Thursday morning one-liners


The Bills think they have plentiful options in the passing game.

The Dolphins released their training camp schedule.

Taking a closer look at what Patriots QB Tim Tebow needs to do to make the roster.

The Jets haven’t had a 10-sack season from a player since 2005.

Donovan McNabb thinks Ravens RB Ray Rice fumbles too much (and Rice probably thinks McNabb barfs too much).

The Bengals will kick off their training camp practice schedule with a pep rally, but they won’t charge fans for it this year.

The Browns aren’t expected to dip in the supplemental draft pool this year.

Steelers CB Cortez Allen talks about the pressure of competing for a starting job.

Texans WR Lestar Jean is trying to prove he’s ready for a bigger role this year.

The voting list for the all-time Colts center is a short one, since they had a two fixtures.

Officials at Fulham aren’t commenting about reports Jags owner Shad Khan is close to buying the English soccer club.

Titans S Bernard Pollard says he’s seeing a bond among his new teammates.

A Broncos spokesman said the team’s recent DUI arrest spree was “bigger than football.”

Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop isn’t irrelevant when he’s back home in South Carolina

Two former Raiders scouts are suing the team for age discrimination.

The Chargers are revamping their team meeting room during the offseason.

Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray doesn’t want to talk about the team’s past.

A breakdown of Giants WR Victor Cruz’s new contract.

How Chip Kelly will use WR DeSean Jackson will be one of the most closely watched elements of training camp.

The Redskins’ offensive line has found continuity.

The Bears are expecting big things from their backs.

A look at the options the Lions have for the cap space created by QB Matt Stafford’s extension.

The Packers’ Family Night scrimmage has sold out.

Vikings DE Jared Allen is learning the ropes of running a charity.

Falcons CB Robert McClain has made strides, and has a chance to lock down a regular job in a remade secondary.

Another look at how much read option running the Panthers should be doing.

The stories behind Saints S Kenny Vaccaro’s tattoos.

How the Stafford extension impacts Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman in a contract year.

Taking a look at how the Cardinals’ OT position stacks up in the division (hint: poorly).

In the opinion of Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the outlook is bright for the Rams this season.

One way 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick can get people off his back about his hat is by wearing nothing at all.

A look at why the Seahawks’ special teams could improve after releasing returner Leon Washington.

9 responses to “Thursday morning one-liners

  1. Vikings DE Jared Allen is learning the ropes of running a charity.


    I’m impressed with Jared Allen. The simple fact that a player of his caliber plays in front of those lavender Larry kooks in MN should be charity enough on his part.

  2. Is anyone else tired of Donovan Mcnabb on NFL network. Dude is a hater of everyone. Definitely comes across as bitter.

  3. Taking a closer look at what Patriots QB Tim Tebow needs to do to make the roster.


    Um, play TE?


    Donovan McNabb thinks Ravens RB Ray Rice fumbles too much


    Says the man responsible for numerous turnovers against the Bucs in the 2002 season NFC Championship game.

  4. I think McNabb threw to many bounce passes to wide open receivers in big games. McNabb needs to shut his mouth. He was one of the most overrated QBs of this era.

  5. those scouts should of been fired by the Raiders years ago!i bet they are responsible for putting the bug in Als head to draft Darius Heyward Bay Jamarcus Russell and Rolando McClain

  6. damn does McNabb say anything that isn’t a) an over exaggeration and b) a negative assessment? For a guy who thought he was unfairly criticized during his career, McNabb sure hands out his fair share of unwarranted, unfair criticism.

  7. bobnelsonjr says: Jul 11, 2013 3:53 PM

    “How many teams can sell out the stadium for a scrimmage?

    Only the Green Bay Packers!!”

    The rest of us have lives that don’t entirely revolve around the Packers.

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