Chip Kelly thinks it would be “unfair” to pick a QB too soon


Eagles coach Chip Kelly will take his time in choosing a starting quarterback, and he thinks he would be doing his team a disservice if he rushed the decision.

Kelly said the choice among Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley can come only after he has had plenty of time to assess the players in training camp.

“We’re going to have to name a starter at some point in time,” Kelly said, via “That’s why I think it would be unfair right now, because there hasn’t been enough situations to evaluate. If someone said, ‘Hey, we have to play a game tomorrow,’ we have to make a decision. But we don’t have to play a game tomorrow. We have until September 9, so we’ll see how it works itself out.”

Kelly thinks that when it’s all said and done, one quarterback will separate himself as the best.

“I’ve never been in a situation where we’ve had to make a decision and it’s like 50-50, pick it out of a hat,” Kelly said. “Somebody over the course of time has stepped up and has won the battle. That’s what you’re hoping to have happen again here, and hopefully it’s evident to everybody, like, ‘There’s no question that it’s this guy because his game stepped up.'”

All three quarterbacks will get a full training camp to step up.

52 responses to “Chip Kelly thinks it would be “unfair” to pick a QB too soon

  1. I’m agree with Kelly..Vick has to suck it up…. He’s the only one of the QB’s that has voiced his concern because he knows he has competition and can’t handle it.

  2. Honestly I think they should start Vick just to see what he can do in that offense. By game 6 or so if he isnt playing well, then start Barkley, unless the Foles looks good. That would also mean they would keep 3 QBs on their roster.

  3. Chip Kelly leaves the Oregon football program in shambles and moves to the NFL Eagles without any penalties. He deserves to burden some of the blame.

  4. Class act not giving in to surrounding pressure . He’s right the cream will rise to the top. How can you evaluate with out full contact work outs and pads hence we have pre season. Way to go Chip it’s your team I think you will do well.

  5. What we do know is two things: Vick can’t make it through a full season anyhow — and he is neither Eagles nor Kelly’s QB of the future.

  6. Then he jumped up and down squealing, “over here … over here … look at me … over here.”

  7. Sure, the NFL is all about being fare. Great Job coach! I can see the Eagles having suuuuuuuuuch a great season with you at the helm. You are already off to a greeeeeeeeaaaat start. Wow, how has this franchise never won a superbowl?

  8. He’ll dictate the Starting QB by the Preseason Minutes each of them get, My guess Vick wins it due to the Offense he’ll be running, but who knows and who cares, the Eagles aren’t relevant.


  9. Chip wants the old give it the college try. Work for your position everyday or lose it. More coaches in NFL need this approach on teams. Chip has the all business attitude.

  10. There is A LOT of pressure on the “dream team” to step up and make it to the playoffs this year. Should be interesting to see if they can finish above 8-8 this year.

  11. perfectly stated by the coach but some media types will declare he has to start Vick because they paid him. They will say the competition is between Vick and Foles eliminating the Q.B. that has started everywhere he ever played. then there will be the faction that said he will need Vick to run a Chip Kelly offense ( LIKE THEY KNOW WHAT A KELLY OFFENSE IS). Yo chip don’t tell me anything find a way to put the best players on the field, and go WIN something.

  12. Vick’s the guy, Chippy just aims to re-motivate him – When Vick’s got something to prove, he always tears it up. When he’s “proven” and paid, he tends to try to do too much while being seriously underprepared.

    Why else would they retain him? Especially with all that Vick Drama to end off last season.

    Foles is alright, and Chip would make a fit between him and the play-calling, however IMO, he is not the ultimate plan.

    I think it will take Matty Barks a bit of time to do some lifestyle adjusting. Dude is getting married and just moved North. He’s go to get homeostatic and then he’ll perhaps blossom.

  13. @dlbpatsfan## Yea you got to luv his coaching style and philosophy- especially when he leaves OREGON with a penalty of 3 years probation and lucky not to be bowl ban among other things..SMH.

  14. Vick doesn’t have the temper to sit on the bench. If they weren’t going to start him they would have already cut him.


    …….maybe they still will.

  15. Well, he has at least 4 choices to pick from. Pity the Vikings, they don’t have a qB, they don’t have a Qb competition, they just have a draft bust.

  16. Don’t doubt this guy. He’s a mad scientist. I’m no fan of Oregon,their fans are like eagel fans that got lost in the forest while high in mushrooms. However his teams are aggressive and disciplined , like organized criminals. Beware NFC east

  17. bobleblah says:
    Jul 12, 2013 9:00 AM
    Vick doesn’t have the temper to sit on the bench. If they weren’t going to start him they would have already cut him.

    Put Vick on the bench and a temper tantrum or pouting will ensue. Nice huh?

  18. is something wrong with a player actually earning their position ???

    what regular Joe is handed a job based on their name ???

    Keep fighting, may the best men win.

  19. Alot of the posters on here are delusional!!! When Chip Kelly devised this fast tempo offense who do you think he envisioned as the poster child/prototype QB to run it? Mike Vick thats who!! When he accepted the Eagles job do you think he had visions of MV7 circa 2010-11 or Nick Foles running his offense? I know its cute to come up with all kinds of snarky remarks about Vick’s performance last season but did anyone watch that poor excuse called an OFFENSIVE LINE? They lost 4 outta 5 STARTING O-LINEMEN, not that the starters were that great to begin with!!!Haha But somehow all the blame came crashing down on Vick. Vick did a very honorable thing by taking a pay cut to show appreciation to Lurie for giving him an opportunity. And NO he didn’t have to take a pay cut and there are certainly several teams that would of paid him handsomely to sell out stadiums and sell a boat load of jerseys!!!!

