Fans want ex-players to be candid, then rip McNabb for being candid

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Plenty of fans complain that former NFL players won’t criticize current NFL players out of deference to their former brethren.  But then when one of the former players is willing to criticize current players, the former player gets criticized for it.

Donovan McNabb, who now works for NFL Network and NBC Sports Radio, is paid for his opinions.  And yet when McNabb gives his opinions, he gets ripped for it.

So why is it happening?  For starters, McNabb was heavily criticized throughout his career, by the media and at times other players.  The sense that McNabb underachieved as a player seems to still hover over him, causing folks who already don’t like him to look for any reason to criticize him again, even when he’s doing the very thing that so many fans crave — criticizing current players.

Also, McNabb has developed a reputation, right or wrong, for whining.  To plenty of fans, his opinions don’t come off as the analysis of a former player now paid to share his views but as an extension of the perceived whining that happened during his career.

In recent months, McNabb has criticized Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s new contract, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s handling of his knee injury, and most recently Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford’s new contract.  As to Romo, McNabb had a point.  As to Griffin, McNabb had a point.  As to Stafford, McNabb has a point, even though his point overlooks the leverage Stafford had via an exorbitant contract signed two years before the adoption of the rookie wage scale.

Regardless, McNabb’s job is to give opinions.  And he’s doing so in a way that too few former players do.  Those who have a knee-jerk reaction to complain about anything McNabb says or does should consider that before criticizing him the next time he criticizes someone.

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  1. I Tottaly agree ,, it’s his opinion he gets paid to speak about it,, everyone should jus chill stop nit picking about what the his says!!!

  2. This post makes the bad presumption that if one is candid and criticizes, that’s all that’s necessary to be correct. Just because one criticizes, doesn’t mean they’re accurate.

    This guy is a whiner, because he just happens to be.

    And about fans wanting ex-players to be candid, that’s also an incorrect assummption. Most fans would rather most ex-players get off tv and just go away. Most players are really bad at this. I’ll forgo listing the current usual suspects.

    Let’s just say that Howard Cosell was right about former players getting into media. They’re not automatically good just because they played the game. Most former players should just let it go.

  3. I applaud McNabb’s ability to have the stones to speak out and ignore people telling him that he should shut it. Too many Keyshawn Johnson’s out here as former players and not enough men who have valid points on key subjects.

    Keep it up.

  4. It is one thing for him to criticize one’s play but it is a whole different thing when he is talking about other’s contract. First he wouldn’t turn down the money either. Why call out the player for signing the best deal he could get? You expect Stafford to say no to it? Of course not, no one would. Criticize the team but in both cases you can go a long time before finding someone better and in both cases they are trying to lock up their QB so they can concentrate in other areas.

    Being candid is fine but don’t criticize others for something you would have done in the same position.

  5. Fans criticize McNabb because he is a hater who overvalues his career. he was a nice quarterback, but who is he to comment on Stafford’s skill set? As far as basic QB competencies, Matty is his superior.

    He had a lot of wins, but that is primarily due to a killer defense. When the defense faltered, so did Chunky Soup’s win totals.

  6. McNabb may not have had a H.O.f career but when your pd to spa job then that’s what u do. I’m sure he’s making close to 30K a month as Sapps monthly earnings came out when he filed bankruptcy & he makes $45K a month. Not a fan of McNabb but the man has a job to do so let him do it

  7. I 100% agree. It’s a joke how he’s doing his job and gets ripped apart for it. Much better than the guys who don’t have the guts to criticize.

  8. McNabb’s problem isn’t being candid. It’s his warped view of himself. He’s criticized Stafford for what he is guilty of… not really earning his contract. Then again, Donovan was always about Donovan. This is just a T.O.-esque grasp at trying to stay relevant.

  9. It’s not the fact that McNabb is criticizing, it’s the fact that it’s McNabb. No one gives a hoot what this racist thinks about anyone else’s business that isn’t his own. All I remember from McNabb is his pre Super Bowl media interview where he kept talking about possibly being the 2nd black to win a Super Bowl. I didn’t know we were keeping track of being anything but the first to do something. I’m the 146th white guy to order a number 10 at Burger King, what’s my prize? And jemele hill approves this message

  10. So, we should Kirsten to McCann? Or is this, by extension, telling us readers to listen to you? By the way, we don’t listen to McCann because he had no credibility. He had no credibility because he’s a whiner, an underachiever, and worst of all, arrogant when it comes to his own dellusion a of greatness. But thanks for trying to set us all straight!

