Campbell: Cards legit with “real quarterback””


No one’s giving the Cardinals much of a chance in the NFC West, but defensive end Calais Campbell is convinced they can win the division.

For one big reason.

“I think it’s very likely we can win the division, yes,” Campbell said, via Mike Freeman of “I respect every opponent in our division. Every one. But I think of it this way. We were able to hang in a bunch of our division games without a real quarterback.

“I don’t want to disrespect anyone but now we have a real quarterback to go with a good defense. When we play with a lead, we’re hard to beat. This is the first time in years that we have an offense that matches our defense.”

It’s a good thing he didn’t want to disrespect Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer, otherwise you might think they weren’t any good.

And while Carson Palmer might not necessarily be an acquisition on par with Denver landing Peyton Manning last offseason, Campbell thinks he’ll make a huge difference.

“I was talking to Carson the other day and he said he’s never really played with a good defense before,” Campbell said. “I told him it’s been a while since I played with a good quarterback.”

No disrespect, of course. All Campbell’s trying-to-be-polite condition needed was a “some of my best friends are Derek Andersons,” and it would have been complete.

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  1. Even with Carson Palmer, I highly doubt the Cardinals will be playoff-bound with the likes of San Fran and Seattle to contend with. In my opinion, Palmer can barely be considered an upgrade, and the Cardinals would be wise to get their hands on a young QB who can learn the ropes under Carson for a season or 2.

    The Eagles managed to pawn off Kolb to AZ, and if Philly decides that Matt Barkley is their future, or at least a good young backup for now, Nick Foles may be headed to Arizona where he played his college ball.

  2. It’s incredibly unprofessional of him to talk about former teammates in that manner

  3. They are a legit team with a QB. That defense showed what it could do under some of the worse circumstances. The question is can Palmer be that QB? Many doubt this and I am skeptical as well.

    Also the NFC West isn’t the push over division it once was. 7-9 won’t win it anymore. We all know how good SF and Seattle are but the Rams are also a team that is just a key player to two away from being legit contenders. That division has some great defenses all around the board. As a Packer fan I would take any of them at the moment.

  4. Carson never did play with a defense that could hold a lead. Fact.

    Agree w/ @thigamagig that if the line doesn’t keep him clean, it won’t matter.

  5. Ok, they’re legit. But are they ” Too Legit! Too Legit To Quit! Sorry, these birds will never be as cool as the early 90s Falcons. #mustbethemoney

  6. Here is a guy aware of the media and their ability to spin context. Well said. I like this guy now.

  7. He disrespected 3 players that aren’t on their team anymore.

    Lindley is the only one on their team that remains. He was a whopping 52% and had 0 TDs and 7 INTs. He’d probably agree with him that he isn’t a real QB either.

    Palmer is an upgrade over the trash they had there.

  8. Carson’s been on a rough run, but he’s still far better than anyone else the Cards have had post-Warner. And that’s a fact.

  9. Carson played with a top 10 defense in 2009 with the Bengals and the defense and running game is what took us to the playoffs. Carson played like Drew Bledsoe and the Jets exposed him in NY and in Cincy in the playoffs. So the “i havent played with a good defense is nonsense.

  10. He played with a good defense when Zimmer was brought in by cincy. I believe it was top 10 every year with the exception of zimmers first year. Carson throwing someone or something under the bus. Shocker.

  11. How come Carson is never to blame? Yes, he hasn’t been on the best teams but I think he has contributed to that. Come on, Man! Take some responsibility!!!

  12. Cards were legit with a “real quarterback” in Kevin Kolb last season. Their o-line wasn’t!

  13. How quickly Carson forgets. 2009, Bungles were 6th fewest points allowed. It’s also a lot harder to defend when your QB is always in the top half of the league for INTs, and somehow has years like 06 where he fumbled the ball fifteen times.

    I feel for you Cards fans, I really do. I wanted you guys to win it when you played the Steelers, and I wanted Skelton to develop appropriately, but Carson’s only talent is pointing the blame at the people around him, and you’ll be happy to be rid of him in two years.

