Titans could have been the team dealing with Pilot Flying J mess


For all the flaws of the Tennessee Titans’ nonagenarian owner who from time to time likes to flash a middle finger (or two), he’s never been under fear of a federal indictment.

That’s important as it relates to the Titans, because as David Climer of the Tennessean points out “[i]t’s no secret that the Haslam family once had its eyes on the Titans franchise.”  The Haslams abandoned their desire to buy the Titans once it became clear that the team would stay in the Adams family after his passing.

So it could have been the Titans who are dealing with uncertainty and a potential disruption of continuity (not to mention the embarrassment) that comes from its owner being forced to face federal fraud charges, if indeed criminal charges ever are filed against Haslam.  And, as Climer writes, Titans fans should be grateful for not having to deal with that distraction.

Actually, Steelers fans should also be feeling a little grateful, too, since Haslam owned a double-digit share of the team before buying the Browns.  If Randy Lerner hadn’t decided last year to sell the Browns, the Steelers would be the team dealing with a significant minority owner dealing with a major legal problem.

Sure, it would be less newsworthy.  Then again, maybe it wouldn’t be, since it involves a nationally-followed team like the Steelers.

It doesn’t matter, because this dark cloud ended up being parked over the Browns.  Along with the many other dark clouds the franchise has suffered in recent years.

Hopefully, the clouds eventually will part for the Browns and their fans.  That won’t happen at least until the Pilot Flying J matter has been resolved, one way or the other.

14 responses to “Titans could have been the team dealing with Pilot Flying J mess

  1. Coulda been the Titans if not the Browns. This headline brings to mind the old joke: “I could have been your mother, but the dog beat me across the fence.”

  2. Randy has a habit of selling off the things his father worked hard for to unworthy people who screw over the people who remain. No shock. “Oops, he did it again”.
    I don’t know how Titans fans feel about Bud Adams but since he doesn’t have the greatest reputation among non Titans fans, perhaps this will be a point in his favor.

  3. nationally followed….. Look at the backer programs for the Browns. We are all over the world, in Colorado our Pikes Peak Backers has huge numbers in just one little city. Lets vote on worst internet writers in groups of 32. You are 32, thought about 31 but no you just aren’t good enough to be 31.

  4. When a reporter comes clean and tells the truth I do not respect any of them. Reporting is what it is.it is not hiding things like the media has on this case, Fact is Browns were bought with stolen money, Lerner, the nfl and the Browns were stolen by this man, and the NFL has done nothing to correct this criminal act, and the Racketeering that this man has created amongst everything else is a crying shame, When a criminal steal something, The use what he stole to get something else, In any other case what they acquired through ill gotten funds gets confiscated, and sold to the highest bidder, I have not heard one reporter ever even mention this to anyone, They have kissed Haslam ass, And more importantly the NFL’s ass because they are afraid of the backlash from the NFL. I say Blast the NFL make them correct there wrong in this matter and let us all move on from this criminal before everything gets worse!!!

  5. what a mess but thanks to haslam not buying the titans and bud adams not keeping jeff fisher my rams got fish now we just need to figure out where we are gonna play now that we have a better idea of how to play!!

  6. oh and bigtime1957 can we wait at least til he is convicted!! he is not toting a gun and shooting people but if he goes down the code of conduct should apply but only if and after he is convicted

  7. Yes they have backers everywhere. So do most teams. They are everywhere cause who wants to live in Believeland. Still lamest thing I ever heard of. Believeland… Lol. Only in the mistake by the lake, Cleveland is a disgrace. 2nd year qb is only 47

  8. Hey, timmons94… the Browns Backers are the single biggest professional sports fan club in America. Look it up. Well, look it up if you’re able to read, you Steeler-loving a**hole. Which I doubt.

    We call it Believeland because we don’t bandwagon like you tools do.

    And plenty of people want to live here, thanks. It’s a great city with great people. Same as Pittsburgh. You know, the city you disgrace with your fandom…

  9. “I could have been your mother, but the dog beat me across the fence.”



  10. Coulda, Woulda and shoulda, all words very familiar to the Cleveland vernacular.

  11. I’m a Browns fan, and it’s starting to feel like I’m rooting for the Washington Generals.

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