Eagles 26th in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

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If the Philadelphia Eagles fail in 2013, it’s not going to be because they crumpled under the weight of high expectations.

After missing the postseason in each of the last two seasons, the Eagles check in at No. 26 in PFT’s 2013 Preseason Power Rankings.

We’re not the only ones cool on and curious about these Eagles. No one’s quite certain how Chip Kelly’s offense will work on the NFL level; sure, it tied teams in knots at Oregon, but this is the NFC East. You can reportedly count Ron Jaworski among the skeptical about the viability of Kelly’s offense.

Even if you believe the Eagles will be better than they were a season ago  . . . well, wasn’t that what so many were saying last summer?

If you’re on the Eagles’ bandwagon, well, let us know in the poll below and in the comments. And if you’re right, well, it’s going to be a nice feeling being ahead of the curve.

19 responses to “Eagles 26th in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

  1. This is all assuming that you and Jaws know what Chip’s offense is going to look like. I agree with the ranking though, expectations should be low considering they’re completely changing everything and no on (not even you or Jaws) knows what to expect.

  2. As long the cancer known as Michael Vick is on this roster, expect controversy, turnovers, incompetent play & losing. Every team Mike Vick has been on has been in disarray within 4-5 years of him showing up.

    This guy is an overrated cancer of a player that is known for getting coaches fired & fumbling or intercepting games away. This guy has NEVER been a big game QB & never will be. He rips teams apart with his me first attitude.

    As long as he is on my team’s roster, the birds will never win.

  3. Man was it less than three years ago Eagles fans were talking about Vick as ‘unstoppable’, ‘#1 QB in the League’, ‘greatest player in NFL history’; and just how many SBs the Eagles were going to win (1-2 were a given of course)… now Vick is a cancer, team destroyer, who will never win a big game. Harsh times in the City of Brotherly Love!

  4. When your coming off of two bad seasons, have issues at QB plus a rookie head coach the ranking is appropriate. That said I think they will finish the year ranked higher then that.

  5. Die-hard Eagles fan here. As long as Vick is the QB for this team (which no one is at the moment), then we’re in for some rollercoaster rides.

    I worry that the offensive package (whatever it might be) would suffer if Vick is named the starter, goes down, and they throw Foles in at that point. You can’t install 2 completely different offenses. It takes too long to install one.

    Here’s to hoping Foles is named the starter before the season starts!

  6. I just don’t understand why anyone believes a patched together defense will stop Eli Manning, RG3 or even Tony Romo. What does it tell you when a team cuts their two starting corners? The personnel have been drafted for a 4-3 defense (until this year) and they’re supposedly going to a 3 -4. The defense was horrible last year. Why expect better results in year one of a totally new plan? I’ll say this till I’m blue in the face – Kelly and company will need three drafts to right this ship.

  7. Completely agree with moose. I am sick of hearing from all the so called skeptics who say Chip Kelly’s offense won’t succeed. He is a smart guy and will Taylor his offense to his team and to confuse his opponents. Considering no one really knows what his “offense” is how can anyone criticize its effectiveness? Chip has plenty of nfl knowledge to know that a read option based offense will not be successful. I love what he is doing with the nutrition side of training, anything to gain an edge.

  8. I am a hopeful Eagles fan…but not a delusional one. I think they will be better than 26…but not much better. With so many changes and young players, you have to temper expectations. I am just hoping to improve…and beat the Cowboys…twice. OK, maybe I am a little delusional.

  9. The record notwithstanding, I feel this is pretty low for them. They still have some real playmakers on offense, particularly Shady McCoy and DeSean Jackson. It’s hard to predict, but I’ve got good feeling about Kelly’s approach. I’d have put the, above the Cowboys at least, and ahead of Carolina and the rest already below them on the list. I’d therefore put them around 24 or 23, but that’s not much of a squabble I suppose.

  10. i voted appropriate for all the reasons stated- vick’s play last year, installing new offensive system, switching to 34 defense, the general lack of success for college coaches in the nfl, and the team’s tendency to underperform the past few years.

    up front i am an eagle fan- but i think the eagles have enough talent to be better than the seventh worst team in the league. and i won’t be at all surprised if kelly cuts vick loose if he can’t run the uptempo offense.

  11. For those that are saying that Eagles’ fans once loved Mike Vick and have changed quickly about him are probably hypocritical themselves. I bet most of you hailed a player until they made bad mistakes again and again after having a good season. Cowboy’s fans and Tony Romo for example or Charger fans and Phillip Rivers. Also Jaws is dumb and if anyone actually thinks he is logical about anything, you need to find a new source. I’m excited about this year because it would be really hard to do worse than we did last season. I’m riding with any QB Kelly chooses! Eagles All Day!

  12. Kelly won’t be as stubborn like Reid. he’ll run the ball in the red zone. Run to set up the pass which will turn into touchdowns instead of field goals or turnovers

  13. Again……….I get it. You hate Vick because you love dogs., Fantastic. THAT DOES NOT MAKE NICK FOLES A GOOD QB. He won ONE game last year and that was thanks to a bizarre penalty flag in the final minute and Bryce Brown literally running for 175 yards. He had 6 TDs on the season and 11 turnovers. Foles is a homeless man’s Bobby Hoying.

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