Lynch DUI trial date set for after Christmas


The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but it appears that in California, someone took justice’s keys.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, a pretrial hearing Thursday confirmed that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch won’t stand trial before a jury until Dec. 27.

We noted last week that the process was moving slowly. But this is for a July DUI arrest. July of 2012.

Lynch pleaded not guilty to two charges stemming from the arrest. Since the league generally waits for legal outcomes before deciding on any possible suspension, Lynch could play two full seasons after the incident.

Dec. 27 is the Friday before the Seahawks’ regular season finale against the Rams.

16 responses to “Lynch DUI trial date set for after Christmas

  1. That’s ok….Seachickens will be watching the playoffs from home anyway….Go Niners

  2. No special treatment there…

    And we wonder why these players have a since of entitlement. Shameful really.

  3. This may seem to be self-serving as I’m obviously not a Seahawks fan, but this is the garbage that’s wrong with our justice system. It’s embarrassing.

  4. I’m sure he’ll get popped for PEDs before then anyways, it’s the Seadderall Cheathawk way.

  5. Ok people, all your seadderal cheat hawks blah blah blah PED jokes are tired as hell. Just worry about lynch plowing through your teams defense. Can’t wait for week two! The Whiners and their bicep kissing, Miami dolphin QB are toast! GO HAWKS!

  6. But ringwormsherm, your team’s HC fosters a culture of cheating. It never gets old pointing out cheaters and the Hawks are cheaters.

  7. At some point and time, the have-nots are going to stop watching/cheering/buying jerseys because of outcomes like this..

    Eh, probably not.

  8. Usually I don’t blog , But I have to say something .. even if i wasn’t a huge sea hawks fan I would notice this . There is no bigger group of complainers in the world then that of the 49ers. You all suspend a running back that complained he wasn’t playing.. (wich is a good thing because if i had a player on my team that was happy with sitting on the bench i think thats the one i would want to suspend) .. a qb who cant stand his own team and would rather be playing for the dolphins of all places . let go a really great qb who brought your team back to greatness.. Shoot at raiders fans .. Oh wait , the seahawks have a few players suspended for peds… Do you all really want to keep going with this?

  9. Awesome player, actually a very nice guy. I met him a few times when he was here in Buffalo. He was always one of the first players to walk over at any event or training camp and sign autographs for all the kids. That being said.. The nicest way I can put this.. He is not that smart.

  10. Just a continuation from getting away with bad conduct in college and easily transfers to the NHL where many players fee that it is their right to do as they please with no accountability on their party. The team owners can have all the classes and people to promote better actions from these players but till these individuals start losing their jobs and other NFL teams stay away from these players it will continue on.

  11. @jimmyt so you might as well call the entire NFL cheaters because EVERY team at some point has been caught with a player taking PED’s. Yes, even yours. So get off your high horse.

  12. Lynch, the guy that did a hit and run on a girl. The guy that got arrested for gun charges and now a DUI case. This guy is racking up more charges than yardage. Why is jimmyt and ringworm bickering with each other, they’re both Shetalks fans.

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