Russell Okung runs with the bulls

Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.  Drew Rosenhaus swims with the sharks.  And Russell Okung runs with the bulls.

Like Jets coach Rex Ryan recently did, Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung spent his down time by flying to Spain for a casual run through the streets with a bunch of other people and a collection of large, disoriented creatures with hooves and horns.

Came, saw, people were gored, and we conquered!” Okung said on Twitter early Saturday.  Okung was accompanied by his agent, Peter Schaffer, who may or may not have been prepared, Secret Service-style, to take one one for his client.

The inherently risky endeavor arguably runs afoul of the standard NFL plater contract, but it’s out understanding that the Seahawks knew about Okung’s plans and had no objection to them.

That’s a far cry from a year ago, when former Eagles defensive lineman Jason Babin made public his intention to run with the bulls before being publicly urged not to do it by his quarterback, Mike Vick, and apparently instructed not to do it by his employer.

Okung, who has had plenty of injuries during his NFL career, apparently received the team’s blessing to risk limb and/or life and/or left butt cheek on foreign soil.

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  1. If he was actually in the callejon when the mahem took place he wouldn’t make light of it. I myself was hit in the face with a horn today, just badly bruised by the looks of it.

    And he conquered nothing. His picture is of him sitting in the ring. You buy tickets for that prior to the run.

  2. If you are an NFL player and engage in risky activities such as running with the bulls, and your team has no objections…then it may say more about your standing with that organization than you think.

  3. Good for him. Football is a game. It shouldn’t control every moment of your life. And if got hurt, he would lose his salary. I see no problem with any of this.

    And to the person saying he was just sitting in the stadium, did you expect him ton stop and take a selfy as the bulls were coming?

  4. Rex Ryan’s effort was incredibly lame on multiple fronts.
    (1) he got cold feet and abandoned ship before the action even started.
    (2) he didn’t have the strength to get his own body over an easily scalable wall. That was pitiful watching that clown show.
    (3) a terrified Rex starts yelling at some other guy to get out of his way – as if he had just anointed himself the boss of this year’s Running With the Bulls.

    At least Okung delivered the goods — and we don’t see footage of Okung floundering around in raw terror. Ryan’s effort – what an embarrassment.

  5. Can you get hurt doing this? Yes, you can.

    Can you also shred a knee playing a pickup or charity basketball game? Yes, you can.

    To each their own.

  6. I was in Pamplona in 2000 for the San Fermin festival. Just because he ran with the bulls doesn’t mean he was ever in any danger of them, thousands of people run and when you show up, they put you at the front of the line. By the time the run begins the line is about a half a mile long. The people in the front half of the line have absolutely nothing to worry about, they are just running for fun and to say they “ran with the bulls”. Good on Okung, he went to party I’m sure, and let me tell you, a party it is, that’s for sure!

  7. Okung is a ass act and good fkf hik fkr doing something he wanted. He didnt get hurt which great for his contract. People talk about his health early but I knew having linemen rolll over legs while engaged or having an Eagle judo flip you after the play and tear your pectoral muscle for blocking him the dirt doesnt mean durability issues to me.

  8. Lol at the people making comments that the bulls turned around and ran from him.

    I did the Portuguese version of this in the Acores where the bulls are on ropes with people having some control over them if the handlers choose to.

    I barely made it over a fence and let me tell you, when you have a bull a few feet behind you chasing you at speed they aren’t turning and running from anyone. Feels more like you’re about to get run over by a freight train.

    Of course it didn’t help that my friends told me later that the guys on the ropes usually don’t like Americans much and won’t make any effort to hold them back or slow them down when the bull is about to get one.

  9. I’m glad he’s out having some fun. I want him totally refreshed and ready to dominate.

  10. As a 12, I have absolutely NO problem with this. Have fun Russ, you deserve it.

  11. Good for him! He’s living his life the way he wants, I see no problem with this.

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