Ausar Walcott says he acted in self defense

Ausar Walcott, the rookie linebacker who was cut by the Browns a day after he was charged with attempted murder, says he was acting in self defense.

The Bergen Record reports that Walcott’s attorney filed court papers saying that Walcott and some friends were surrounded by 10 to 20 men who were making threatening comments to them. According to his attorney, Walcott was moving away to avoid a fight and threw a punch only after he was “accosted.”

That one punch was enough to put the man he punched, Derrick Jones, in the hospital in critical condition with a serious head injury, but Jones has now recovered well enough that he has been released.

Walcott’s lawyer says he “in no way was the aggressor” in the incident and that he should not have been charged with attempted murder.

Whatever happens with Walcott legally, the charge may have been enough to end his NFL career: Walcott was an undrafted free agent who faced an uphill battle to make it in the NFL even if he avoided off-field trouble. Now Walcott will be ineligible to sign with any team until NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell first clears him. Because he was a marginal player anyway, Walcott may be viewed as not worth the trouble, even if a judge or a jury believe his claim of self defense.

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  1. Well at lest a NFL didn’t throw $40 million at him before he got in trouble!! Thought that what what the rookie symposiums were for!!

  2. First of all, undrafted players don’t go to the rookie symposium. Secondly, being outnumbered as he says if any of you remember ConAir, you can easily, any one of us could have been caught up in a situation like that. No he didn’t have Army Ranger training, but we all have seen situations escalate to that. All it takes is for someone to get hit that right way and it’s, “We are all gathered here to mourn…”

    I hope he gets another shot only because it is unfair to see his chance die because of defending himself. In this country it is almost better to let yourself get beat up, stabbed, or shot because you get in more trouble defending yourself than the aggressor gets for hurting you.

  3. I can totally understand charging this guy harshly if he wound up killing the person he punched but that is not the case in this situation. The victim is recovering and he more than likely played a part in provoking the assault. There are probably 50 people that this prosecutor has since undercharged for crimes committed but they do not get the publicity. The attempted murder charge is a joke and the DA needs to justify these charges to the public.

  4. He has a history of violence, remember he was charged with beating up some frat punks at JMU. They probably deserved a good tuning up though

  5. It can happen – had a good friend who got clocked outside a bar, fell over backwards and hit his head on a cement parking block. Broken neck, fractured skull, he didn’t make it.

    Guy who hit him was convicted of manslaughter though, not murder. Not sure why the difference here.

  6. O’Mara and West need jobs and they have cut-rate fees after defending Zimmerman so skillfully.

    Hire them or just wait for them to become public defenders, because that’s where they’re headed.

    Knock, knock …

  7. Wow he’s going to use up his one-time “Get out of Jail Free via Claim of Self Defense even though it’s a sloppy fit but what are you gonna do” card on this? Ok then.

  8. The kid mentored some kids in the week before the incident without being coaxed or asked. Most people do things like that due to someone asking them.

    The kid needs direction and a way to release his anger which football is. He had a snowball’s chance in Kuwait, but it was still a chance. Give him that chance especially considering he may be innocent.

  9. Puts new meaning to 1 Hitter Quitter. I bet Mr. Derrick Jones won’t challenge anybody again.

    Guy #1: “Yo dude looks like he has problems, lets ride on him!”
    Derrick Jones: “Word? Neph isn’t about that-,” *flashback* “, actually…I’m good!”

  10. Puts new meaning to 1 Hitter Quitter. I bet Mr. Derrick Jones won’t challenge anybody again.

    Guy #1: “Yo dude looks like he has problems, lets ride on him!”
    Derrick Jones: “Word? Neph isn’t about that-,” *flashback* “, “actually…I’m good!”

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