Dannell Ellerbe wants to create his own legacy in Miami


When Ray Lewis announced near the end of the 2012 season that he would not be returning to the Ravens in 2013, many believed that Dannell Ellerbe would be charged with establishing himself in the shadow of the legacy Lewis left in Baltimore. 

Things didn’t work out that way, however. The Dolphins offered Ellerbe more money and he took his talents to South Beach as a result, leaving the Ravens to look in other directions at inside linebacker and leaving Ellerbe to take a crack at carving out his own place in Miami. 

“At the end of the day, it’s all about making a name for yourself and going somewhere where you can start your own legacy,” Ellerbe told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “I just feel like that’s where I was at in my career. I got the blessing from Ray. It don’t matter what anybody else thinks.”

Since the Dolphins offered more money, it’s fair to wonder just how much of a role setting his own legacy played in Ellerbe’s decision but he certainly has a chance to construct one that has nothing to do with what Lewis accomplished during his career. If Ellerbe should “help knock off” the Patriots in the AFC East in his first season, part of the reason he thinks he was brought to Miami, the linebacker’s legacy project will be off to a very good start. 

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  1. He had 69 solo tackles and 4.5 sacks last year. Why does that merit throwing huge contract at him and caring about everything he says?

  2. If the Patriots were every ripe to be knocked off… It appears to be this season.

    Sad that even with all their losses… I still am skeptical even one of the other teams in the division can step up and seize the opportunity.

  3. The only player the Ravens wanted back according to Harbaugh and Newsome at the beginning of Free agency.

    He doesn’t have a whole lot of mileage on him and he replaced a much more expensive player.

  4. Ellerbe has nice speed but nowhere near the instincts or leadership ability of Ray Lewis. The Dolphins didn’t overpay like the Browns overpaid for Kruger, but they definitely overpaid. If he’s ever going to be compared to Ray Lewis it will be as as the poor man’s Ray Lewis. I hope he does well though. Would have liked to see him stay in Baltimore, but Oz is no fool.

  5. I’d much rather be in the shadow of Zach Thomas than Ray Lewis. Ellerbe will have fewer expectations and therefore a better chance to thrive. The Dolphins defensive line is pretty stout, eats up block nicely, and it is tough against the run. That should allow him to range a little more freely in a defense that is much less complex.

    Even if the win loss record isn’t as great, and that remains to be seen once the games start, he has certainly put himself into a much better position for personal success.

  6. I know jeff ireland is desperate to win to save his job but … 5 years / 35 million for Ellerbe is totally insane.

    If Ireland survives this year by the good fortune that the Dolphins have a winning rec, he will be the new Tannenbaum in 2 years when these contracts blow the heck up.

  7. Ray Lewis got credit for ALOT of Ellerbe’s tackles last year. I watched several games and noticed Ellerbe had a much greater impact on the game than Ray Lewis did. He will be a star.

  8. He seemed to be a pretty good player in Baltimore, but this is still pretty big talk from a guy that isn’t going to have the supporting cast around him that he had in Baltimore.

  9. Dolphins paid starter money for a 2nd stringer. No doubt Ellerbe has a ton of talent, but it was after an injury to 1st stringer, Jameel McClain in week 9, that Ellerbe was brought out of John Harbaugh’s doghouse. Discipline is the problem for Ellerbe, and like a dog off the lease he’s going to enjoy south beach! LMAO.

  10. You should play before you do so much talking. Ask a lot of other former Ravens linebackers who thought they were great and they were as a result of the scheme. (Adaleus Thomas, Bart Scott, etc…). Play football, prove your worth,and shut your mouth and if your going to make a legacy somewhere, let someone else say it, don’t make your own HOF jacket like someone else who won’t ever even smell the HOF.

  11. The Jets thought the same thing when they signed Bart Scott, and the Patriots with Adalius Thomas. Truth is Ray Lewis makes a lot of players look better than the are.

  12. I don’t know what will be more fun to watch on December 8. Roethlisbooger sucking wind while Mike Wallace tears up the Steelers swiss cheese secondary, or Ellerbee grinding Roethlisbooger into the urine soaked turf at Ketchup Stadium.

  13. ravens fans hatin on a catalyst to their championship run because he left, boohoo. yall must have been drinkin heavily during those playoffs, he was a playmaker.

  14. I loved Dannell when he was here. Wish he was coming back. But, that contract was too rich. He will never see all 5 years of it. Glad he cashed in. Hope he does well in Miami but no way I could justify a contract like that for him. He’s a very good player. Not a star. But very solid & he’s gonna help Miami win some games. He’d still look better in purple though…..

  15. Because Ellerbe missed I think 4 games or so and if he had plate in those game he probably would have had around 90-100 tackles and a few more sacks. Not saying that still warrants his huge contract but that’s the Dolphins thinking.

  16. He’s younger but is he better than Dansby? Would love to hear a Dolphins fan take on it.

    He was the one FA I really hated to see leave from B-more but I’ve been relieved to hear the news of J McClain’s health plus the off season moves in the spot and along the whole line. If they can gel fast enough this will be a real force.

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