Jaworski sees Kaepernick as “special talent” with “elite skill set”


NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski is in the process of ranking all of the league’s passers, and he positively gushed in his assessment of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Jaworski ranked Kaepernick at No. 11, noting that he has played only half a season. But Jaworski said that 10 games was more than enough for Kaepernick’s talent to shine.

“Normally 10 NFL starts is not enough for me to evaluate a player so highly, but this kid has special talent, is a dynamic dual-threat quarterback with a power arm and outstanding athleticism,” Jaworski said.

Jaworski thinks that Kaepernick has the talent to rise a lot higher than No. 11 in future rankings.

“Kaepernick has a chance to be very special,” Jaworski said. “He has a complete throwing skill set with a powerful arm that I absolutely put at gun level. His ball comes out with a lot of energy and velocity. And Kaepernick can drive the ball down the field, on the move, with accuracy. . . . Kaepernick is one of the four or five most physically talented quarterbacks in the entire NFL. . . . The elite skill set is still there.”

It’s not often that a quarterback gets that kind of praise when he has played that little. But it’s not often that a quarterback plays as well, as early as Kaepernick.

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  1. Can’t wait until read option goes the way of the dodo bird. Then we’ll see if these hotshots can drop back, read defenses and hit their 3rd options.

  2. The man is a super talent and this is coming from a Packer fan that saw it first hand (unfortunately).

  3. Aaron Rodgers has an opinion on Ron Jaworski’s QB evaluations….

    “I like him, but, when I was coming out, he did the worst segment in the history of TV about me talking about my fundamentals,” Rodgers said of Jaworski. “It was not even close to anywhere near my fundamentals. The first time I met him, someone introduced me to him and I said, ‘Yeah I know him. He’s the guy who ripped me before the draft.’ The rest of the night he told me how great I was. I was like, ‘I know your song and dance.’ And now he loves me.”

    -PFT 06/08/2010

  4. Where were these gurus prior to the draft? Shouldn’t Kaepernick have gone number 1 if this elite skill set and special talent was so evident? Hind sight is always 20/20.

  5. Jaws had Gabbert and Newton ahead of Kaepernick before the draft. Here’s what he said:

    “Big, huge guy (6-foot-5, 233 pounds). . . . Made a number of throws that project to the NFL. . . . He can stay in the pocket. He can see over the pass rush. He’s got good but not great mobility. . . . Got outside the pocket and made good throws moving to his left and right. . . . Got a little bit of a quirky motion. . . . Wasn’t impressed with [him] at first, but themore I watched the more I became impressed.”

    He also had Dalton rated lowest. Projecting to the next level isn’t easy.

  6. it’s probably nothing but i’ve noticed that alot of “elite” qb’s have pro bowlers/hof’ers/future hof’ers in front of them, in back of them, running routes for them, inventing plays for them, coaching them etc.

    It’s probably just the individual qb though.

  7. Why is anyone surprised that Colin has the potential to be great, as long as he puts in the hard work and study the playbook…his full potential is limitless. Jim Harbaugh is a great QB coach. All the QB that was taught under Coach Harbaugh has been great or solid ex: Josh Johnson, Andrew Luck, Alex Smith and now Colin Kaepernick. Word to the masses, Colin is a pocket passing quarterback but the fact that he has the ability to scramble and run out the pocket makes him that more dangerous. He doesn’t run head on to the defense, he throws the ball out of bounds under pressure and he knows when to slide when he’s going to get hit. He’s a smart quarterback and he will improve on his touch passes and reading the defense since he’s the full time starter for the 49ers.

  8. Can’t wait until read option goes the way of the dodo bird. Then we’ll see if these hotshots can drop back, read defenses and hit their 3rd options.

    while his offensive lineman/rbs are cut blocking, the refs are protecting his head (and the nfl the rest of his body), as the d-ends and ‘backers are worrying about fines and the starting strong safety is out on suspension for hitting a defenseless wr,…all while the corners are being called for being “too close” to the receiver….

    the passing game is great and some of these guys are amazing, but if you are going to talk up how amazing they are at the expense of the running game and qb’s involved, you should at least note the rule changes and modifications that have been made over the years to favor the marino types (who didn’t enjoy the same luxuries).

