Brian Orakpo plans to “rip it up” this year


Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo wasn’t part of the team’s run to the NFC East crown last season after tearing his pectoral muscle in the second game of the season.

With so much time to rehab the injury before the 2013 season, Orakpo is now fully healthy — “I’m 100, 200, 300 [percent]—whatever that number may be” — and ready to resume his role as a pass rusher for the Redskins defense. With his contract in its final year, Orakpo plans to make up for lost time in a major way.

“I’m going to rip it up this year. I have high expectations,” Orakpo said, via the Redskins website. “I want to win, be in contention for Defensive Player of the Year, get Comeback Player of the Year.”

It’s not the first time Orakpo has made it known that winning hardware is on his mind and he believes the time on the sideline last year has made him a smarter player, although that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a completely different player. Orakpo recorded 28.5 sacks over his first three seasons, but has heard criticism from those who thinks he doesn’t use a wide enough variety of moves to escape the grasp of blockers. Orakpo said he knows what works for him and that he’s going to continue doing it.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m going to continue being a powerful, edge pass rusher. I do have counter moves, inside stuff like that, but you have to know what type of player you are. You don’t want to go out there and look stupid trying to imitate someone else,” Orakpo said. “I could care less what people say. You just have to go out and do your thing. Believe in what your coaches are critiquing you on your game, and try to establish that on Sundays.”

The criticism is a fair one, although Orakpo has been effective during his career and there’s no doubt that the Orakpo of old would have been a big boost to the Redskins defense last season. His healthy return in 2013 should have that effect, even if he falls short of the awards he’s targeting.

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  1. Having both Orakpo and Kerrigan on the field at the same time makes this defense much more formidable. I hope he does “rip it up”. Not to mention it’s a contract year.

  2. Brian,

    You can’t be 300% unless there are three of you. 100% is the maximum. If it turns out to be better than your previous estimation of 100% then it doesn’t go above 100%, it is just 100% of a larger pool.

    Hopefully that can clear up your determination of a number, as there seemed to be slight confusion.


    PS – Your Geico commercials annoy me so much more than I can even explain. Just stop already.

  3. Steelerben,

    Since you seem interested in what a player from my team does/says, maybe you can shed some light on someone from your team.

    If B Roth goes out one night and has “consensual” sex with three women, his batting average for the night is 1.000 correct?

    But what if two of the three claim that nothing about the sex was consensual? Does that drop his batting average to .333, or because he still got his, does his average remain at 1.000?

    -No one cares what you think of Rak, Geico commercials, or the Skins.

  4. I’m a Redskins fan, and to me Orakpo thinks too highly of his ability. He has some, but he’s not elite. The best a defensive coordinator can do via scheme is get you a one on one matchup with an offensive lineman or running back. The coordinator can’t scheme you a free run at the QB very often. So he should win more often than not against non-elite offensive linemen and he should win almost always against a running back. However, that doesn’t happen. I’ve watched him get stoned by both–consistently. He needs to develop something other than the speed and bull rush. If he has different moves, I haven’t seen them very often–when he is playing.

  5. jonevans511,

    I live in Northern Virginia and watch all of the Redskin games, even though I am not a fan. Comcast Sportsnet also constantly assaults me with the “Scrabble in the park with the Geico caveman” ad about every eight seconds when I am trying to watch Capitals games. I hope this clears up some of the confusion as to why I have an opinion about your team. I regret any personal offense, as I was unaware you recently purchased the team.

    In regards to your question about mathematics the variable in your equation remains undefined. If we are trying to determine the percentage of consensual partners, then your one out of three example does equate to 33%, or .333, however if you are determining the batting average based upon the number of times copulation was successfully completed it would remain at the 1.000 that you determined at the very beginning.


    PS – I root for the laundry.

  6. You have to love the Redskins. Fans, and players love to talk. Talk, talk, talk. Cheap meaningless talk from a team that has done little over the the last two decades and played a LAST place schedule.

  7. Hopefully not the same was his brother decided to go out and rip it up here in Fort Collins i.e. going around beating up anyone he perceived to be gay.
    I guess his brother should have been the one playing the caveman in those commercials.
    Hopefully he enjoys jail and being kicked off the CSU football team.
    Hopefully Brian is a little smarter and classier than his cro mag brother but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were pretty similar dudes.