  11. Florio,
    Being candid is one thing, but, being inaccurate is something else. He keeps saying Percy Harvin returns punts. I don’t think he ever returned punts. Kickoffs only. I have heard him say that three or four times. Then, his being “candid” (air quotes) wears thin for me and comes off more like envy and jealously. His almost stalking of RG3 was making me sick. He is one of the worst commentators on the NFL Network. I will not watch the shows he is on.

  12. No. What we want are analysts that actually do their homework, not make comments off the cuff without a shred of facts to back up their opinions.
    That’s what we want.

  13. I don’t deny him the right to voice his opinions; in fact I encourage it. I just wish must of his opinions weren’t so dumb.

  14. You just now discovered this? The man earned the right to say whatever he wanted from the day of his birth.

    He’s been criticized since the day he was drafted.

    That’s just a fact.

  15. How about mcNabb being flat out wrong? ” Ray Rice Fumbles too much?” maybe you could say that he has had unfortunate, uncharacteristic fumblers in playoff games, but Ray Rice is not a “fumbler”.

    Get the tone and tenor of the criticism right, get the facts right. Then people won’t be critical of your criticism,

  16. Thanks for the perspective. I’ve been beginning to get tired of his whining lately. I’ve been reading articles about McNabb’s comments, not really seeing his on-air comments. For us fans, sometimes his comments seem unsolicited, as if he called a journalist to complain. Remember when TO had his driveway press conference? Sometime these former-players-turned-commentators/opinionaters feel like TO in the driveway.

  17. Same could be said for a lot of people. Like Matt Millen criticizing…anybody in the NFL.

    Criticizing players doesn’t stop at retirement. Just because he gets paid to give advice and opinions doesn’t mean people have to take it.

    You ever consider that a lot of the players in the NFL might feel the same way. You know they are fans too. They just probably won’t be stupid enough to come out and say it.

  18. As a philadelphia fan I was a big fan of McNabb… Not every Philly fan hated him… But now this is a never ending story… McNabb cries and the media defends him against “mean Eagles fans”. All his “opinions” are a reflection of his insecurity… He comes off as a jealous whiner… Just reread those comments about the hall of fame

  19. Thank you for finally defending McNabb. Although he has been bashful as of late, he was nothing but class his whole career and is the most bashed player I can recall in recent memory.

  20. Maybe this also has to do with the fact that some players, whether its right or wrong, become generally loathed by NFL fans as a whole. And fans just don’t like having someone they loathe shoved in their faces constantly along with whatever that former player is whining about now.

    McNabb is a player who was and is despised by many fans. He is not respected by most fans and they just don’t want to hear what he thinks under any circumstances.

    NFLN, NBC and the rest need to wake up to the fact that just because someone played the game, they are far from always who fans want to see analyzing the game.

  21. You forgot a few other comments he made on Total Access. That the Eagles will recover quicker than the Chiefs, and that the Vikings will not win 10 games again because of Ponder. So, he slams a former coach, the guy who took his job in Minnesota, the guy who is winning in Washington (something he couldn’t do), and 2 QBs that make more than he did. Sounds more like sour grapes than a valid opinion.

  22. mcnabb is dumb, not candid.

    saying things like ray rice has a fumbling problem is not candid, it’s wrong. rice’s fumbles/per touches is always close to best in the nfl, yet mcnabb says he has a fumbling problem.

  23. Big difference between being candid and being a hypocrite. I always thought McNabb got a raw deal from critics when he was playing but he’s the worst now that he’s the one dishing it out. It’s like he wants to show guys how bad he had it.

  24. If you are good at your job you can criticize your co workers but if you are just like your co workers you can’t criticize them.

  25. I’d like to meet these fans you
    speak of, who have longed to hear from superstar QB Donovan McNabb.

  26. The problem for McNabb launching criticism is that he does not usually have solid reasoning to back up his claims.

  27. Fans that B!tc# about players not following the scripted niceness comments are as lame as lawyers who write about a subject one way day 1 then a different way day 2…

    Everyone has to have something to complain about, even me!