  20. I can’t wait to watch this all implode during the season. This guy is so smug, like he’s going to come in and show these NFL coaches how it’s supposed to be done. I so want him to go down.

  21. Who cares about fair or unfair.. The fact of the matter is it’s July and Chip wants to evaluate all options. There is no benefit to naming a starter now. Not saying that Foles is better or worse. but Vick is not one of the upper-echelon QBs in this league (or even in the top half) that he is untouchable.

  22. @bigblu73,

    You are the delusional one. Vick did have to take a pay cut if he didn’t he would have been outright released. There was no way the Eagles were going to pay Vick the full $15.5 million.

  23. As a skins fan, I’m glad that they are going to wait till they pick a starter. The fewer reps the starter has throughout training camp to get on the same page with their receivers and learn the offense, the better! I hope he waits till sept. 8 to decide, split reps with all 3! Lol

  24. Matt Barkley. *Snuffle*

    Foles could very well the starter gig. Vick might on pure name recognition. Matt Barkley has a zero point zero percent chance of winning the starting gig in philly, now or ever. He is a complete fraud of an NFL quarterback prospect.

  25. Vick/Foles I LEAD Scores:


    Intelligence: 3
    Leadership: 5
    Effort: 7
    Athleticism: 9
    Durability: 2
    Total: 26


    Intelligence: 8
    Leadership: 8
    Effort: 9
    Athleticism: 4
    Durability: 7
    Total: 36

    Sorry MV, clipboard is yours.

  26. i love the negative comments from cowboys fans. as long as romo is your qb and jerry jones is gm and excessively meddles, your team won’t go anywhere. cowboys pretty much haven’t done squat in romo era. and now your defense is getting older. no one has called out the cowboys as underachieving frauds. every yr the media gives them a shot. what a joke.

    remember 2 yrs ago in late season home gm vs jints ? all romo has to do is connect on a short fly route over the d back, and cowboys solidify playoff spot and jints are pretty much dead. but romo overthrows. pretty much sums up the romo era.

  27. Poor Mike “if I ever get the chance, I will prove the whole world wrong” Vick….looks like his dream of redemption and leading the Eagles to the promised land with all God’s grace and glory; is now going straight down the sh**ter. Bless his murdering, torturing, psychopathic heart. we be htt8r nation

  28. @ irish grey..

    I’m with you on that.
    the term “regular Joe” was added for that reason.
    I’ve seen people literally handed companies..

    but that doesn’t mean the owner had the best interest of the company in mind.

    Chip needs to win.
    he needs the best players on the field.

    I certainly believe that at this point, he doesn’t have a concrete answer on who that is.

  29. @ Geo1113— The biggest part of Reading is COMPREHENSION. I stated that there are several other teams that would pay Vick more than his cut rate Eagles Salary. No matter how you feel about Vick, he still packs stadiums everywhere and is constantly among the top jersey sales every season.

  30. “I just got here,” he said. “Who was the starting quarterback last year going into camp for the 49ers? And who was the starting quarterback who finished the season? Who was the starting quarterback [in camp] for the Seattle Seahawks? Matt Flynn. Who was the starting quarterback [at the end of the season]? Russell Wilson. Now, (Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll) are two guys that I respect the heck out of, I’ve coached against both of those guys. They’re tremendous coaches. They named their starting quarterback and then they had a competition, and the other guy won the job. If I name one, what am I going to gain? How do I name him in my position? We’ve been out there in shorts and T-shirts since April 1, and I’m going to name a starting quarterback out of that? They haven’t been hit, there’s been no rush, I don’t think it’s fair.”

    Meanwhile, Kelly said, the competition for the position is never over, even after a starter has been named.

  31. Vick is used to coaches who coddle QBs. He was treated with kid gloves in Atlanta. Reid had previously given McNabb a contract extension when Donnie went batsh*t crazy that the Eagles had the nerve to draft Kolb. Reid took on Vick after the dogfighting came to light and coddled him again.

    Now he’s got a coach used to college kids who generally shut up and do what they’re told so they can get their opportunity in the nfl. I don’t think Kelly is going to coddle any of these guys. He came to the nfl to win on the sport’s biggest stage, not to hold hands with Vick and sing kumbaya.

    I think Vick is in for some rude surprises and he will either not be the starter in week 1 or he’ll be relegated to backup or cut just a few games into the season.

  32. Kelly thinks he is in Oregon still.

    Preseason games start in less than a month so it would make sense to know who your starter is in order to preserve him from getting pounded during meaningless games. Don’t they at least have a depth chart?

    Good grief. Kelly is a tool.

  33. It’s going to be VICK!! All this is just for show. High tempo offense?? Lets see…Vick outran Shady in the 40…Foles and Barkley wear cement cleats. If the play breaks down, who do u want? It’s gotta b Vick.

  34. Champion-Chip did not leave the Oregon program in shambles, Oregon is as strong as it’s ever been! Chip will keep you entertained and isn’t that what you want as a football fan?

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