  8. Anyone who sets a low goal isn’t doing it right. The point is to set the goal so high that even failure to attain it forces you to go above and beyond what may be been possible. Most people here don’t understand that, because their goals are nothing more than to incite internet chaos and hate on their opponents. However, in the real world….high achievers set goals like this each and every day. It’s why they are winners.


    My friend, if you think he is “consistently” stoned by OTs and RBs….you are obviously not watching the games. Not only would an offensive team leave a RB on Orakpo exactly 0% of the time….but nearly 100% of the time he must face both the tackle and a chip from a RB or TE. Yet he still averages just about 10 sacks per year anyway. Open your eyes, son.

    Rak and Kerrigan were putting up some gaudy pressure/hit/sack numbers in the first few games of the season last year before Rak got injured. It was just a sign of things to come. Book it.

  9. and demarco murray said he can run for 2k this year, and some other guy said he will be def mvp. they all talk a lot. only the best actually do it though.

  10. steelerben says: Jul 12, 2013 9:11 AM
    ou can’t be 300% unless there are three of you. 100% is the maximum. If it turns out to be better than your previous estimation of 100% then it doesn’t go above 100%, it is just 100% of a larger pool.
    What an ass.

    Moreover, three Orakpos wouldn’t be 300% recovered. Each one would be 100% recovered. And 100% is not an estimation, it’s a fixed number. If you build an Ikea chair and you’re finished, you’ve built 100% of the chair, if Orakpo has no lingering effects of his injury, he’s 100% recovered. There’s no larger pool, you can’t exceed 100%, period. Learn math.

  11. toonloonboon says: Jul 12, 2013 10:54 AM

    and demarco murray said he can run for 2k this year, and some other guy said he will be def mvp. they all talk a lot. only the best actually do it though.
    champ1118 says: Jul 12, 2013 9:58 AM

    I’m a Redskins fan, and to me Orakpo thinks too highly of his ability.
    Rip it up is a pretty relative expression; it’s kind of hard to rag on someone for being “all talk” when all they said is that they’re planning to play really well this year.

  12. Rak- You sir are poised for a 15 sack season. When you get it, and the Redskins win the Super Bowl on the heels of one of the most dominant defensive runs in postseason history… I want you to slap every democrat you see during your white house visit:)


  13. @steelerben:

    If you are not a Redskins fan, why do you watch all of their games? Surely you can find something else to do on a Sunday afternoon in the fall.

    Despite their having “done little over the the last two decades” (yeah, you should probably proofread a bit before posting) as you say, there are still only 4 teams in the NFL with more championships than the Redskins. Unless you are a fan of one of those teams, you have no room to talk.

  14. @dutchkindelberger – I like football. I live where the Redskins are the home team. I watch the Redskins.

    @thirdistheworrd – The estimation lies in how healed Orakpo is. If he believes that he is at 100% and then his situation improves, it is not more than 100%, it is just 100% of a larger pie. If a company sets a goal of reaching 10,000 sales and they sell 10,000 units, that is 100% of the goal. If that same company instead sells 30,000 units, that is 300% of their goal. Assuming that returning to 100% healthy is the goal, the only way to achieve 300% would be to heal to 100% three times over, or have three people. The logic is there.

    As a side note, many of you need to grow a sense of humor.

  15. @officialgame. I’m sure you are aware that unless you are actually “ON” a team, you too, are participating in “meaningless talk”. That is what ALL fans do. Orakpo simply stated he has goals. You are just hating. I’d rather listen to HIS “meaningless talk”.

  16. He means he’s gonna rip his pectoral muscle again……or maybe he’ll go triceps this time….ACL? Hmmm so many options

  17. Met Rakpo in Pentagon City on Mother’s Day earlier this year. He couldn’t have been nicer – he asked about my nephew’s age and was kinda enough to pose with us for a picture. Hope he records 16 sacks this year!

  18. Hey steelerben, It’s called “hyperbole” look it up. Redskins are winning the Super Bowl this year. The fact that we’re receiving this much hate further reinforces my convictions. It’s so on.

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