  9. Nothing Jaws says is arguable. Kaepernick played great last year and assuming he builds on that he will be elite. But the exact same thing would have been said about Cam Newton after his rookie year but everybody is hedging on that now. It’s awfully tough to judge a guy on a single season.

  10. A lot of hate here. Lets just give credit where credit is due. Kap had a great year and has the physical tools to be one of the top QB’s in the league. Not only can he run like the wind but he has a great arm and accuracy, if he builds on what he did last year he will be the top QB in the NFL in another year or two. Lets hope for the NFL that we have a new star in SF! It will only make the game more exciting

  11. Oh. I just saw the headline and assumed this was a follow up to the nude photo story with Jaws enamored by Kaepernick’s “special talent”.

  12. i’m a recovering mcnabb fan who has watched mike vick’s decline. dual threat qb’s are only effective for a few years. i wish CK well and he’s awesome to watch, but if he relies too heavily on his physical tools he will fail to progress to a truly elite level.

  13. I’ve reviewed Jaws’ 2013 QB rankings and am hard pressed to find fault with his list so far. I too would rank the young stars on a relative basis as follows: Luck > Kaepernick > Wilson > RGIII.

  14. What I’d say to him:


    I’m sorry. I just can’t take you seriously.

    You’re going to argue RG3, the guy with the highest completion %, TD/Int ratio, and passer efficiency is the worst of the “big 4” young QBs?

    They’re all amazingly talented, but you’ve proven yourself to be an idiot. No Kaepernick, Wilson, Luck, or RG3 supporter can think your opinion is worth a plugged nickel.

    It’s obvious that you’re just trying to generate discussion by being disparaging. It’s too bad your mediocrity on the field translated to the booth.

  15. Yeah, he is really special when it comes to throwing interceptions to Seattle defenders, staring down receivers and running against defenses that don’t plan for it.
    Of course, put him up against a quality defense that planned for him, like Seattle and Baltimore, and the guy looks vastly overrated.

  16. I’m not sold on Colin Kaepernick yet. Sure he really manned up in the playoffs no doubt about that (against the porous packers d mostly, hardly a test), but Alex Smith actually had a better passer rating and completion % than Kap last year, and their passing yards were almost identical. However, the most surprising stat I saw was by football outsiders, is that with Alex Smith under center during the regular season, the 49ers averaged 5.8 YPC and led the league in rushing offense, and with CK7 under center they only averaged 4.1 YPC, and were significantly less effective on the ground despite how much more mobile he was. Just thought that was interesting. I never would have guessed that. Either way it’s only been 10 games lets not get too crazy either way on how good/bad he is. Let defenses have a chance to figure him out before you put him nearly in the top 10 QBs in the league.

  17. Go back and watch both Rams games, and the second Seahawks game from last year…
    And then rewatch the Superbowl…
    In just that sampling you know he isn’t either ‘elite’, nor does he have an ‘outstanding skill set’…
    ESPN needs to hand Jaws a sample cup…
    3 of the teams ‘He’ beat had defenses in the bottom 10…
    His record as a ‘starter’ is 7-4…
    That isn’t ‘elite’, that’s average.

  18. Why don’t you ask elite QBs like Brady , Peyton or Rodgers to evaluate qbs … seriously no one wants to hear from former Eagles qbs like Jaworski and McNabb who have won nothing.

  19. Give me a qb who throws darts. Until a running qb wins a superbowl the gimmick is still just a gimmick.

    Flacco, Manning, Brady, Brees, Rogers. Those are champions and none of them need to run because THEY CAN THROW DARTS.

    Kap will likely win as many superbowls as Jaws.

  20. So why did he have to wait until he was 25 years old to get his first NFL start? Why did he put up poorer passing numbers on the same team as a journeyman like Alex Smith?

  21. I remember in 2007…

    When Jaworski thought Jamarcus Russell could be
    and ELITE Quarterback!

