle that San Fran has 5 masters degrees at the NFL university. So Seattle should reconsider who they are comparing themselves through as they are toiling away in summer school.

    And how do we change a light bulb? We let the power die, tell a Seattle fan how great it is, so they can take it out for us and put it in their place as an upgrade to their already dim place. By taking our scraps, they’ve convinced themselves of being assured a bright future (pun intended)

  22. thefox61 says:
    Jul 11, 2013 11:17 PM
    How does a 49ers fan change a lightbulb?

    They don’t, they just talk about how good the old one was.



    Not quite. We’ve got a laser in Kaepernick, so why would we bother with a flashlight like Lil Russ?

  23. Why did Seattle sign him to a $1.323M tender offer if they don’t intend to pay him?

    There’s something very wrong with the practice of signing a player, which immediately rules out any other NFL employment option for the player, only to cut them loose when they may no longer have a chance to compete for a spot on another roster.

    If the NFL worked like every other business in the country, the normal reciprocal practice would be that a player could give 30 days notice, and switch to another employer (team) with a better job offer.

  24. @thefox61……lol….good one. They’ve all been good bulbs. Historic in their awesomeness. We are currently out shopping for more….want some tissues while we’re out so you can cry some more about the one Pittsburgh stole from you?

  25. That makes how many ex-49ers the Seahawks have signed under the Carroll regime? If you can’t beat them, join them (or sign their players and learn their secrets) I guess….

  26. Its absolutely HYSTERICAL that Niners fans are STILL talking about Adderall when Ah-MAD Brooks assaulted his OWN TEAMMATE in a drunken stupor!

    Stay stupid Niners fans.

  27. @jwag777, Carroll and Schneider are always bringing in heaps of players to compete at every position but many of them don’t stick.

    The only ex-49ers of note we have are FB Michael Robinson and Scot McCloughan in the front office.

    If you’re counting Chris Maragos and Brett Swain (who both barely played for the Niners), they might not even make the team.

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your BS.

  28. Can’t wait tell Week 2 of the Season……….I am betting the Hawks turn/change out the light bulbs of a few 49r’s.

  29. LOL! Why so serious? It’s just a joke people. All NFL teams have had great teams and players both past and present. And we root for them, through thick and thin, no matter what. That’s why we are fans. Nothing anybody says can change that. In fact my joke proves it. If anything it demonstrated how much each fan base loves they’re team. It also shows how needlessly hurtful we are towards others. The joke is an observation based in fact (how fans love to reminisce of the “glory days”) but was directed towards 49ers fans. Nothing was said to tear you or your team down. Yet some of you choose to direct your hatred and anger towards someone you don’t know because you didn’t like a joke. Wow! Kind of sounds like the Aaron Hernandez thing.

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