  28. McNabb at one point was very good then became not so good he made it to one super bowl and thinks he knows something. Winners know what it takes since he didn’t win and didn’t set any records his opinion will be taken with a grain of salt.

  29. Florio makes a valid observation here, which leads me to a more general observation about some NFL “fans” who post to these pro-football discussion threads across the internet. Regrettably, this “knee-jerk reaction to complain about anything McNabb” isn’t limited to McNabb. Some “fans” will—and do—complain about and rip everything. Maybe they’re bitter. I’m reminded of the saying, “Misery loves company.” After all, there are many NFL teams that annually underperform. Prior to the Belichick-Brady era, I too was miserable. But that never prevented me from paying an opposing team or player—as warranted—something called a “compliment.” . Real NFL fans—i.e., those who love the game—also celebrate excellence, even if it’s not on their team.

  30. That’s the thing – as you said, he has a reputation for whining, which he arguably did throughout his career. When a whiner retires you figure you maybe won’t have to hear the whining any longer. Now he’s a paid NFL analyst, and he’s whining again about this or that. We thought we were done with this. That’s why he’s getting criticized. Just.. go away.

    The NFL’s willingness to pay him to speak doesn’t necessarily translate into fans wanting to hear any of it.

    And while it doesn’t relate to whining, I personally don’t want to hear NFL analysis from the guy who didn’t know the game could end in a tie.

  31. Yes…McNabb underachieved for years…with some of the worst receivers in the NFL. Please note my heavy sarcasm. As for McNabb the player, he wasn’t always clutch in big moments but when you look at how much he carried the Eagles for years and years with awful receivers I just can’t deny he was a great player without all the tools to succeed. The one year he had Owens in 2004 he showed how good he could be with a great receiver. He owns almost every important QB record for the Eagles. If you don’t like McNabb as a person, ok cool. I get it. But people should always remember that McNabb was on a team with some of the worst receivers in the NFL and paired with a coach that liked to pass more than anynteam in the NFL. McNabb often had to make chicken salad out of chicken, um, droppings. Florio makes a great point about fans wanting ex-players to criticize current players, but then rip McNabb for doing just that. McNabb was a great player who had/has a way of turning people off (come on Donovan, just admit you threw up in the Super Bowl. We all saw it and saying you didn’t doesn’t change the outcome of the game or your stat line).

  32. Yeah but McNabb is tough, he won’t take the personal attacks personally and it won’t slow him down. My money is on him continuing to contribute anything of worth he feels he has to contribute.

  33. 1. If McNabb is as unpopular with fans as it appears, maybe the fault lies with those who employ him, whether right or wrong.

    2. Stafford, RG3 and Romo are better QBs than McNabb.

    3. My hypothesis is that because McNabb finished 0-2 against the Lions with the Redskins, he has a vendetta against Stafford. Nothing more classic than seeing McNabb getting benched for the potential game-winning drive by…get this…REX GROSSMAN!

  34. Maybe if he hasn’t said so many other asinine things he wouldn’t be ripped when does have a point.

  35. its because fans don’t respect crybabies and certainly McNabb falls under that catagory. No interest in hearing from people who you have no respect for. (also you could include Warren Sapp, Deon Sanders and Tom Jackson). Although the other 3 were not crybabies, they are just idiots plain and simple.

  36. Florio has a point here, everyone bemoans the canned “protect the shield” nature of the NFL. I was never a huge eagles fan, but McNabb was a decent QB and maybe he will be a better commentator. A little truth from one who has been there/done that never hurts

  37. McNabb was boo’d by Philly fan the day he was drafted and for some reason that reputation stuck. Truth is, he put up borderline HOF numbers and was the main reason Philly made 4 (5?) consecutive NFC title games and a Superbowl. They never won the big one and I guess that didn’t help McNabb’s cause, but a lot of cities would’ve loved him for the success he had.