    Keep it up JAWS!

  22. Keep ballin Kap. Do what you do! Game recognizes game. Let the HATERS speak their BS.

    I understand why people hate my
    team & its understandable. But when will people be honest with themselves & give some damn respect. I LOVE my team but, I also love the NFL & I can’t help but be honest to myself as a man & respect ballers.

    Kap is good & you don’t put numbers up like him without being good. Just like Rodgers,Brees, Eli,Peyton, RG3, Luck, Roethlisberger, Wilson, Daalton, Flacco, Brady, all got game.

    I hate Eli Manning & Wilson but I can’t denie those SOBs are awesome QBs.

  23. i’ve seen kaepernick gun it down the field with the best of them and outrun everyone on the field, but two very important things i haven’t seen him much are throw touch passes, and beat the defense mentally. both would have come in handy with first and goal to go and the superbowl on the line.

  24. Jaws does say some dumb things but all of you armchair QBs act like your opinion has more merit than a guy who actually played the position. I don’t care that Jaws was a completely mediocre QB, the fact that he actually had to play the position makes me believe he can evaluate these guys better than people who have always sat on their couches or in the stands on Sundays.

  25. Against an elite defense in the playoffs, Kap was virtually worthless, the same defenses other guys who primarily throw can tear teams apart.

    The key to the Ravens defense for years was matching up a faster TE on Ray Lewis.

    Say whatever you want about Philip Rivers, he flayed the ravens defense for several years with Gates matched up on Ray Ray

  26. I understand the hate for Kaep, but when did everyone start hating on Jaws? What’s not to love about this guy? When did Jaws’ opinion on QB’s become relevant you ask? Ummmm…pretty much since forever morons! You do know he played QB in this league right? No, he wasn’t an elite talent, but neither was Trent Dilfer who also happens to be a fantastic analyst. Only elite players can recognize talent? Is that why the Charlotte Bobcats are so amazing? Of course there will be anecdotal evidence of him being wrong, just like everyone else. But this guy is the real deal. Was very disappointed when Jaws, and not Chucky, was kicked out of the MNF booth.

  27. Everybody doubting kaepernick will be a good qb probably doesn’t watch niner games or they’re probably just a Seahawks fan not giving credit where credit is due. I think he’ll be a pro bowler this year.

  28. Took Eli Manning 7 years and 2 SBs over the great Tom Terrific to be labeled elite and this doosh who kisses his arms and runs a newer version of the wildcat gets the label after 10 games? ok.

  29. He was average against Rams and Seattle. He fell so far behind in the super bowl that the pressure was off. He had first and goal and couldn’t score. He’s an interception machine. Rams will win west…Suckers. Man, how did jaworksi become on expert on quarterbacks? He couldn’t beat out Pat Haden?

  30. This is one I have to give Al Davis a lot of credit on. He saw Kaep as the best QB of the class and was irate when Baalke leapfrogged him. Of course they will say Kaep was their first choice and he may well have been, but you never know for sure. Only that they drafted him

  31. Jamarcus Russell had great physical attributes as well…… and according to jaws was on his way to being elite……if it only weren’t for his pea sized brain. Kaep has impressive physical attributes but he lacks the brain of a Brady Manning breed and Wilson. You can’t out muscle a lack of intelligence

  32. Any NFL QB making his first starts in the league isn’t going to be perfect, but Kaepernick was very good considering . . . obviously . . . and obviously Jaws sees the potential for him to be a lot better with his first full off season taking all of the first team reps under his belt. Get ready NFL!

    And can somebody please point out to us all the last time a QB working as a starter under Jim Harbaugh has regressed? Good luck with that.

  33. Jaws never mentioned how he has been wrong time and time again….especially the Aaron Rodgers evaluation…..he’s just a front runner with no accountability.

    How about this…..Kaep has some serious problems with his mechanics. Way too much arm with a high follow thru. Lacks touch and get this Poise in the pocket when the chips are down. Seeing this wide eyed frantic motion in the 4th qtr. at the SB should not be discounted.

    Watch how if plays out this year…..I’ll be back right or wrong.

