Dolphins are No. 23 in preseason power rankings


The Dolphins were one of the busiest teams in the league this offseason, leading some to predict a leap from a losing record to the playoffs in Miami.

Our power rankings obviously don’t put them into that position, but there’s plenty of reason for optimism about the team’s chances. They’ve added players who should help limit weaknesses from last year — wide receiver, pass rush, cornerback — and they believe Ryan Tannehill will take a big step forward after a strong finish to his rookie season.

If he does, this ranking will likely wind up being too low for the Dolphins. There’s enough talent on hand to make a strong run in the AFC and a leap from serviceable to something greater at quarterback would make the Dolphins a tough team to beat.

For now, though, they rank No. 23. You can take a look at the entire preview right here and let us know whether you think we’ve got the Dolphins where they belong by voting in the poll right underneath this sentence.

22 responses to “Dolphins are No. 23 in preseason power rankings

  1. jhein23 says:
    Jul 13, 2013 3:29 PM
    They’ll win the AFC East this year. Patriots are done.

    Yeah, we have been hearing that for how many off seasons now.

  2. This is way too low for a Dolphins team that should be reasonably competitive.

    I don’t know that they will topple the Patriots, I would think they should finish second in the East and make noise with 7-9 wins. No way they are this low

  3. I happen to think 23 was generous for the Dolphins. Tannehill hasn’t proven anything yet, 90% of the general public still think Reggie Bush is their RB, and there are questions about the defense for sure. The best thing Miami has going for them isn’t how good they are, it’s how beatable the rest of their division looks.

  4. Don Shula had Dan Marino all that time and never won a Super Bowl with him. He even lost to the Pats when they were average, at best in 1985.

    Screw Shula and the Dolphins and Miami in general.

  5. For those of you who didn’t watch any Phins games (which is just about the majority of you) – let me remind you that 3 missed Dan Carpenter field goals would of had them at 10-6. Let me also remind you that a good deal of Tannehill’s interceptions were from tipped balls and bad route running. Got rid of Sean Smith, way better secondary and the already terrifying front 7 got even more terrifying, and faster.

    Miami will be just fine this year.

  6. Look, I am Dolphins fan. But I think this is about right. Let’s face it, this is based all on paper at this point. But I will say I think we have a better shot this year at a division title since 2008. I understand Brady is the glue for that team. But Gronk and Amendola are injury prone. And without his goto guy, Welker, it will be tough on him. But I am not holding my breath when it comes to knocking off the Pats.

  7. The new logo should count for something. Most teams that do a redesign on their logos usually have some good luck following the change. Denver, Baltimore (were the Browns before), the Buccs. So I think it will count for something.

    But only if the team gels properly will it count for something.

  8. Stay under the radar baby! Don’t prep for us, look to next week when your playing a 15-20 ranked team!
    Oh how sweet this is going to be!

  9. I don’t care whether it’s on paper or not — there is no way — none — that there are 22 teams in the NFL better than the 2013 Miami Dolphins squad. 16-18 , perhaps , but not 22.

  10. These rankings are fun to read even though they aren’t accurate. And like one of the commenters wrote, its better to fly under the radar.

  11. Look people… No franchise QB no Super Bowl. Just look who has won the past 10 Super Bowls…teams with franchise QBs and unfortunately Tanneyhill is not the answer

  12. Not a phins fan but I’m definitely feeling that they will be competitive this year. All depends in Tannehill, just like it does with Locker in TN. Surprised the Titans are higher actually, thought everyone hated Locker?

  13. I’m not “sold” on Tannehill, but he has gradually shown progress and is around 2 of the best coaches to help him grow… His college coach and Philbin, who did well as OC in Green Bay.

    Tannehill had 13 INTs last year, but 6 were in the first 4 weeks, (3 in his first ever NFL game) meaning he learned and only had 7 INTs in the next 13 weeks… I think he will show progress from those first 4 weeks, if not his whole rookie season.

    Add some faster players, some new weapons and there is hope.
    Even if we had 1 of those 3 missed Carpenter kicks we would be reflecting on an 8-8 season last year.

    So go ahead, underestimate us… And yeah can someone in the Dolphins front office get FB Leach on our team already???

  14. The Dolphins were the NFL’s 12th worst team in terms of rankings at season’s end. This ranking projects the Miami Dolphins to be the NFL’s 9th worst team after this upcoming season. Because these rankings are based on projecting a team’s record, an easy way to do so would be to judge whether a team improved or not. This ranking states that this off-season the Dolphins, after all of the moves they made, became a worse team (relatively).

    Based off of what they did this year, I would safely put this Dolphins team at 19, and if things go right and Tannehill balls out, they could jump to a top 12-14 ranking.

  15. jiggy3198 says: Jul 13, 2013 8:30 PM

    Look people… No franchise QB no Super Bowl. Just look who has won the past 10 Super Bowls…teams with franchise QBs and unfortunately Tanneyhill is not the answer


    They said the same thing about Flacco…

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