  38. hey Florio, check how many fumbles Ray Rice had last season… then check what McStats said about him… THAT is why we dont like McNabb. He’s an idiot

  39. Actually McNabb was never criticized for whining when he was player. He was criticized for NOT whining, as in NOT standing up for himself when he was criticized. He never stood up for himself to Rush Limbaugh. He never stood up for himself when criticized for losing the Superbowl. He was Andy’s puppet. He talked liked him, he acted like him, and he spat cliche’s like him. THATS why he was criticized. We actually would have preferred he whine more, showed a little heart, showed he cared. However, people just like to hate on him. Had he won ONE Superbowl, everyone’s opinion of him would be different. And that’s pathetic. People love to blame the Superbowl loss on him but they all forget David Akers, who was as clutch and accurate kicker the Eagles ever had, missed two, TWO field goals <35 yards…and they lost by 3. D-Nabb led them on a late 4th quarter touchdown drive and another one into field goal range but DA shanked the kick. Worst of all was Andy Reid's piss-poor clock management. The lack of urgency and inability to use timeouts properly falls on Reid's shoulders. So, there's plenty of blame to go around for that Superbowl loss, and had they won, everyone's attitude and outlook on Donovan McNabb would be different. He most likely would be considered for the the HoF…if he only won that one game.

  40. “Fan” is short for fanatic. Many of these “fans” are long on emotion and short on intelligence and/or objectivity. Shame that they’re the ones who garner most of the attention nonetheless.

  41. Nobody cares what he has to say because he mostly criticizes former division mates or people who beat him out of a job. He also had a pathetic couple of years after he played his way out of a job then repeatedly stated that he could still play.

  42. The average NFL fan is a mouth-breathing moron. Not unlike the fat uneducated housewife that wastes her time on soap operas. Both are one in the same: always striving for fictionary drama, always deserving to be eradicated.

  43. To my knowledge, McNabb never been in trouble w/ the law, had infidelity scandals, or cruised through school and took hand me A classes.

    He was honorable during his time in Philly, took the trade in as best he could in stride and moved on w/ his life after his playing days are done.

    I’ve always viewed him as a class act and someone I’d want my children to look up to as role model.

  44. With respect,

    I would submit that the fans who criticize McNabb are not mere grumblers and malcontents. Consider the following:

    Philly fans feel that McNabb and Reid were consistently over-praised for under-performing. They never delivered. Ever. And McNabb’s performance at the most crucial moments had a lot to do with that. There are a great many running jokes about McNabb in Philly, and none of them are flattering.

    Washington fans also consider him a joke, and their tolerance of him is even lower. After refusing to wear the wristband to run the 2-minute offense and getting benched for Rex Grossman, McNabb lost all benefit of the doubt in DC. The perception is that he was unnecessarily fractious, that he refused to buy into the system, and that he has a personal beef against Shanahan. Any criticism he ever levels at the Redskins franchise will be labeled as sour grapes — fair or not. There is no love and no tolerance for him among the burgundy and gold legion, and every time he opens his mouth about them, DC’s perception of him gets worse.

    Fans of other teams really don’t care about him. He never became a relevant figure in most cities. You have to claim a Lombardi or show greatness to be cared about by the fanbase.

    Even sports writers are split on him. Some claim he’s a borderline HoF candidate. Others argue that he was consistently mediocre with flashes of “pretty good.”

    The one thing we can’t do, however, is pretend fans just hate him because they want to hate. Plenty of former players open up about current ones, and fans either tolerate or enjoy them. Warren Sapp and Trent Dilfer are two who immediately come to mind. I’m sure some people find them annoying (as can be said of any public figure), but they bring a level of professionalism and even entertainment with them that McNabb, to this point, has not demonstrated. When Sapp speaks, it’s always a show, even if he’s over the top. Dilfer, despite having been a not-so-great player, is incredibly informative.

    Maybe Donovan will one day earn the commentator cred necessary for his criticisms to be viewed with respect. I’m not going to hold my breath, though. I’m not sure I have the cardiovascular endurance.

  45. Ask the worms, or more accurately, their survivors, how they feel about McNabb. Once the NFL makes bounce-passes legal, then I’ll listen to McFlabb.

  46. McNabb is trying to position himself in the media or in the media industry by being a contrarian. He should just put in his time “in the business” rather than trying to short cut his way into a few headlines.

  47. I was a fan of his when he was an eagle, but I think he’s off base with this.. Stafford will be a good qb for many years. teams run into problems when they pay for past services (ex. most rbs)

  48. Maybe Donovan suffers from Tebow syndrome. He’s a nice guy who loves his family so an element of the fan base dislikes him. Maybe it would help him if he got a DUI so he could fit in.