  34. His kryptonite has been the red zone. Due to his inability to put air under the ball as a result of his poor throwing mechanics. He can’t throw a fade or a decent deep ball. Slants outs and hitches sre no problem with his elite arm strength. So he’s gonna make allot of high percentage throws to inflate his stats but he’s not gonna make the play at the goaline at the end of the game when it counts. We all saw that in the Super Bowl.

  35. Props for the good first season but anyone that watched him will have seen he looked lost when under pressure and not able to take off. Ball security when winding up for a pass was an issue and tries to throw every pass at a million miles an hour. Lets wait until he has a full proper season under his belt before anointing him eh

  36. Where he goes from here is all up to him. The league now has a book on him and it’s up to him to get better to stay ahead of the curve because he has special ability.

    If you want an example of how it could still all go wrong for a guy who seemingly has the world at his feet at such a young age, just remember Randall Cunningham looked similarly special on a team with an equally imposing defense early in his career about 25 years ago.

  37. This guy has only played 13 games and all of sudden he’s a superstar?Fact,the element of surprise is no longer there and we will see if he is a HOF’er.

  38. All of you armchair blasting Kaep’s record or numbers don’t realize that this was only his 2nd year in the league and became a starter halfway through the year without the benefit of running the first team in practices from day 1. I’d say Kaep did a phenomenal job under the circumstances.

  39. If he can keep his clothes on and wear the right hat he’ll be as good as Big Ben.

  40. Kaepernick looked anything but elite last year in Seattle. He looked like a scared little boy. He is elite at posing in magazines for gay guys to jerk off too though!

  41. Kaepernick has done very well so far… I was shocked when I saw how well he stood in the pocket and kept his eyes downfield. He’s not just a runner.

    When Brady came back against them last year he didn’t back down and he went out and won the game. Impressive. He really could have won the Super Bowl… He came out flat in the first half.

    The only thing I worry about is his mental game. He seems smart at times and then other times he seems like his new found fame is getting to his head. I’m not sure if he’s that bright, but he did say the right things after losing the Super Bowl. Seems like a good teammate.

  42. People who are excited about these college style QBS should stick to watching college ball. The NFL is better than having to use gimmick plays out of a QBs. The players are too big, and the chance for injury to the QB is MUCH greater than college. Leave that style to the ameteurs.

  43. The kid is a big baby with a level of arrogance matched only by his big baby, loudmouthed coach. Only an idiot with call him elite in any way, especially since he hasn’t earned much of the respect people are giving him so far.

  44. Hes got the physical talent, but hes immature and makes some bad decisions. Just wait til teams have more game tape on the guy. 10 impressive starts arent enough to make me rate a guy 11th best in the nfl. Look at what the seahawks did to him. He didnt face too many elite defenses, but when he did he didnt do so well.

  45. greyhawk9: “Kaep has impressive physical attributes but he lacks the brain of a Brady Manning breed and Wilson. You can’t out muscle a lack of intelligence”

    Brady wonderlic: 33
    Manning wonderlic: 28
    Wilson wonderlic: 28

    Kaepernick wonderlick score: 37

    Keep on hating and underestimating, Seahawk fan. Keep on hanging your hat on that late season game last year. It will just make what’s going to happen this season that much more enjoyable for Niner fans and that much more of a shock to Hawk fans.

  46. tombradyswig says:
    Jul 12, 2013 3:53 PM

    Ron should change his name to Jabber jaws, all this guy does is talk!!!!!!

    Isn’t that his job?

  47. @censoredagain

    His team mates respect him. Patrick Willis thinks he works harder than anyone on the team. Frank Gore feels the same way about him.

    Who are you? Nobody.

  48. rufusporter says:
    Jul 12, 2013 7:53 PM
    Kaepernick looked anything but elite last year in Seattle. He looked like a scared little boy. He is elite at posing in magazines for gay guys to jerk off too though!


