Florida Senate President sounds off on Stephen Ross

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The efforts of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to retaliate against politicians who blocked efforts to finagle public funds for renovations to Sun Life Stadium may be backfiring.

According to Anthony Mann of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Florida Senate President Don Gaetz has complained about the methods Ross is using to target certain members of the House of Representatives.  Ross has formed a Political Action Committee that already has begun to campaign against multiple members of the House.

“I believe that the tactics of Mr. Ross in threatening members of the Florida House of Representatives, and saying that Mr. Ross for his own personal reasons, is going to take down members of the Florida House of Representatives, gains him no friends in the Florida Senate,” Gaetz said.  “That’s not the way to get things done.  We work together to find solutions and solve problems.  We don’t make public policy under threat.  And we’re not going to do it in the next session either.”

Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford, who appeared with Gaetz at the same event that preceded Gaetz’s comments to the media, said Weatherford isn’t concerned that Ross will knock the Speaker out of office.

“I don’t worry about that,” Weatherford said.  “I wish Mr. Ross all the luck in the world.  I hope the Dolphins go 16-0 again, break the old record, and win the Super Bowl.  But I can’t worry about what Mr. Ross thinks of me.  All I can do is try to serve my membership and worry about the state of Florida.”

The Dolphins became infuriated with Weatherford because the team believes he reneged on multiple promises to put a stadium renovation bill that would have partially funded the renovations on the floor of the House of Representatives.  The Dolphins also believe that Weatherford torpedoed the bill to bolster Weatherford’s political aspirations by currying favor with Miami billionaire Norman Braman, who previously owned the Eagles and who currently enjoys twisting the tail of Stephen Ross.

And so the Dolphins seem to be no closer to obtaining partial public funding for the stadium renovations.  If anything, the goal could be getting farther away.

29 responses to “Florida Senate President sounds off on Stephen Ross

  1. How dare a wealthy white man try to influence the political climate by backing a candidate with his personal interests in mind! That sort of tomfoolery would never be tolerated in our electoral system!

  2. “I hope the Dolphins go 16-0 again, break the old record, and win the Super Bowl.”

    …..I think the number you are looking for is 17-0

  3. The stench of Jeffrey Lauria has clouded stadium renovations of any kind in Dade County. Ross may accomplish more by moving the team to North Broward or Palm Beach counties.

  4. I hate when politicians complain about someone’s tactics when they make a living finding ways to confiscate the personal production of every one “beneath” them.

  5. What kind of favor does the Senator owe the Speaker? It sounds like he doesn’t mind becoming a blip on Mr. Ross’ radar.

    Whatever the reason, it will be fun to watch.

  6. The government represents the rich. It’s only fair that when they tug against the leash that their owners yank on it.

  7. Stephen Ross doesn’t seem to understand that you can attract more flies with bribes than you can with vinegar.

  8. Ross’ efforts may be backfiring because, what? Because another politician spews more of the typical damage control talking points?

  9. Weatherford is an ass , who stopped the citizens of Florida from voting for or against the Bill. The money was going to be raised from Hotel taxes and not by Floridians. I hope Ross makes him pay!!

  10. You politicians have the ability to deny the citizens a right to vote on a referendum and he has a right to get you out of office. Quit crying and go find some interns to have some affairs with.

  11. I’d do the same thing if I were Ross. Clearly he knows that the only way the bill will ever get introduced is to remove those who are stopping it.

    Based on what I’ve seen from our elected officials over the past few years, they all need to get replaced anyway.

  12. As a Dolphin fan I hate this guy as an owner! He has ruined the team and made us a joke. Needs to shut up and go away….

  13. But I can’t worry about what Mr. Ross thinks of me. All I can do is try to serve my membership and worry about the state of Florida.”

    SERIOUSLY????? I think he means serve his masters the KOCH BROTHERS and the ALEC COUNCIL the best of his stupid ability.
    Please be honest loser boy. Pathetic

  14. It was a virtual certainty that the stadium proposal would have been deep sixed by the voters anyway , but those of you bashing Ross and lambasting the supposed “welfare for billionaires” , etc. are missing the point — that this was supposed to have been put to a vote and Weatherford squashed the due process that Ross and his franchise were entitled to. That’s what is at issue here , not whether or not the proposal was fair or equitable. But hey — don’t let your hatred of wealthy , successful people get in the way of the actual debate.

  15. winsb31 is right. not a dolphins fan but I am a citizen of florida. weatherford and especially don gaetz are puppets who could care less for their constituents. I’m sure stephen ross cares more than they do for the public welfare. gaetz and weatherford are as corrupt as they come.

  16. I have been a fin fan for a VERY long time and I have never gave a single thought to this team moving anywhere but I don’t think like that anymore.
    ross offered to pay around 70% of the cost and return said funds if no super bowl was awarded and that is way more than many sports owners have done and he can’t even get a vote let alone any funding.
    there are many out there that think that this is just tax payer money getting tossed around to the ultra rich but it is really an investment the local area and state get large amounts of tax revenue in return not just from football but all events held there and when you take into account just 1 super bowl being played there could generate 100 to 150 mil. in revenue it’s not hard to understand that the long term benefits of this type of investment is worth while especially with such a proven product like the N.F.L.
    so I really hope all these off season pick up’s and the draft picks really pan out for Miami and return this team to the top of the N.F.L. and then ross turns around and moves the team out of the area the job loss and tax revenue loss the well paid members of the organization no longer living in the area and spending big money there will be missed by the area business’s and the tax people and they will be supporting an area that wants them there.

  17. If any of the politicians were actually interested in a solution, they’d lock Ross and Braman up in a room until only one could walk out.

    But that would really hurt cash flow.

  18. No wonder the Dolphins bblow. Judging from the contingent here defending Stephen Ross, who is inarguably amongst the bottom 5 owners in professional sports, Dolphin fans support the garbage product they’re fed no matter what and support the garbage ownership even when they’re being hypocritical.

  19. Realfootballfan , on what criteria are you basing your assessment that Ross is “inarguably in the bottom five owners in professional sports” ? I’ll grant you that he does have a tendency to sometimes that could be considered inflammatory , but at least he’s willing to spend for free agents and improvements to the facilities.

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