  49. I think McNabb only underachieved because the media spent years telling us he was an elite quarterback.

    He was a very good quarterback.

  50. There’s a difference between an opinion and just being an idiot. Why complain about anyone’s contract? People are worth what their organization is willing to pay them.

    He just sounds jealous to me when he complains about contracts.

  51. why must liberal journalists and commentators constantly talk down to their audience as if u are the enlightened and we need to be educated. I and everyone else who read these articles are well aware that you are all paid to give your opinions including McNabb. you all get very testy when we disagree with those opinions however. when we do disagree we get the “hey, we get paid to give our opinions” rant. we are also aware that things are sometimes written and or said for the strict goal of causing a controversy to increase ratings.

  52. I’ll criticize mcnabb whenever he opens his fat mouth, Rush had it right – mcnabb was an overrated QB so when he criticizes other QB’s he looks like an idiot. Those three QB’s are all better than mcnabb and will be more successful than he was. YOU should think about that before you agree with him!

  53. 106reasons hit the nail on the head. Out here in Northern California, McNabb means nothing to us. He never won a Lombardi. (Kind of like the Seahawks.)

    Steve Young, on the other hand, criticizes current players all the time. He even rips Niners players on their flagship station! But Steve is brilliant and tactful. His Super Bowl ring and yellow jacket help, too. Finally, who would want to get in a battle of wits with Steve Young? Not many.

  54. can·did (kndd)
    1. Free from prejudice; impartial.
    2. Characterized by openness and sincerity of expression; unreservedly straightforward
    3. Not posed or rehearsed

    See anything in there about being stupid?

  55. My only problem with his statement on Stafford is he’s totally missing the point. He is right in saying that Stafford doesn’t deserve top 5 money, I’ll give him that, but the Lions are paying him on potential, not what he has done with him so far. Is it right for the Lions to do that, thats another debate, but Mcnabb’s statement comes across as whiney and bitter and not well thought out

  56. cadillacjosh says:
    Jul 13, 2013 12:13 AM
    There’s a big difference in the way Donovan says something versus a Steve Young.

    A Huge Difference McNabb should just realized THINGS CHANGED he may don’t like it and give a harsh opnion BUT he gotta deal with it……. I respect Steve Young when he talk

  57. I am not gonna kill McNabb on this one.. he was asked and he gave his honest answer. and to be honest.. Stafford is OVER PAID in my opinion.. losing record as a stating QB.. so what he can throw for 5000 yards.. I’m not impressed.. I’m not a Lion fan so I don’t care.. but as a football fan, he’s over rated and over paid!!!
    McNabb was just answering a question and being honest. get over it

  58. With all due respect, I don’t know any fans who pine for former players to be critical of current players. In fact, if not for PFT, I wouldn’t have even known about McNabb’s comments on the Stafford contract.

    That said, there have been few instances over the years of former players being openly critical of the amount of money current players make. McNabb can choose to go there if he wishes; that’s part of his job description. But doing so will open him up to criticism, and he’d better get used to it.

    Funny, but I don’t remember fans particularly enjoying Tiki Barber’s post-career criticism of his former team. It came off like sour grapes. I hope McNabb doesn’t go that route.

  59. I made a comment on the last McNabb story that as much as I dislike him, he IS paid to be on tv so he has every right to voice his opinions on the NFL.
    That said, I will chime in with the others who say it appears he has personal issues with some players, teams, etc and uses tv to vent them which should not be part of his job description. And he’s very inaccurate with his information, much like he was as a passer. Besides the examples above, one more would be when he was talking about the NYJ last night and he said that they have Dustin Keller returning. I was thinking, “What the what? Keller is in Mia now.” I rewound it to make sure I heard him right. Yep. So he whines, has personal agendas and makes mean cracks about people, AND he can’t take advantage of having a bevy of researchers at his job (or at least internet access) to look up even basic facts? He doesn’t deserve the job.

    At least for me, their status as a player doesn’t mean much credibility wise. Some HOFers are marble mouths who were just smart enough to play their position but who don’t belong on tv. Some were simply decent to good players who are far better as analysts than they were as players. Having one talent doesn’t mean one has the other.