    Yeah, because clearly the game the week before had nothing to do with the team’s performance as a collective whole. I don’t mind Seahawk fans when they bring to the table a real and genuine example but when the fan’s shining moment of greatness was defeating a team at home in the most lopsided homefield advantage stadium in the NFL a week after that team (a) was the first team since 2002 to beat New England at home in the month of December (b) played against the most up-tempo offense in NFL history and (c) had to travel from coast to coast only to get up for another Sunday Night game the following week………..

    don’t believe me that that was a major influence…….the Seahawks themselves nearly succumbed to the same event the following week except the game wasn’t on primetime and it was at home against the Rams barely surviving by a few points.

    You better keeping hoping that you think THAT was a true indicator of the team because heaven help Seahawk Nation should they lose in Week 2………….imagine that ………losing in Week 2………..

  49. As long as Kaep as Jim Harbaugh his future is very bright. You can hate Jim Harbaugh’s guts, but absolutely no one can deny he knows how to develop a Quarterback.

    It only helps that Kaep has a running game and a very good defense. The two best friends for a young quarterback.

  50. He is special.

    Russell Wilson can play, but Jaws is correct to make this guy ranked better.

    Wilson has too few of long runs and Kaep knows how to bounce back from interceptions and deficits.

    The guy almost won a Super Bowl for San Francisco, but we have to know about him because of his cap and ESPN Body Issue??

  51. Jaws may have been a mediocre/sucky qb, but at least he has his own platform now to be heard. He is very football savvy and he is steadily becoming one of the most if not the most respected voices when it comes to breaking down game film. He’s better than Dan Dierdoff.

  52. To early to tell where he will end up! People Keep saying, he only had 2/3 of a season to play , with no off season and 1st team reps, muck like C. ponder7 last year, look how that turned out! Kap is 100x the QB, Ponder ever will be, too bad you can’t combine ponders Brain with Kaps physical ability! I look forward to seeing how he does this year, he could be something special for sure!

  53. Why would anyone believe any ESPN on air personalities? The worldwide dictator only promotes “marketable” athletes. The on air personalities follow along like puppets on a string. (If the want a job)

  54. billb49 says: Jul 12, 2013 9:37 PM


    His team mates respect him. Patrick Willis thinks he works harder than anyone on the team. Frank Gore feels the same way about him.

    Who are you? Nobody.

    Yes, because teammates always tell the truth in the media. Dont be so naive.

    And yes, you’re right, I’m nobody, but I’ve got the common sense to not wear the gear of another employer who doesn’t sign my paychecks. Are you somebody? Doubtful, but keep on believing otherwise. Probably just another frontrunning Niner “fan” who put his Chargers jersey away not too long ago when things took a bad turn

  55. As a Seahawks fan, I can assuredly say CK has our attention. The dude is a baller. There are plenty a comment-er here that would gladly take CK for their team and dumped their current starter.

    All these young guys need to show their wares over a period of time. I for one, hope CK does so, but not at Seattle’s expense.

  56. sonoco says:
    Jul 12, 2013 6:14 PM

    “…And can somebody please point out to us all the last time a QB working as a starter under Jim Harbaugh has regressed? Good luck with that.”

    • • • • • • • • • • • •

    Starting Quarterbacks coached by Jim Harbaugh:

    Oakland Raiders assistant (2002–2003)
    2002 – Rich Gannon
    2003 – Rich Gannon, Rick Mirer, Marques Tuiasosopo

    University of San Diego (2004–2006)
    2004 – Todd Mortenson
    2005 – 2006 – Josh Johnson

    Stanford University (2007–2010)
    2007 – T.C. Ostrander
    2007-2008 – Travita Pritchard
    2009-2010 – Andrew Luck

    San Francisco 49ers (2011–present)
    2011 -2012- Alex Smith
    2012 – Colin Kaepernick

    Take your pick in (chronological order): Mirer, Tuiasosopo, Mortenson, Ostrander, Pritchard

  57. Second highest QBR in the league behind Manning. He and Peyton were the only ones that were at 80 or above. Better than Brady, Bree’s, Rodgers, Eli, Wilson, and the list goes on. Keep hating while the Niners keep winning on the arm and legs of CK7.

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