As a soccer owner, Shad Khan has a Michael Jackson controversy

Getty Images

On his first official day as the owner of the English Premier League soccer club Fulham, Jaguars owner Shad Khan visited London prepared to talk about either of his teams, and how he believes he can advance the popularity of English soccer in the United States, and of American football in the United Kingdom. But Khan may have been taken aback by the big topic the British media wanted him to weigh in on: Michael Jackson.

Khan bought Fulham from Mohamed Al Fayed, who erected a statue of the King of Pop outside the team’s Craven Cottage stadium. Many of the locals want to get rid of that statue, and Khan hesitated when asked whether he’ll keep the controversial likeness.

I’ve been an owner less than a day,” Khan said. “We have to preserve and respect history, but we have to move forward. I’ll reflect on it and listen to the fans, then decide.”

One problem: Al Fayed is deadly serious about the Jackson statue, and he insists that Khan can’t get rid of it. Al Fayed even turned to Khan and told him directly that he’d better not get rid of the statue if he knows what’s good for him.

“Michael Jackson will stay — it’s part of the deal,” Al Fayed said. “Are you listening to me about Michael Jackson? You promise now? Otherwise . . . I will take your moustache off.”

Let’s hope that’s not the case. Khan without his moustache would be like Michael Jackson without his glove.