    Even personalities don’t accurately predict it. I hated Antonio Pierce as a personality when he was playing but I have come to like him on TV so I am willing to give any guy, even if I don’t like them, a chance to see if they are good or not. Mc Nabb simply isn’t good.

  60. I called it…the media will always defend one of their own….always….especially one that belongs to their voting block.

  61. McNabb was a pretty good QB in his prime but he got traded to Washington his career was over then. As for to say anything about Romo and Stafford’s contact’s he is just jealous because he couldn’t hold a candle to those 2 QB’s. Only thing that made him the QB he was is because he could run. Hell he was so nervous during his only SB he up chucked on the field. His receivers didn’t like him because he couldn’t throw the ball deep enough.

  62. I would have felt better about this headline if this were about Tiki Barber in 2007 when he talked about Eli Manning.

    People likely don’t enjoy hearing what McNabb has to say because of how he hurt his own credibility as a player in Washington and Minnesota.

    Because the lasting image of his NFL career included him underachieving in his last two stops they don’t like what he has to say. It also doesn’t help that the Eagles had multiple quarterbacks doing well under Andy Reid and now McNabb looks like a former system player.

    If Dan Marino, Steve Young, or former quarterbacks with greater résumés than McNabb made these comments no one would be upset.

  63. McNabb shouldn’t criticize Stafford because he never got more than half the yardage Stafford has gotten in a season, and he couldn’t do that even though he had a good running game, and a good offensive line. Jealousy would be an appropriate word for McNabb.

  64. Also, the whole “fans want players to be candid” statement is disingenuous now.

    Fans want analysts to say what they want to hear.

    This country’s civilians aren’t thick skinned enough to tolerate what tiki barber said about Eli manning.

    No joke.

    From my understanding people Realize that Stafford is getting a restructuring, but also are okay with this money because he’s better than other QBs and it’s hard to find one.

    Have we seen an outrage on Stafford the way we have seen in Romo?

    If McNabb said what fans wanted to hear there would be no problem.

    If people wanted analysts to be honest Greg Cosell, Mike Lombardi, and Mike Mayock wouldn’t have talked about how they take a lot of heat.

    After all there are people who used to hate Mike Lombardi because of what he said about Blaine Gabbert honestly.

  65. As someone who lives in Philadelphia and roots for the Eagles I will say McNabb is the greatest QB in the history of the Eagles. I will also say that the guy went out there and played when other would have not.
    That being said he is one of the all time narcissist’s the city has ever seen. This guy for years needed some sort of public affirmation that he was great, or that things weren’t is fault. He sat up at press conferences and said things like “I am the leader of this team.” What great QB has ever has to say that? Everyone knows that he is so it’s understood without saying. He got up at press conferences and said that “we showed our youth today”, referring to the young WR that the Eagles had at the time. After the NFC Championship game against the Cardinals he said “when the defense went on the field we were winning.”
    I don’t think people think he’s being candid as much as he feels compelled to make things about himself, as he feels he needs to have a father/son conversation with Robert Griffin III.
    Had he been a little less sensitive to criticism in his career in Philadelphia he would be loved, much like Brian Dawkins or Chase Utley. Instead he decided the world was against him here because he got booed at the draft, get over it you weren’t the only one whoever got booed. If Foles or Vick turns out to be a successful QB with the Eagles the guy is going to have an absolute melt down. He needs to go away.

  66. We said we wanted them to be candid, we never said we wouldn’t RIP them if their being candid sounded like a bunch of whiny BS!!!!

  67. If he wanted to be the spokesman for qb’s taking less money then why did he take a $50 mil contract from the skins when he literally had nothing left in the tank? He’s a decent analyst but he comes off as bitter when he starts complaining about other qb’s contracts. Talk about their play instead and I have no problem.

  68. McNabb at one point in his career was the highest paid player in the league. At the point in his career, I believe he had taken the Eagles to one NFC championship game and had a career QB rating of around 80. Neither Romo nor Stafford became the highest paid player in the league with their contracts. McNabb the commentator would have had to criticize the contract that McNabb the player received as well.

