Chiefs, Branden Albert talking contract, but no deal yet

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The status of Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert has been a topic of conversation throughout the offseason, and with the deadline for franchise players to sign long-term contracts looming, it continues to be a situation that bears monitoring.

Albert has signed his franchise tender, so there are no concerns about a training camp holdout, but the question is whether a long-term deal can get signed before Monday’s deadline. Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the sides have been talking, but there’s no deal and there’s not even a formal contract offer from the Chiefs. So it appears that a significant amount of work needs to be done.

Breer reported that the Chiefs have some concerns about Albert’s back, which suggests that they might not think he’ll hold up long enough for it to make sense to sign him to a long-term deal that guarantees him a lot of money. But Chiefs coach Andy Reid and G.M. John Dorsey have reportedly been impressed with what they’ve seen of Albert.

The Chiefs considered trading Albert early in the offseason, and there was talk at times that a deal with the Dolphins was close. But that never materialized. Albert will be a Chief for 2013, but it remains to be seen whether he will still be a Chief — or whether he will be a free agent — in eight months.

14 responses to “Chiefs, Branden Albert talking contract, but no deal yet

  1. The Chiefs are way ahead of the Bills, who’ve been playing Byrd games for a while now. Would anyone in their right mind pay anyone top money after all those defensive struggles ??

  2. It’s a shame that the NFL is going to allow Andy Reid to ruin another franchise with his witless coaching. My sympathies, Chiefs fans. You deserve better.

  3. Albert on the left…fisher on the right…gotta resign him. Very underrated but through the past few rough chiefs seasons he’s been the only consistent o-lineman.

  4. Albert is a good player who would help any team. This issue is the opportunity cost to KC in tying up left tackle money in a guy who is moving to the right side, especially without a surefire answer at quarterback. Albert has the leverage, he signed the franchise tender, he is playing on the left this year (still think that is the wrong move for a few reasons) to audition for the League. Unless the Chiefs overpay, he can refuse to sign and walk. If he plays like he did last year, he will get paid like a LT by someone.

  5. better sign him. chiefs can’t get good free agents to come here to k c. not enough national coverage. and its already been proven that goodell tries to steer certain free agents to certain teams. im sure he doesn’t want anyone good going to the chiefs

  6. I would let him play out the year. If he has back issues a long term deal right now would be a huge risk, and if they end up losing him, they can move Fisher to left and find a right tackle without much trouble.

  7. Ideally I’d like to see Albert re-signed but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen. With Fisher onboard, the Chiefs can pretty much let Albert play out the year and walk if he won’t sign on their terms.

    The team has all the leverage in this situation. The question is whether Brandon is willing to sign and stay with the Chiefs or take his chances in the free agent market at the end of the upcoming season.

    Ball’s in your court Brandon…you gonna pass or shoot?

  8. The team has no leverage. They franchised the guy. He is already making a ton of money this year. They could have traded him but held out for too much. Then they drafted his replacement. He wants to play on the left and get paid like it too. Where in this scenario is there any pressure for him to sign a deal he feels is below LT money?

  9. I’m not sure what planet people are on but the Chiefs have ALL the leverage. The number one pick in the draft is also able to play the same position as Albert and the Chiefs can walk away at the end of this year if he’s too pricey. And for the Philly fans who have to get on every KC post and whine about Andy Reid please spare us. You sound like the worn out ex wife that has to criticize the hot new wife as if anyone would believe it. You should probably spend your time worrying about the unproven train wreck Chip Kelly is bringing to PA. Lets talk in January and we can see which team made the better coaching decision

  10. Albert would be wise not to sign a contract with the Chiefs. They will only trade him next season. Albert should just play this year out, hope not to get hurt and cash in. He is not an elite LT but a good one and someone will sign him. Who knows, may be Miami will re-enter contract talks with him.

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