  14. No offense to the Niner and Seahawks fans but why is he wrong here? Let’s not gt ahead of ourselves with the seasons Seattle and SF had last year. They were both fantastic and had unexpected quality QB play. But i’d bet that coaches around the league are a little better prepared for Kaepernick and Wilson this year too. Not to mention just as the Cardinals are with their backup QB situation, you’re one QB injury away from losing your best player on the team. So let’s play out the seasons for real rather that on paper or on the blogs before we decide that SF and Seattle are gonna roll in the NFC, let alone the NFC West.

  15. The last few years Palmer was in Cincy we had a pretty good Defense and not-so-good Offense.
    I think Palmer got a pretty good taste of the Bengals Defense last year.

  16. Seriously Carson…never played with a good defense? You mean the defenses you threw under the bus with your many pick-sixes that they had to fight to overcome? You mean those defenses?

  17. Don’t sleep on the Cardinals. I don’t think they’re as a bad as everything seems to think, but then again, I don’t think SF or Seattle is as good as everyone seems to think.

  18. They have a playoff caliber defense, ill give them that. But that goes with a high school offense (not including fitz, obviously)

  19. This guy Palmer is something else. Retires from football cause he hates his team, gets a new chance at Oakland and cries about money when he said all along he didn’t come back for money so he gets out of Oakland to go to Arizona.
    Palmer is a INT machine, theres only 1 man that knows how to use Palmer and that’s Hue Jackson.
    I would be willing to bet when this season is over Raiders will have a better record than the Cards.
    Palmer is highly over rated

  20. Carson never played with a good defense before? Really?

    In 2008 the Defense was ranked 12th in the NFL while the offense was ranked 32nd.

    In 2009 the Defense was ranked 4th in the NFL and the offense was ranked 24th.

    In 2010 the Defense was ranked 15th in the NFL and the offense was ranked 20th.

    Then he quit.

    Through all those years it’s not like he didn’t have players. Corey Dillon, Rudi Johnson, Chad, T.J. etc… Palmer changed after he got Kemo’d. He started playing afraid. He still plays that way.

    But for him to blame his career on not having a good D is a lie.

    More like not have the guts or the heart.

  21. Carson is a QB that can put up great numbers, he is that pure pocket passer. His only problem is his fourth quarter play. The guy sucks in the 4th quarter, and seems to always make a bone head play (interception) when the game is on the line. I don’t see Manning doing that. He is not the holy grail that the Cards have been looking for, trust me. He is an upgrade in a sense, but not the savior of the birds. I am glad he is gone from the Raiders. Good Luck, he will retire after this season.

  22. I wouldn’t be so sure of the defense this year either. The Eagles looked horrible last year with some pretty talented players. I think there is just as much chance that the Arizona defense gets worse with there new DC from Philly as there is that the offense gets better under Arians. 4-6 win team next year.

  23. Cardinals will finish 4th in the NFC West. They might be competitive in other divisions, but not this one. And the people saying SF and Seattle are overrated clearly haven’t seen either of those two teams play very much.

  24. 58-0. Apparently that’s hanging in there with their divisional opponents for Campbell and the cards. Way to not set your expectations too high, Calais.

  25. Completely agree with him. He left out that they have a real coach now, too.

    The 49ers are still the team to beat there and the Seahawk defense is legit; however, the two playoff teams’ fans shouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the league gives their respective QBs a little bit of a problem now that there is ample game tape on them going into this season, allowing the Cardinals to make up some ground.

    I’ve asked this question every time this topic comes up, does everyone forget that the Cardinals had a 2 game lead a quarter into the season with Kevin Kolb, who sucks, at the helm and a defense playing at just as high a level as the other two teams ?

  26. As far as the mt rushmore thing for the cardinals Shawn King has no clue about alot of football from what i seen…im not a cardinal fan but i know jake plummer dont belong there instead of Jim Hart or the great Terry Metcalf…MR HART AND MR METCALF both great players for them during the 70s playing for the orginal Don Coryel..even wide out Roy Green should be mentioned b4 Plummer how did Mr Shawn King land a job on that station

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