Locker unfazed by next-to-last ranking


Any time there’s a list, the people on it will always think they should be ranked higher.

Titans quarterback Jake Locker’s no exception, but he said ESPN’s Ron Jaworski listing him 31st of 32 starting quarterbacks is not a motivator.

It doesn’t matter to me. It is a preseason ranking, no games have been played. So in my opinion it means nothing,’’ Locker told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “People can judge, do whatever they want. I am going to go out and play and do what I always have and do the best I can to put us in a position to win. That is my goal and people can say and do what they want.

“To me, it doesn’t really matter.”

Only Oakland’s Matt Flynn kept Locker out of the basement, though Locker insisted that being deemed one spot above the worst starter in the entire NFL by a former NFL quarterback did not bother him.

Of course, if it makes him feel any better, Locker could always take comfort in the fact that it’s not just Jaworski.

23 responses to “Locker unfazed by next-to-last ranking

  1. If it looks like a Duck, and quacks like a Duck, then of course, its a Titans Quarterback!

  2. breaking news: Titans quarterback has better perspective on preseason rankings than most fans, pundits

  3. Yea jaws… U had Russell Wilson in the high 20’s last year!! Jake is a solid qb and a GREAT HUMAN BEING!!! I just pray he has a great year and proves them all wrong!! (Well unless they happen to face seattle)

  4. I had high hopes for Locker coming out of college but thus far I’ve got to say he’s been a big-time disappointment. I just don’t think he’s the guy, at this point. If he doesn’t improve by leaps and bounds this year then he won’t have a leg to stand on cuz he’s got ALOT of weapons now

  5. being from Seattle i was on the locker bandwagon wishing the hawks would be in a position to draft the home town kid.
    man he hasn’t looked good at all…i wish him the best hope he succeeds,but so happy we got Wilson GO HAWKS

  6. Gabbert has prototype NFL QB size, a rocket arm, good accuracy; let’s see how he does as a 23 YO with an OL in front of him instead of being just 20 running for his life.

    Comparing Locker to Gabbert is like saying a Yugo is similar to a Volvo.

  7. You know what I love about Jake Locker? He’s got the same strengths and weaknesses that a young Steve McNair did when he relocated to Tennessee. I watched as Steve McNair grew from being scary inaccurate to an extremely accurate passer. I watched as he went from being unsure of himself to manipulating opposing defenses. And those strengths? No. 1 … hyper-toughness. No. 2. … athleticism … No. 3. Strong throwing arm … No. 4. … natural leader.

    Locker’s bandwagon? Count me in!

  8. He hasn’t been given a fair shake, because he’s been injured. And when he hasn’t been injured, he was playing behind a decimated o-line. I don’t know why people don’t understand that without a healthy, stable o-line, the offense falls apart. It’s common sense, and people are so quick to hate on Locker and CJ for lack of productivity. Roos, Levitre, Schwenke, Warmack, Stewart.. that’s a hell of a line. No excuses.

  9. Locker is not good but Gabbert is horific…as a Texans fan I’m just glad they compride 1/4 of our schedule…hopefully they (Locker & Gabbert) stay healthy and on the field!

  10. Locker was simply awesome in his few chances in his rookie year. On his first drive against the pats in the first game if last year he looked great too, then he injured his shoulder on the next drive. The season was pretty much derailed after that. I’ll gladly give him another season to prove himself. And anyone writing him off because if last season is a moron. No QB is accurate with a twice separated non-throwing shoulder.

  11. Who the hell is Ron Jaworski? I remember when the Oakland Raiders bitch slapped him and his cry baby coach Vermeil in the 1980 Super Bowl. Jaworski is not an expert about anything but BS.

  12. Once again I say if an offensive line is all that is needed for a great QB, why is Aaron Rodgers so good?

  13. Tell me the Jets wouldn’t trade Sanchez straight up for either Locker or Flynn if the other teams were stupid enough to do it.

    Did not think so. Jaws has flaws.

  14. stull60060,
    LOL. Yeah, brilliant logic.
    A) Ron Jaworski’s team lost to the Raiders 33 yrs ago
    B) Therefor he knows nothing about Qbs

    Irrefutable logic….

  15. locker has the escape-ability of Rodgers but just doesn’t use it aswell and is extremely inaccurate once he solves those problems he should be a top 15 QB especially now with a top 5 oline, and some developing young receivers (wright,britt,hunter)

  16. Aaron Rodgers is the best q.b. in the league I really wouldn’t compare any other quarterback to him. Plus his offense was built around him and getting the ball out to his play makers and chris Palmer tried to force his system on locker instead of building to his strengths.

  17. Who has made a Jaws the expert on qb’s? Was he that great? Has he coached qb’s? When Jaws had his chance in 1980 with a heavily favorite team he failed…the Raiders harpooned him. He lost his MNF gig…this fish is not worth the water he swims in.

  18. thegreatgabbert says: Jul 12, 2013 4:44 PM

    “Jake prefers to see the glass as 1/32 full, rather than 31/32 empty.”

    This has to be one of the best lines I’ve read in a long time. ha ha ha!!!

    dg0122 says: Jul 12, 2013 5:34 PM

    “Locker is not good but Gabbert is horific…as a Texans fan I’m just glad they compride 1/4 of our schedule…hopefully they (Locker & Gabbert) stay healthy and on the field!”

    Agreed that Gabbert is worse than Locker. As a self-proclaimed Dolphin’s Fan. I feel the same about seeing Sanchez/G. Smith and Kolb/Manuel for 4 games.

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