Still no decision on Ahmad Brooks charges

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Ten days ago, prosecutors supposedly were “close” to deciding whether to charge 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks for assaulting a teammate with a beer bottle.

With no developments since July 3, either no decision has been made — or prosecutors quietly have decided not to charge him.

The situation stinks, generally.  Defensive lineman Lamar Divens angered Brooks, whom Divens believed to be drunk, by keeping Brooks’ car keys away from him.  Divens initially wanted to press charges, but he then told police pushing the issue “would be bad for both of their careers.”

It’s a bad look for prosecutors, the police, and the 49ers for no action to be taken.  Maybe everyone hopes it’ll be forgotten in the post-July 4 haze.

Maybe it will be forgotten.  But we’ll keep pointing it out from time to time, because those who try to keep drunks from driving should be praised, not bashed with a bottle.

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  1. I agree, Florio. The “media” has brought up that the arrest rate for NFL players is 1/3 of the general population’s rate. They have failed to bring up, or even consider, the fact that a lot of these players have their charges dropped, much like this case.

  2. My guess is the D.A.’s Office is gauging public opinion and biding time in hopes that the lion’s share of this will have blown over – when they announce charges will not be filed.

    Any other “normal person” would have been charged immediately if accused in the same or similar circumstances.

  3. Dennard gets attempted murder for a punch Brooks may get nothing for smashing someone with a beer bottle and threatening to get his gun all so he could put everyone in his immediate vicinity in mortal danger by driving drunk?!?!?!?…pick a negative term and it can’t begin to describe what this guy is.

  4. I wish there was more to report on than who’s getting arraigned or who made bail or who’s court date is when. It seems like it gets worse every offseason. Who’s responsible for not spanking Titus Young or Aaron Hernandez more as a child?

  5. Law enforcement is under no obligation to file charges against Brooks considering Divens decided not to press charges.

  6. Dennard wasn’t the one charged with attempted murder, it was Walcott. But the bottom line is this. No one should ever worship football layers ever again, because this year, more than ever, they are showing us that that they are some of the dumbest, stupidest people in society. Whenever I look at a football player now, I just know that he is an empty-headed dummy who isn’t much smarter than a bag of nails.

  7. I’m a die hard Niner fan, and I’m disappointed that the Niners have not done anything about this. I don’t care if Brooks is a starter, if I owned the team, I would not tolerate his actions and he would be cut. If the Niners try to “sweep this under the rug”, it would be a bad move. Just my opinion.

  8. I know it’s difficult to keep the pomposity and self righteousness when the story doesn’t include the truth you want ; that he was keeping him from driving.

    But the actual facts of the incident indicate that they had already prevented Brooks from driving drunk and Divens was returning the keys to him at Brooks’ residence AFTER the night of drinking.

    Stir the pot all you like, the fact that Brooks assaulted Divens is enough to warrant that. However, the non fact that you have latched onto like a rat terrier and continue to worry like said terrier does nothing for your credibility. I know this post will be deleted. I just hope you read it and then look at the facts of the case again so you are able to correct your falsehood.

  9. Overrated team – overrated fraud QB and whack job head coach. Something had to give. Bottom line, this is an epic fail of a cover up. Looks like Daddy Goodell will need to weigh in on this one.

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