  69. Reason being ,fans pay out the back side to the NFL, going to games, direct tv,, NFL items, so when McNabb was full of himself the last years, he was lazy, did not seem to give a hoot about the game but all him. He never won the big one for the fans in Philly and the rest of fans saw through his self imposed greatness. Now he wants to run down others and voice his opinion does not compute with most of the fan base.

  70. I dislike Mcflab but at least he doesn’t give the same old this guy is so great commentary blah blah blah that all the other ex players use.

  71. Nobody has a problem with mcNabb’s candor. He can say whatever he wants. It’s the fact that what he says is so damned stupid that usually gets people’s backs up.

  72. Why would fans respect the opinion of a former NFL QB who couldn’t garner respect from his own teammates and had to inform them he was their leader? And this is more about respect than likeability. I may not like Peyton Manning, but I would respect his opinion because he has earned that w performance/knowledge of game. McNabb has always played the entitlement card and never learned that respect has to be earned not demanded.

  73. It’s simple, McNabb is an unlikable guy. And the bigger problem is the Total Access puts him on screen with a really likable guy in Shaun O’Hara—which makes him even more unlikable.

    So, we dislike him for reasons that have nothing to do with his opinion—but, if you polled people, you’d figured that out.

  74. I think that us NFL fans are willing to welcome opinions from former players that played at a high level, that gave it all they had, and earned a great deal of respect from their peers . . . . and then there’s Donavan McNabb . . . .

  75. Everyone got tired of listening to this guy when he wouldn’t leave the league. Also, every time he gets quoted in the press he’s slamming someone, not praising them or calling them top ten. He seems bitter and arrogant.

  76. McNabb isn’t criticized for being candid, its because he’s a moron. Just because you are a former player doesn’t mean you should be on TV or radio.

  77. Article has a point. Gruden gets bashed for being too positive. McN for being too critical. Those are two great coaches/players and who cares. Read it or don’t.

  78. The man gets nothing but hate. He had an amazing career and was the best eagle QB ever. Yeah maybe he is a bit bitter not to be playing anymore, but can you blame him? The guy was right on all three accounts like it or not, and he has the clout to say what he feels.

    11-7 vs. Giants
    12-7 vs. Redskins
    11-9 vs. Cowboys

    92-49-1 record, set nearly every passing record on the Eagles’ books and amassed 32,873 passing yards and 216 touchdowns.

    Donovan is the Eagles all-time leader in EVERY major passing category.

    Most Career Attempts: (4,746) Most Career Pass Completions: (2,801) Most Career Passing Yards: (32,873) Most Career Passing Touchdowns: (216)
    Most Career 300+ Yard Passing Games: (27)
    Most 300+ Yard Passing Games, Season: (5, 2004 season) Most seasons with 3,000+ passing yards: (7)
    Most Single-Season Pass Attempts (571, 2008 season) Most Single-Season Completions (345, 2008 season) Most Single-Season Yards (3,916, 2008 season) Most NFC Championship Appearances: (5) Most Career game winning drives: (23) Most Career Wins: (92) Games Started at Quarterback: (142)

    Most consecutive pass completions, 24; vs New York Giants, Nov. 28, 2004; vs Green Bay Packers, Dec. 5, 2004
    First NFL Quarterback ever to throw for more than 30 touchdowns and fewer than 10 interceptions (2004)

    Through the 2010-11 NFL season, McNabb ranks fourth best all-time in career interception percentage (2.20%) among NFL quarterbacks. Among quarterbacks with at least 1,500 pass attempts, only Aaron Rodgers (1.99%), Neil O’Donnell (2.11%), and Tom Brady (2.19%) have a lower career interception percentage than McNabb.

  79. I love the fact that he isn’t shy about going after players but I just question his overall knowledge about the game . He also seems to make some comments that don’t make sense at times, but overall I like how he criticizes players.

  80. McNabb IS a whiner. And his opinions are often way off-base…even bizarre. His criticism is often personal…attacking a guy for not earning his money or what not. That type of criticism also is hypocritical, as McNabb WAS somewhat of an underachieving player who made tens of millions of dollars. Bottom line: McNabb sounds terrible when he discusses anything other than the game itself. He’s the most insecure athlete I’ve ever seen.

