Sanchez: “Not a big deal” Geno not at his camp


We mentioned yesterday that Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith wasn’t going to be attending Mark Sanchez’s little sleepover.

But Sanchez said Friday there’s no problem with the fact Smith decided not to come to his Jets West camp in California, a weekend team-building event for quarterbacks and skill position players.

Sanchez told the NFL Network’s Michelle Beisner that Smith was invited.

Everyone was invited,” Sanchez said. “I sent out an email to everybody, some guys got back quicker than the others, but everybody was invited. It’s not a big deal that he is not here.”

In fairness, Sanchez shouldn’t encourage it. If he wants to make the team his own, he should want exclusive access to the players within it.

But whether Smith stays in Florida to work out or hangs out with the cool kids won’t matter if one outplays the other in the preseason.

42 responses to “Sanchez: “Not a big deal” Geno not at his camp

  1. I think people pick on the Jets too much. The only thing that Geno has done here, is denied a media opportunity.

    If Geno is halfway decent, he should win the job this summer in a breeze…. If he isn’t – this camp wouldn’t have made a difference anyway…

  2. What’s the deal with all the stories about back up Jets QB’s? I thought this would end when they cut Tebow.

  3. Jets West is about 10 mins from my house. Maybe I will swing by so I can see a Butt fumble in person so I can knock that off my bucket list.

  4. It’s all about being a “New York” team

    If this franchise was in Kansas City, no one would care.

  5. This is a big deal because Mark expected Gino to only go out for passes, and an occasional pizza. Not to throw any passes.

  6. “If he wants to make the team his own, he should want exclusive access to the players within it.”

    Ahh, but in that case, he gets nailed by the press for being a schmuck about Geno. He’s in a no-win, either way. Better to at least seem gracious by inviting him, and professing not to be worried/etc.

  7. so what exactly would sanchez be able to teach him that he couldn’t have seen on espn highlights (or lowlights in his case)?

  8. I am guessing that perhaps Geno isnt into:
    -dudes shaking that ass

    -under age girls

    -learning to master the butt fumble

    -learning the playbook/nuances of the offense from the guy that wants him to fail

  9. Well, this whole “Jets West” thing has worked so well for them in the past (rolls eyes).

  10. Mark Sanchez will win the starting job, he looks very confident while he is in the practice scene. That all ends after a couple of weeks of the regular season, then Smith will have his opportunity to close in and take the starting job.

  11. who is your hairdresser Mark?

    that’s a real nice perm you got there

    whatta pic I would not be caught dead with that look in front of a camera

    dude wear a freakin hat will ya

  12. Sanchez desperately wants to teach Smith the fine art of – enfoncer des tâtonnements

    That’s butt fumble in French…

  13. I just can not understand how this team can make the same mistake years apart. Their QB problems won’t go away anytime soon. I guess all I can say is that it sucks to be a jet fan. Only the bears fans can feel your pain and I am not a fan of both these losers organization and I thank GOD everyday.

  14. I’m still amazed that Sanchez is hated so much by other teams’ fans simply because he isn’t good. You’d think he was eating children or robbing old ladies with all the hate he gets.

  15. I am a Pats fan and I HATE the NYJ.
    That said, Sanchez has handled most every media opportunity very well. There is ZERO to pick on him for as far as that goes in this case. And I don’t think Smith has anything to smash him for as far as this Jets west thing goes either. He strikes me as an introvert which is hardly a crime, but may not be ideal for an NFL QB. Let’s see how he fits in with his teammates at TC, real practice etc before we dump on him too much.

  16. Cut him some slack, he’s the only Hispanic QB in the NFL. Then again, most of you guys posting all this hate are white, fat and pathetic so you’ll never know what it’s like to be hispanic in America.


  17. Let me see, one guy has had two horrible seasons, has a notorius butt fumble, dances around on the net half naked and half baked, acts like it is his right to be the starter because of his outrageous contract and spends his off season doing just about everything else other then preparing.

    And the other a 2nd rounder, (not a first rounder) chooses to avoid the media circus or distract and takeaway from what perceived good Sanchez is doing and chooses to stay and work out in FL improving his skills so he can compete and the whole story is about what?

    Sounds like someone is a primadonna and it isn’t Smith.

  18. Pretty poor from Smith not to make it to this camp, even if its voluntary. Start getting in sync with the guys you’ll be throwing to. He missed a great opportunity to work with his new team mates and earn some respect from the vets.

    He might surprise everyone, but Smith’s actions this offseason don’t inspire confidence that he can lead in the NFL.

  19. Vaster, it would not matter if he was Hispanic, white, Asian, or even black…the guy can’t play. The defense carried the team to 2 AFC title games that they list both. His numbers, unless I am mistaken, are getting worse and he is still making rookie mistakes. He plays just well enough to keep the starter title. If Tebow would’ve started any games and did well Rex would most likely be watching games on the tv this year since he insisted on mark to be the starter and mark got way too big of a contract.

  20. peanutele24 says: Jul 12, 2013 2:43 PM

    This guy looks like a freakin cheese doodle
    Literally made me laugh out loud.

    Post of the Day 😉

  21. Let me tell you who sucks: Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill and whoever gets to be the Bills QB, will suck also. NE, Miami and the Bills an’t going anywhere this year. Brady will be doing lots of butt fumbling, and so will Ryan Tannehill, and whoever is the Bills QB.

    Go Jets

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