Antonio Cromartie has given up his $10,000 weekends


When Antonio Cromartie entered the NFL as the Chargers’ first-round draft pick in 2006, he signed a five-year, $13.5 million contract. And he blew almost all of that.

Cromartie said on NFL Network that when he looks back at the way he spent in his first few years in the league, he shakes his head at how irresponsible he was.

“I didn’t have no responsibility,” Cromartie said. “I spent $10,000 one weekend, I spent $10,000 the next weekend.”

And those $10,000 weekends weren’t even Cromartie’s biggest expense.

“I wasted $5 million in my first three seasons,” Cromartie said. “I had two Dodge Chargers, two Escalades, two BMWs. My first three years, I probably spent, probably, $5 million. And I don’t have nothing to show for it at all.”

Cromartie prioritized spending on weekend partying and cars over taking care of his children, and so by the time he got traded to the Jets in 2010, he was so far behind on child support that the Jets gave him a $500,000 salary advance just so he could make up all his back payments.

The good news is that Cromartie saw the error of his ways before his career ended, and he now says he’s spending and saving his money wisely, while also talking to younger players about the need to be financially responsible. Here’s hoping that if any Jets veterans tell the rookies that they’re required to pay for expensive nights out, Cromartie is speaking up and telling his young teammates to save their money.

23 responses to “Antonio Cromartie has given up his $10,000 weekends

  1. Nice to see some learn from their own mistakes and teach others. A lot of athletes need role models and Cromartie is turning into a good one. Good from him and the Jets.

  2. Cro was one of the last players about which I’d expect to read a story like this. Good for him.

  3. To learn and change for the better is about the greatest thing one can do in their lives. So few ever do. Good for him.

  4. I’ve taken quite a few shots at him on here, but I have to say I really respect the way he’s owning up to his errors and trying to help younger players not make those same mistakes.

  5. I’m a Patriots fan, but I’m glad to see that Cromartie has learned from his mistakes, moved on, and now makes better decisions. Always nice to see someone get a second chance and do it right the next time.

  6. 12 kids by 8 women in 6 States, that’s a lot of child support for a long time. The real test will be, when his football days are over, and the money stops.

  7. It is great to see such positive support as we are all humans first then athletes..Kudos to him and his call up call. A lot to be said for second chances and as Jets fans saw him grow up on the field last year. If he can help a rookie not to make the same mistakes….thats what it is about.

  8. So what we have here is an idiot, not aware that he’s an idiot, giving other idiots advice..…………….. Idiotic!

  9. “Didn’t have the responsibility”? I was at FSU with him, he had several children when he got drafted so I’m confused.

  10. What does it say about the world we live in when a guy deciding to pay his child support instead of blowing $10,000 a weekend on partying, millions on cars, and otherwise wasting his money is cause to celebrate? Are we going to applaud him for not going to jail next?

  11. I agree with Steelerben!!! Today our society has really lost its focus! This guy has BLOWN Millions and we applaud him for doing what he should have done 10 years prior! I feel the NFL needs to really clean itself up. Too many DUIs and Broke players.

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