  81. Mcnabb sucks, and is a lazy whiner who fans grew to hate towards the end of his career. He can say whatever he wants, it will always be taken as whining by all of us who were sick of him when he was playing. If fans hate you as a player, they sure aren’t going to like you as a talking head. Anyone who pays mcnabb to speak or play football is a fool throwing their money away. Example: numbers of times I have watched mcnabb on TV=zero, and if he comes on I am likely changing the channel

  82. McNabb made millions and never won a Super Bowl. I guess he didn’t earn his contracts. McNabb was a good quarterback but an ex player needs to be elite to be taken seriously as an analyst.

  83. When you have strong opinions you will draw strong reactions. Lots of non-athletes make a career out of arguing their controversial opinions. The difference is that with McNabb, the responses will focus on the man himself, on things that have nothing to do with his opinion, because he is a controversial figure to begin with.

    I think McNabb needs to talk about some of those things in his own career that he has mostly not talked about: the last couple of minutes of the Super Bowl, his relation ship with TO, and his relationship with Reid, and what happened in Washington.

  84. 1.) McNabb’s criticisms would be taken more seriously if he gave us a little Gruden-like treatment every once in a while to mix the bad with the good. If all you do is criticize then you’re not taken very seriously…the same way most of us feel about Gruden’s constant gushing of pretty much every player.

    2.) McNabb’s whining, as you put it, often comes off as sour grapes with the way he felt he was treated on his 3 teams. Specifically about Washington, we constantly heard from him about how RG3 was not going to be a good fit because the staff won’t accommodate to his strengths. What does he do? He goes out and wins the ROY award and leads them to an NFC East title which they hadn’t done in over a dozen years. Maybe I’ve missed it, but he seemed to skip right over RG3’s great year until he resurfaced when he had more criticism to dole out come playoff time with the whole knee ordeal.

    Give credit where credit is due, and maybe your criticism will be taken more seriously.

  85. When he gets paid to talk, that’s fine. I think McNabb lost his credibility when instead of just giving his opinion… He tried to reach out to RG3 to start mentoring him. If he disagreed with the way RG3 and the Redskins were handing things, say it… But it seems a bit presumptuous for him to think that he should be the one to “lead” RG3 through his career decisions. After that, I just couldn’t take his commentary seriously. The Romo talk kinda blended into the background with the other “talking heads” who were criticizing the Romo contract. But now this New Stafford criticism is just looking like too much. He’s starting to “nitpick” any news for QB’s in the league. I can’t wait to hear his critique of the eagles QB’S decision.

  86. When he should have been candid he never was. Now all he is doing is trying to promote his stinking radio show. He is trying to be shocking and stir up controversy. But just like his football career, he is half assing it and trying to get by without honing his skills or working on his weaknesses.

  87. McNabb mentions a lot of positive things actually on his twitter, you can only do so much with football.

  88. i actually don’t think steve young is terribly insightful or pleasant to listen to. we get it, nobody’s as good as you were.

  89. What a minute what did Donovan McNabb do to deserve this scrutiny? Donovan has the highest amount of wins as any other qb in Eagle history. Donovan McNabb has been under constant attack since he was drafted number 2 in the 1999 draft over Ricky williams. So its a problem when donovan talks about other stars? Donovan is paid to offer his opinions about the nfl today since when did that become an issue. The real problem with Donovan is people don’t like him because he couldn’t win the big games but neither could Dan Marino, or Jim Kelly. It just comes down to the fact that people can’t accept the fact that Donovan McNabb proved all of the haters wrong, and they can’t except the fact that he is a pretty good qb.

  90. And without the fans, none of the players OR the “analysts” that they become after their playing days are over would make very much money, so we can “rip” them all we want.

  91. He has his opinion of Ponder when asked and it wasn’t very good. Well when he was in Minn. the WRs should have had their hands surgically moved to their feet because he should have been playing basketball with all the bounce passes

  92. People probably wouldn’t care what McNabb had to say if he weren’t such a company man and a bitch when he played. The guy who never had an opinion about anything, now not only has an opinion about everything he also gets paid for it.

  93. McNabb was a pretty good qb for Philly, it’s too bad Andy Reid never surrounded him with dominant playmakers. Bryan Westbrook was nice but he wasn’t dominant, substract the one year with Owens, it was Freddie Mitchell, Todd Stinkson or Pinkston and James Trash, I mean Thrash.

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