Bucs take the 24th spot in PFT preseason power rankings


The Buccaneers have swung wildly in years past, from playoff team to also-ran in a heartbeat.

That’s the reason they changed coaches a year ago, but new boss Greg Schiano saw the same kind of inconsistency within a season as an NFL rookie.

The Bucs overcame a 1-3 start to win five of their next six, but then lost five of the last seven to finish a disappointing 7-9. That’s part of the reason they’re hard to peg, and we have them 24th in our preseason power rankings.

They added some top-shelf talent (as has become their custom), but have some worrisome thin spots that could compromise their ability to become a consistent  contender.

You can read the full preview here, and then tell us if we’ve  gotten in right with the rankings in the poll below.

15 responses to “Bucs take the 24th spot in PFT preseason power rankings

  1. You should put the list after the article, instead of having us click thru to a new link and see. It’s hard to judge if they’re “too high, just right, too low” without seeing who their ranked above and what teams will be ranked ahead of the.

  2. I have absolutely no ties to the Tampa area and am not a fan of the Bucs but I think this is too low of a ranking for them. You put this team in the NFC East, AFC East or North and its would have a serious chance of being division champs.

  3. Tampa Bay is going to be one of those sleeper teams you never saw coming – like Seattle and Minnesota last season.

    No one expected much from either of those teams but they stunned a lot of the “experts”.

    The Bucs will be one of those teams this season.

    Everyone is going to be shocked when the Falcons are battling the Bucs, not the Saints, for the NFC South crown.

  4. You have the word ‘rankings’ spelled wrong in the poll area.

    You should have a link to the full list in #’d order at the bottom of each new team daily so we can compare and recap quickly. Thanks.

  5. Not a Bucs fan but this is too low. Get both stud guards back. And to the leagues worst secondary added the best corner in the league and one of the best cover safeties in the league.

  6. Let me get this straight. We ended the year 20th overall (drafting 13th – if we drafted).

    We then add our first offseason of scheme consistency in years… Adrian Clayborne coming back plus 2 Pro Bowl guards, as well as Revis and Goldson and drafting Banks… and we’re going to drop 4 spots as a result of this influx of talent.

    Yea, mmm hmm, makes perfect sense.

  7. @houseofbacon

    couldn’t of said it better myself. This ranking makes no sense. In my opinion a ranking of 16th-18th would be fair.

  8. Darin Gantt, I think there are some misconceptions in the evaluation of the team.

    First, it made it sound like both Bowers and Clayborn are injury prone. They are not. Both have only had one injury in the NFL.

    Second, last year two backups were on the offensive line, resulting in Josh Freeman getting hit a lot more. Look at his numbers when both guards were healthy and you see a QB that is much better. Even so, he broke a lot of records even with the backups. Yes, he had a two game stretch were his picks skyrocketed. But they were outside the norm.

    Thirdly, Wright won’t be starting opposite Revis. Banks will be. Wright will be covering the middle.

    Forthly, last year because the secondary we so bad, the defensive scheme had to adjust to try to cover it up. This year (Red) Barron will play more in the box and the line will be better.

    Fifthly, Dekoda Watson is the starting Strongside Linebacker. The others are simply competition trying to take the job away. With a stronger group of CBs we will see more support up front.

    Six, the Bucs have built a solid team on both sides. They are stacked on offense and well built on defense. The only real question left on defense is Spence, Miller’s replacement.

    And I agree that the Bucs are the sleeper team of the NFC this year. Expect them to get as far as the NFC Championship Game…maybe all the way.

  9. Talented team with consistency issues at QB and chemistry issues stemming from a demonstrative coach. The Bucs are dangerous but also to themselves. They could end up being their own worst enemy this season.

  10. your qb does not have the head to take you where you want to go. lotta talent throughout esp. on offense-minus your qb, thin at LB-very thin, but he will throw the inevitable pick/fumble at a critical time-everytime. hes like romo-deep down just happy to be makin’ millions bangin’ hot chicks-can’t blameum, but that ain’t gonna get you there. sorry tampa NOW ROBERT NOW THERE’S A QB FOR ALL TIME-that bitch wants to be great at his core.

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